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 Jasmine Beat

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Jasmine Beat


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PostSubject: Jasmine Beat   Wed Dec 04, 2013 5:37 am

Jasmine Beat

Gender: Mare
Species: Pegasus
Mane: Blonde, Straightened and well-brushed
Tail: Blonde, Straightened and well-kept
Eyes: An Emerald Green
Body: Orange
Cutie Mark:
Age (24):

Personality: Jasmine is an outgoing, enthusiastic and all around friendly individual.  She tends to see the best in other ponies and always tries her best to be kind to everypony else and make them feel welcome- even if she isn’t exactly their favorite companion.  Her sense of loyalty to her friends and family is unfailing- and she expects a similar level of loyalty from others.  Jas naturally maintains a positive attitude, though her smile might falter at a cruel action or inconsiderate word.  She always strives to keep an open and happy heart and to never give up.  

Likes: Science, learning, Music, dancing, history, friends and parties
Dislikes: Cold weather, rushing to get ready for the day, rudeness, wearing her glasses.

History: Jasmine was born in Canterlot to a Science-obsessed father and socialite mother.  As a filly, Jasmine was raised by her mother in hopes that she would one day become a dignified and proper mare of the social graces.  From the time she could remember, most of her day was structured and filled with activities that would help mold her into her mother’s desired image.  Jasmine did enjoy studying music and dance, but something deep down told her that she wasn’t meant to continue on the future set before her.  From birth her thirst for knowledge and curiosity led her to take after her father and pursue a path in the scientific disciplines.  Much to her mother’s disappointment, she also had a tendency to be a bit of a tom-colt and a prankster.  As much as she did enjoy frilly dresses on occasion she couldn’t help but come home with them tattered and muddy from school.  
A short time before she received her cutie mark, Jasmine was busy attempting to come up with an idea for the upcoming science fair.  Her father, trying to help her brainstorm came home with a surprise for the young filly.  Upon receiving the present, her lips curled into an excited smile as she removed what ended up being a chemistry set from the paper shopping bag.  Working throughout the night, she gained inspiration from the almost magical qualities of the chemical reactions.  What started as learning about all the chemistry set had to offer ended up leading to not only the inspiration she needed to place at the science fair but the realization that the bright filly was put in this world to be a scientist.  As her teacher handed her a ribbon, the image of a bright light bulb appeared on her flank.
The years went on, and Jasmine continued to pursue a career in the sciences and all the while finding time to get in trouble with her sister Starry.  Her pranks and silly behavior continued to wear her mother down who tried desperately to keep up appearances with her social connections.  One day her mother revealed to Jas just how disappointed she was that she didn’t grow to be the lady she expected her to be.  In need of a fresh start, she decided to leave with her sister Starry to Ponyville for a new beginning.

Example RP segment:

The mass of ponies moved along the hustle and bustle of the street.  The air was full of a plethora of smells and sounds of the bustling city that was Manehatten.  Every individual, each in a hurry on their own personal mission made a part of the great daily migration of the metropolis.  It was a dance which kept time with the clock of the businesses that composed the busy town square.  Among the ponies hurrying about was a happy go lucky pegasus on her way back to the hotel.  Her teeth clenched onto a bag that contained a few souvenirs she planned to bring home to her friends.  
She decided to attempt to take a short cut to her hotel and came across a historical land mark.  It was an old courthouse adorned with the most beautiful architectural accents she ever saw.  As she basked in the glow of the gorgeous building a noise caught her attention.  It came from a small cream colored filly with red hair and an orange colt with black mane.  The filly sobbed as tears trailed down her cheeks and dripped at her hooves.

“You’re so stupid and weak you little cry baby, this is what you get for not listening!” The colt snorted at her and tossed a small doll into a nearby trash can.  “Grow up!”  The filly could only watch in horror as her most precious toy was discarded into the rubbish bin.  Jasmine’s eyes burned with outrage at what she witnessed just as the colt turned to meet her gaze. “What are you looking at!?”

“Leave her alone!  What do you think you’re doing you little bully?”  The hint of a lisp rolled off of Jasmine’s tongue as she scolded the youngling.

“You talk funny.”  A smug sneer formed on the clever-feeling colt.
“How about you run before I tell your parent’th!”

The colt was reduced to tears as he cantered off laughing.  “Tell your parent’th, tell your parenth’th~ you don’t know my parents, stupid”.  Jasmine frowned as he continued to mock her until he disappeared around the corner.  With a shrug she turned and hopped into the rubbish and returned with a tiny doll in her teeth.  She placed it at the hooves of the sobbing filly and placed a hoof on her shoulder.  The filly looked up to the mare with a sniffle.

“It’th ok thweety, that jerk’th long gone!”

The cream-colored filly returned Jasmine’s attempt to console her with a flat stare.  “That’s my brother…”

“Oh, oopth… Well he’th gone now, no need to worry.”  The filly turned back to her doll as Jasmine smiled awkwardly.  Jasmine, being the optimistic and helpful pony that she was decided to try to take it upon herself to teach the child how to get along with her brother.  “Lithen, I know that thiblingth can be mean thome timeth, but what you got to do ith try to get inthide their headth.  Think to yourself- how can I make thith thituation change for the better?!”

Suddenly the cream-colored filly looked up with eyes widened as if an epiphany suddenly came to her.  “Get inside his head!  That’s brilliant.  I just have to get inside his head and make this situation work for me!  I’ll out bully him, oh my gosh you’re a genius!”

“Wait, that’th not what I mea-“

“I’ll tell everyone at school that he wets the bed!  Thank you miss!”  Before Jasmine could utter another word the filly ran off to crush her brother’s soul.  Jasmine stared speechless as the filly disappeared from sight.

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Blind Side


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PostSubject: Re: Jasmine Beat   Wed Dec 04, 2013 5:44 am

Hello Jasmine Beat! Welcome to the forum!

I must say, I'm impressed with your app! I really like the character! ^.^

Everything seems to be in order. Approved!

Have fun!

Also, feel free to join us in the chatbox at the bottom of the main page. We're all very friendly here (albeit a little crazy XD)


"Don't walk behind me; I may not lead. Don't walk in front of me; I may not follow. Just walk beside me and be my friend."
 ~ Albert Camus

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Jasmine Beat


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PostSubject: Re: Jasmine Beat   Wed Dec 04, 2013 12:43 pm

Thank you! :D I'm so happy you like her- and can't wait to join in on the madness of the chatroom! ^^
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PostSubject: Re: Jasmine Beat   

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Jasmine Beat
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