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 Dr. Mind's Office

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PostSubject: Dr. Mind's Office   Mon Dec 16, 2013 1:06 pm

If you stroll along Main Street, you'll pass various shops for various things. There are dress shops, kitchen shops, flower shops, fabulous bakeries, and the occasional entrance to an apartment complex. On this street, there is a rather famous bakery known by the Prench name of Sucré. It is a fabulous type of building, one that drew the eye, and not many ponies would notice the little, unassuming sign on the building across the street. It simply said,

Dr. Clear Mind, MD
Psychiatry and Therapy

From the outside, one wouldn't assume that it was anything special, but from the inside, they are assaulted with bright colors. It is described by some as stepping into a foal's fairy tale, with the fluffy carpet colored a pretty shade of blue and the walls painted a color that could only be described as honeydew. The room is decorated with fun, eccentric bean bags and couches, and again, on the wall, the doctor's name and services are framed.

A plate of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies sits on the neon coffee table, along with a plate of sugar cookies for ponies who don't favor chocolate.

This is Dr. Clear Mind's waiting room, and connected to this room is the place where she has healed so many ponies before.
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Dr. Mind's Office
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