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 Pillow Dew

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PostSubject: Pillow Dew   Mon Sep 30, 2013 9:27 pm

[size=29]Pillow Dew/size]
Gender: Mare
Species: Pegasus
Mane: Midnight Black with Twilight purple streaks, always messy as if she just woke up
Tail: Same styling as mane, only the tips of the locks are purple instead of streaks
Eyes: Normally not seen, as she is often sleeping, yet they are bright yellow and actually quite adorable
Body: Quite Petit for her age, as well as on the chubby side. Midnight Blue with sort of a violet sheen to it, like dappling.
Cutie Mark: A Pillow, moon, and floating Z's
Age (Baby,adult): 8-12
Personality: Somewhat distant, yet bubbly and adorable if you can catch her awake. Waking her up from naps can result in a very cranky mare. Gentle, kind, and yet thoroughly dim, she is often taken as slow witted, yet instead truthfully is shallow minded, but does have her deep moments. Her night-like demeanor and calming voice can cause most to simply think of her as an afterthought.
Likes:Napping by the lake, napping on a cloud, napping in mid air, napping while in flight, napping in school, napping at home, sleeping in late, going to be early. Relaxing, finding people to nap with, a good sleep party with friends
Dislikes: Overly energetic people, people whom dislike sleep. Large changes. Non-nappers.
Born in Cloudsdale, Pillow was named not for her pillow-soft hair, nor the dew which hung on the pillow like clouds that surrounded the family's home. Yet, she was named for the dew of drool which her parents often found on anything she used as a pillow. She slept, a lot, more than normal fillies do, and this even worried her parents. They took her to doctors, specialists, and even crazy unicorns whom promised a cure. Not one could cure her odd bit of Narcolepsy. Most often, she would sleep during the days and awaken at night. This instilled fear in her friends, and most her fellow school foals spread rumors about her, stating she was a servant of Nightmare moon, or worse even, a vampire pony!
None of this made sense to Pillow, and she kept with her habits, as sleep was the only way often enough, to block out the bullies. She matured early, and was the first pony in her class to earn her cutie mark. She earned it, simply, through an exercise she tried when she was only five. She attempted to stay up all night and see the Summer Sun Celebration. It was hard, for her, as this required her not to sleep for a full twenty four hours. In order to accomplish this, she attended a party and a friends house, and for the entire time, drank caffeine drinks, ate sugar, and stared hard into a screen while killing her ears with loud music. It was enough to drive her mad.
She partially succeeded, having not slept, but retained a very tired mind when she glided homeward the next morning. That morning, she fell asleep, set a new sleeping record for herself, and woke up to her cutie mark. She could sleep, and sleep she did. She had gotten in her bed upon a Saturday morning, and she had woken up Friday night. A full week later.
She passed flight school only because the instructors took pity on her, and somehow she completed the course while asleep. Sleeping indeed proved to be her talent. Sometimes she'll fly between Cloudsdale and Ponyville, drifting low enough for a Nap by the lake.
Example RP segment:
Pillow sensed it as it landed on her cloud. Something disturbed her beautiful nap. She had been dreaming about napping on a cloud just near the moon, breathing in rhythm with a lullaby sung by Princess Luna, of course, before she was so rudely interrupted. Her right ear twitched, then she yawned grumpily as she stretched, adjusting herself on the oh so comfortable cloud where she lay. A small note sat, folded neatly, on the cloud. Softly she opened it. Sheep were drawn beautifully on the paper, shaping a heart around a doodle of two ponies, one a dark blue, almost black, the other a pale peach, immediately she knew the sender. His name, was Shepherd Wing, an eccentric young stallion whom had been looking out for Pillow since she was a filly. Both were sleeping in each others wings. An inscription read "And they slept Happily Ever after" Silently, knowing the sender would be watching, but truly not caring, Pillow let the note drift downward towards Ponyville, and she shut her eyes, looking away from the cloud upon which Shepherd hid and returning to her land of dreams.


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PostSubject: Re: Pillow Dew   Mon Sep 30, 2013 9:42 pm

Your personality needs to be at least a paragraph, Change this part "Waking her up from naps can result in world destruction" since that implies that the char is op. Some of your spelling needs fixing, and I would beef up the rp segment a bit like add more onto it.
And this part where she soars up to the ozone layer is still kind of op.
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PostSubject: Re: Pillow Dew   Tue Oct 01, 2013 6:03 pm

Changes have been made, I now declare this app APPROVED
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PostSubject: Re: Pillow Dew   

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Pillow Dew
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