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 The cogshop

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PostSubject: The cogshop   Wed Jan 08, 2014 6:15 pm

Name: The cogshop
Destination of house:Ponyville
Area:About 5 minutes trot from the market
Adress you want:no 72 cobblestreet
No. of rooms: 7
How many stories: 2 and a basement
Which rooms:The forge, 2 bedrooms on upper floor, storage area in basement, selling area on lower floor, personal armour room on upper floor and public armour fitting on lower floor
List the rooms and their size and appearance:The forge is a 7 by 8 Metre room with a medium sized blacksmithing forge in, it also contains such necessities such as a cog fitting area for the occasional production of float engines and clock interiors. The bedrooms are accessed by a flight of stairs, each bedroom is 6 by 6 metres, Switchblade's room is filled with brass and copper cogs lining shelves along with decorational swords from his time in the military, the other room is unoccupied and used mainly for extra storage space. In Switchblade's room, there is a cog, which when rotated, activates a mechanism that rotates part of the wall 90 degrees leading to the personal armour room, it has all his military and private armour. At the entrance of the building is a wide but shallow room measuring 15 by 7 metres, it contains the selling area for the products made. The basement is accessed via a trap door in the forge room, it is a 15 by 20 metre storeroom that holds all the spare items and works in progress. In the left end corner of the selling area is the armour fitting room, a small room of 4 by 5 metres where customers try on armour for size then order the design. All the rooms have a copper coloured wallpaint and, as the owner eats out every day, there is no kitchen. There is a theme of random scraps of metal being bolted onto walls to give a unique appearence to the building.
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The cogshop
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