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 Beaker, Pluto's "iguana"

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PostSubject: Beaker, Pluto's "iguana"   Sat Dec 14, 2013 1:22 am


Gender: Male

Species: Iguana/Chameleon mix

Appearance: He looks like a normal iguana, except that he has the ability to chage colors , like a chameleon.

Personality: Beaker absolutely adores Pluto, and she adores him back. He loves riding on her back and helping her out with her expirments. He is actually very shy and tends to blend into his surroundings a lot. Because Pluto is colorblind, only she can see him when he does this. Beaker helps Pluto mix different colored chemicals safely together because he can see colors. Beaker is also very smart.

History: Beaker is the son of a chameleon and an iguana, which ultimately resulted in a color-changing iguana. When he was little, he was given to a pet shop in Canterlot. Nopony wanted to buy him, and he was very sad. While Pluto was on a shopping trip in Canterlot, she saw Beaker in the pet shop window and immediately fell in love with him. She bought him, and they have been best friends since then.

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Beaker, Pluto's "iguana"
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