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 Melody Breeze

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Thunder Dash

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PostSubject: Melody Breeze   Mon Nov 11, 2013 12:41 pm

size=29]Melody Breeze[/size]

Gender: Female

Species: Alicorn

Mane: White and yellow combination

Tail: Grey and Yellow combination

Eyes: Gold/Yellow-Orange mix

Body: Average pony sive

Cutie Mark: Two twin-branched eighth notes in a breezy like pattern. She has the ability to make music from her horn. Not just any music, but "natural music". She can make the wind sing certain melodies by using a spell that allows her to emit certain frequencies from her horn that mix with the wind to make the music.

Age (Baby,adult): 10

Personality: She is very gentle and kind and loves to show her musical gifts. She doesn't talk that very much. She's somewhat shy when it comes to meeting new ponies, but when she gets to know the pony, she has a great relationship with them. She's not that outgoing, but will still try to defend herself when threatened.

Likes: Music, Nature, Harmony

Dislikes: Being bullied, disharmony

History: Born in Ponyville, Melody Breeze was a blank flank for the first few years of her life. She was teased and bullied and sadly, there was nothing she could do about it. Her parents said "just deal with it". She almost fell into this trap. In fact, it went so far, that one day, she ran away to the Everfree Forest and vowed to stay there forever. She spent days and days just in tears, saying to herself that she was a nopony, worthless, just left to sit. But, one day, the mysterious Sage of the Everfree, found her and took her in. The Sage told her that just because ponies called her a nopony and worthless, didn't mean she was worthless. She stated everypony has a place in this world and that for some, it may take a while to find that place. This sort of cheered up Melody, though she still felt bad.

After some time, she returned to Ponyville, around her 7th year. Her parents decided to re-enroll her in school. Soon, a day came when Melody was outside during recess. She wasn't playing with the others, but alone, watching some birds perched on a branch. She thought, "What could my talent be?" As she was watching, she was hearing the different melodies the birds were singing. She listened closely to each note. She then decided to try something. Using her magic to control the wind, she somehow, made the wind hum a note! She then did it again, this time, making it hum a pattern. The birds chirped the melody back at her. A smile began to grow on Melody's face. She then made another pattern, and another. Soon she had a whole musical piece going on. Ponies who were playing stopped and just watched in awe. Soon, it was time to go back inside. Ms. Cheerilie was about to call them back when she noticed Melody making the music with the birds. Melody then ended the piece, and was given a large applause from the ponies who were watching. Suddenly, there was a gleam. The ponies were staring at Melody's flank. She had just earned her cutie mark, which she didn't even know she did. Ponies were muttering about it. She turned and found her cutie mark. Her talent had been revealed.

Example RP segment: Melody saw as the colt bullied the little filly. As she walked up to him, the bully turned and asked sharply

"What are you doing here?"

"You leave that girl alone!" Melody barked

A laugh started to bubble in the bully's stomach. Soon, he was in a laughing fit. Melody was getting angrier. She felt her anger surge up to the tip of her horn. She then emitted a very strong dissonant frequency from her horn. The bully was soon holding his head.

"Ahhh! Make it stop! Make it stop!" He pleaded. "Only if you promise never to bully anypony again!" Melody declared sharply. The bully was panting hard. He had no choice but to surrender. The bully promised and Melody stopped her dissonant frequency. As the colt fled, Melody went over to the little filly.

"Are you alright?" She asked. "Yeah...all thanks to you." The little filly replied.

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Dawn Orchard


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PostSubject: Re: Melody Breeze   Tue Nov 12, 2013 10:12 am

I like your oc! But there are a few problems. I'm sorry but you can't be an Alicorn(Earth,Pegasus,Unicorn) , also Ms. Cheerilee can't be her teacher because as the rules states that you can't have any knowledge of who the characters on the show are. Well, you can know of them, but you can't really have anything to do with them, like Cheerilee can't be your best friend, or Derpy can't be your sister, it'd be best if you don't mention them at all . If you could add a little more to the likes and dislikes that would be good too.  About the making music with the wind, I'm sure mods will discuss it.
Hope I didn't sound rude, I like oc!
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Blind Side


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PostSubject: Re: Melody Breeze   Tue Nov 12, 2013 5:59 pm

I'm sorry Thunder Dash, Dawn is right about the Alicorn thing. absolutely no Alicorns. no exceptions.

However, being in Ms. Cheerilee's class is acceptable since she is in the business of teaching ponyville's foals, and we don't really know if Ponyville has other schools.

as for the music with the wind thing, I would need to speak with other members of staff about it, as I'm back and forth on it.

At the end of it, being an alicorn is enough to auto-deny the app.


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PostSubject: Re: Melody Breeze   Fri May 23, 2014 11:58 pm

Im a newbie here but i agree. I just dont like Mary Sues. (Not saying your oc is one) but still.... i think shed look great as a pegusus
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PostSubject: Re: Melody Breeze   

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Melody Breeze
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