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 Nightmare Night Thread

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PostSubject: Nightmare Night Thread   Tue Oct 29, 2013 8:22 pm

Cranium grumbled, as he looked around his house for a costume. he suddenly did see something- a scruffy wig, and a blood covered lab coat. He frowned, and shoved it into a nearbye closet.

" Oh no. I suppose I will have to stay here and feed other brats sugar- filled candies candy all night. Oh, how terrible," he said, clearly pleased that he wouldn't have to have to be involved with this silky Nightmare Night. Rusty frowned.

" But... you said.." Cranium's little brother gave him a sad look. " Please..." The unicron groaned. " Fiinneee..." he growled, and shoved on the wig, and " blood" splattered coat. Rusty immedeatly perked up.

" Yeah! You look awesome! Like a... a mad scientist! Let's go!" ruty said happily. The older unicorn grumbled, as he stomped out the door. I'm too old for this, he muttered. And nopony should ridicule the acts of a scientist in this shameless getup! As they arrived to the first house, his older brother knocked on the door, and in his ridiculous little zombie getup, happily asked for candy.
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Nightmare Night Thread
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