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 Talon (Compete)

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PostSubject: Talon (Compete)   Tue Jan 17, 2012 12:32 pm

Gender: Female

Species: Earth Pony

Mane: Beige and a pain in the morning to comb.

Tail: Same as my mane.

Eyes: Light blue like the sky.

Body: Average height, but I got some muscle.

Cutie Mark: A talon's claw. Funny thing, my names Talon.

Age : Adult

Personality: Most of the time she is in a bad mood and itching to start a fight. She is sarcastic if she can help it and tends to look down on anyone who she deems 'weak'. Most times she looks out for only herself, though she has a few triggers like anyone does where she seems to show she has something like a heart. When she first meets other, she tends to judge them fairly quickly and gives them a subtle mean nickname. She use to be... little nicer before her friend MaryRose went into a coma. She also a has a secret love for hair, and can be envious of other fillies with perfect hair.

Likes: Fighting, napping, fashion and talking.

Dislikes: Ponies who talk to much, ponies who pick on the weak, those who don't stand up for themselves, ponies who wear to much of the same color, loud noises, bad music, show offs, waiting, tummy aches, ponies who all boo hoo about there bad lives, ponies who find sunsets really beautiful and cry when they see one, ponies who think that colt on 2nd street who does stand up is funny, the bank, ponies who deliver the mail, those think there smarter then others, rich ponies who walk around weird because there rich, those who don't like a good piano score, loud mouths, ponies who don't like hats(Her's specifically), ponies who lie, ponies who wear disguises that aren't cool, ponies who use magic or a weapon in a fight, ponies who look down on her, idiots, cold soup, hot sandwiches, ponies who don't drink, ponies who are lazy when it affects her and ponies who yawn to show there tried and use it as a reason to let them leave. If your gonna leave then just leave! (Also this isn't the end too the list, but I think you get the idea.)

History: Born in Maneshatten, foal on the street living day to day scarping around for food. She lived with a pack of foals her age who were the local food thieves. They stole to get by and Talon back then tried to look out for foals her age. There was strength in numbers and company was nice on the lonely streets. Though she was influenced more by her friend MaryRose then anything else. Who was always going out of her way to help others when she herself had barely anything.

For time the food was coming in and they were happy. However stealing for a crowd of foals draws attention, making it hard to deal with 'local' politics as she called it. It got worst when the new police commissar decided to get 'tough' on crime, which is in way a good thing, but it never seem to reach to real criminals. Making pretty hard to steal stuff, and they were forced to steal from stalls downtown, which were'protected' by CrimeLord, a local high level gang member. Talon hadn't a clue that was the case at the time, thinking it was just easy bread. The crime boss caught wind and decided he would take it upon himself to teach them a lesson. One Talon never forgot.

He sent a group of colts to corner Talon and MaryRose Alley after they took from the stall. Cornered, Talon did the only thing sensible and fought tooth and nail, which turned out to be something she had a talent for. However she could hardly defeat a group of colts and was beaten badly. When she woke up in the hospital she was told by a doctor her friend was in a coma, with no sign of waking up.

Talon, now facing the world alone with a stacking medical bill she would have to pay in order to keep MaryRose alive. She started having to do dealing with the bad side of town and shifty types of ponies. Being a thief, or whatever paid. Till she was offered to join the local mob by a colt who claimed he'd pay for MaryRose's medical bills if she just worked personal for him. Talon accepted without remorse. From that day she was Talon Nor, The Counter. She did everything from being in the front line of gang wars to collecting money from stores. A regular mobster.

She even adopted the clothes with the extra bits she made. For a time she was feared and was content. She only cared if MaryRose was secure. Till one day she discovered a colt she remembered from the night of the beating and she unleashed her anger on him, making him black, blue and red in a alley way. He in tears, barely able to speak told her she he was sorry, but he had to do it. CrimeLord ordered him too. Which was Talon's most generous employer for the last few years. She felt a mix of betrayal and anger as she stood over the colt.

She got the names of the others colts from the sobbing colt and told the colt to tell 'him' she quits. Now rouge and living in a apartment by herself she has nothing but medical bill and suits to buy. She is constantly picking fights with smaller gangs and looking for the colts who put MaryRose in a coma. Yet, she still desire too take revenge on one of the most untouchable colts in Manehatten. How she ever will is a mystery and likely will be a miracle should it ever come to pass.

Example RP segment: A colt is bullying a filly in the Manehattan street. When your OC looks to him, he turns to your OC and snaps, "What're you looking at?" Given your OC’s personality, compose a brief narrative in which your OC identifies and addresses the situation.

Talon trotted around with a bored expression on her face as she adjusted her suit and hat. The day had been as nice as road kill and charming to discover your dad had picked off the road to cook for dinner. The city had it's nature nasty smell to it as she looked to see across the street some colt messing with a filly. Finally there was something worth seeing. Apparently the colt had some kind of crush on her, but she didn't take any look to him, which confused Talon on account he was too bad looking. The colt turns back to see Talon, well dressed and just watching the drama as he snaps, "What're you looking a-" Before he finished his sentence Talon let her hoof tackle his jaw, making a crack noise as he fell to the ground. She shook her hoof as the filly thanks Talon. She shot her glare. "I should hit you too for being a too flirty. Bet you did a like dropping the pen trick to get money form him or something." She shrugged as she hit the wall next to her. "Also your 'colt friend' was weak, making my victory hollow. Now I gotta go find someone tougher."

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PostSubject: Re: Talon (Compete)   Tue Jan 17, 2012 1:33 pm

Take a look at your species.
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PostSubject: Re: Talon (Compete)   

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Talon (Compete)
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