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 Continued Studies

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Lightning Wing

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PostSubject: Continued Studies   Thu Nov 07, 2013 12:13 pm

Arcane Brilliance trotted through the halls will a smile on his face. He always felt good after a test, whether or not he'd been up all night studying, or had fallen asleep on his books. He still felt good when he passed.

But now, it seemed, he was having less and less to do each day. At 22, he'd graduated, but kept studying here, lest he find some spell that he hadn't at least done once. He was a perfectionist, it was his flaw, but something he lived with every day.

In the coming months though... He knew he'd have to move away from the castle. It was time. He was already looking for a small apartment, for one, near the castle. He'd still be able to visit the library, but maybe he could start a small practice. He'd found a branch of science that peaked his interest: Psychiatry. An older Unicorn, whom also had gone to this school, had a practice out in town. Soon he was going to try to meet with her, to see if he couldn't shadow a few appointments, or maybe work as an assistant.

He ducked into his room, placing his books lovingly on the side table, and going over to his harp. He sat, hoofing a few notes to make sure it was properly tuned, before beginning to fully play. L'Adieu. The most beautiful of songs... He thought to himself as he let the room, and the hallway -as he'd left the door open- fill with music.
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PostSubject: Re: Continued Studies   Fri Nov 29, 2013 8:19 pm

Curtain was eagerly walking around the school, having just gotten lost in the large building, when she became distracted from her purpose of walking by music. Steadily, she walked quietly through the hall, in search of it's source and stopped directly infront of the door. She turned slowly and watched as a stallion played that beautiful piece. Watching his hooves dance across the keys.
Curtain Glow intended on coming into school earlier that morning, to take her entrance exam, but already, she was an hour late, her exam was in ten minutes, but she lost herself in the music, and drove no worry beyond each of the notes.
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Continued Studies
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