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My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic OC RP

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 Lightning's Literature

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Lightning Wing

Lightning Wing

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PostSubject: Lightning's Literature   Lightning's Literature I_icon_minitimeMon Sep 30, 2013 2:08 pm

Lightning Wing floated onto a balcony in the castle, using the package she was carrying as an excuse for being there. It was after all, being delivered to some noble pony. Lightning’s odd jobs, though, had never actually required her to make a delivery into the castle before. So she was going to take her time, and explore. After all, she’d just gotten the package, all the way in Appleloosa, and it wasn’t due to be delivered until the end of the day. Ponies never quite realized how fast she could fly.

She trotted into the corridor, amazed by the decor. It just oozed class. She’d never seen vases so sparkly, or tapestry that looked so soft. She had the urge to touch everything. But she tried to behave. Lightning knew, with her personality, that once she started touching things, she wouldn’t be able to stop until she’d broken something and got caught.

But something caught her eye. One hallway was a little dark, as if it wasn’t visited often. Cobwebs hung on the walls, uncommon for a castle. Making an immediate turn, she headed down the hallway, towards the only door. Pushing it open with her hoof, she was disappointed. All there was inside was a simple mirror, half-covered with a cloth. She walked over to it, pushing the cloth aside.

This…. She had the overwhelming urge to touch. So she placed her hoof upon it. To her surprise, it fell right through, dragging the rest of her then screaming body through.
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Lightning's Literature
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