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 Prima Bella

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PostSubject: Prima Bella   Sat Dec 28, 2013 10:29 am

Prima Bella



Mane:Yellow with purple mixed in. Always wavy due to her mane being in buns and braids for most of her life

Tail:Yellow with purple mixed in. Always wavy due to her tail being in a braid for most of her life.


Body:Prima has a white coat and is fairly small in size and stature with a slender but very fit body, giving her an altogether elegant figure.

Cutie Mark:Pink ballerina slippers.

Age (Baby,adult): Adult (25)

Personality:Prima is very sweet and caring. She loves children and one day hopes to open her very own ballet studio to teach and then eventually have some little ones of her own. She can be very stubborn and cheeky towards those who may irritate her or she just plain doesn't like but she tries to not judge anypony before getting a chance to get to know them herself. She also has a bad habit of rushing into things without completely thinking them through.

Likes:Ballet, Opera, Children, Most any sort of food and cooking.

Dislikes:Hospitals, Flutes, Ponies who'd take advantage of her caring nature, Crude comedy and heights

History:Prima was born into a middle class family, loved by both parents. The home she grew up in encouraged artistic growth as both of her parents were fairly artistic themselves with her mother being a pianist and giving lessons out of their home and then her father who was an aspiring playwright. Things were happy for Prima until her mother grew very sick and had to stay in a hospital where she later on died, this moment in time became the root of Prima's fear of hospitals and like institutions.

It was a year later when Prima's father remarried a nice mare who had a slightly older son. It was actually Prima's stepmother who first started her on the path to become a ballerina, getting her lessons as a 6th birthday gift and Prima loved every moment she spent in the studio. There was only one thing that she wasn't fond of and that was performing in front of a crowd. But after 3 years of dodging the spotlight, the filly who had the main part in one of the recitals had twisted an ankle and Prima was the only understudy left. So Prima conquered her fear and went out that night, earning her cutie mark.

As Prima got older, she was encouraged to follow her passion seriously and at 18 she successfully auditioned for a ballet company. Though after 7 years of dancing professionally, she decided to settle down in a nice quiet place. She decided on Ponyville due to its calming atmosphere and friendly faces.

Example RP segment:

Prima Bella took in a deep breath and pulled on her saddle bags, stepping out of her home and down to the side walk, waving goodbye to her father as he shut the front door behind her. It was a dreary day and had started to sprinkle but she didn't mind, she always walked to the dance studio, it was a short warm up for her muscles. Using her magic, she pulled an umbrella out from a side pocket and opened it above her head as the downpour started.

Starting at a brisk trot, she was on her way, soon stopping at the sounds of soft sobbing. What have we here? She turned her attention to where a wet box was shivering occasionally. Prima took a cautious step forward before dipping her head to look and see what was making the sounds.

"Oh you poor thing!" She exclaimed, seeing a thoroughly soaked filly.

The filly sniffled and rubbed her nose before sneezing. Madame Starling would have to wait, there was no way Prima would leave this filly on her own. Especially like this.

"Sweetheart, can you tell me where your parents are?" Prima asked gently, taking her scarf off and wrapping it around the shivering bundle.

"I-I don't know! I looked up and my m-mommy was gone!" The filly cried.

"Don't worry, we'll find her. But first, we need to get you dry and warm," Prima said, carefully picking the filly back up and returning home.

Once there, the filly was dried and swaddled in a cozy blanket and then given some hot chocolate. Prima had managed to find one of her coats from when she was a filly and bundled the little one in it.

"Can you remember where you live?" Prima asked as she settled the filly on her back between her saddle bags.

"I live in the red house with a yellow door on Draft's way," The filly said.

Prima nodded and started walking down the street, soon arriving at the house and knocked on the door. It wasn't long before a stricken mare with red rimmed eyes answered.

"Excuse me, but I think this is your daughter," Prima said, setting the filly down.

"My baby!" The mare exclaimed, pulling the filly into a tight hug. "Oh thank you so much! I was so scared she was gone. Is there any way I can repay you?"

"No, there's no need. And please don't worry about returning the coat and scarf, I really need to leave," Prima said then looked to the filly. "Be a good girl and stay close to your mother from now on."

With those final words, Prima turned and trotted away. Oh yes, Madame Starling was going to be very upset today, but it was more than worth it.

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PostSubject: Re: Prima Bella   Sat Dec 28, 2013 12:25 pm


Welcome to the site! I'd go through introductions and such but we're already acquainted and you've got the basics down so....yeah.
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PostSubject: Re: Prima Bella   Mon Jan 06, 2014 2:45 am

It isn't her art mc, she used a doll divine pony maker :P
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PostSubject: Re: Prima Bella   Mon Jan 13, 2014 5:49 pm

Just caught this. I don't think he was approving the art. Thou art is old English you are. If he had been meaning the art then I think he would have said Thy art is approved Thy being a form of your, a possessive term.

The name's GhostWing, and writing's the game.

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PostSubject: Re: Prima Bella   Mon Jan 13, 2014 7:35 pm

I find this misunderstanding humorous :3

Carry on.

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PostSubject: Re: Prima Bella   

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Prima Bella
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