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 Trip To Family Reuion

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PostSubject: Trip To Family Reuion    Sat Oct 19, 2013 1:42 pm

Cranium stood by the train station, tapping his hooves impatiently. He was on his way to his family reuion. Not that he was going to enjoy it. If he knew his mother, she would probably hug him numerous times, and showcase him to everyone. He could care less about family, with the exception of Rusty, his little brother. Rusty had decided not to tag along, and Cranium didn't blame him. Nobody paid any attention to him, the little "reject." If they did, they either laughed at the colt, or treated him like their personal slave, at least his mother did. The only good thing about this silly get-together would be going back to Canterlot. He hated Ponyville, it was so quiant, and everyone was so... ugh... friendly, abnormally friendly. It was disgusting. He wouldn't even be going, but he felt it was his duty to attend. Still, I'm wasting so much valuble time I could use to study... He sighed, and sat down on a metal bench. He heard somepony coming, and lifted his head to see who it was.
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PostSubject: Re: Trip To Family Reuion    Fri Apr 10, 2015 10:20 pm

The train was coming. The horn could be heard in the distance for a while, then slowly got closer and closer. Being held up by her constant business, Sunset Melody had to weave in between the ponies of Ponyville with her luggage floating in the air behind her. The unicorn folded her glasses up as she ran as well, and slipped them into the pocket of her bag that hung over her back. Sunset Melody was soon at the station, hooves making a loud thud as she cantered on the wood. She soon slowed near a stallion, and watched as the train came into sight. "I almost missed it." she sighed to him with a slight smile, her bags dropping from the air. Sunset Melody's neatly kept mane began to come loose, a few strands of it hanging.
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Trip To Family Reuion
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