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My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic OC RP

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PostSubject: BubbleGum   Fri Sep 06, 2013 5:34 pm


Gender: Female

Species: BatPony

Mane: Pink & Purple

Tail: Same As Mane

Eyes. Magenta

Body: Light Grey

Cutie Mark: Stick of Gum inside a bubble

Age (Baby,adult). Filly 8 years

Personality: BubbleGum is a rambunctious filly who gets on well with other ponies, she is very lively & tries to be nice & help everypony. She is also incredibly intelligent & is often very vindictive.
She is very kind & a warmhearted pony even though she came from a much darker background.
She is also very talkative & a lot of ponies have described her as being hyper 24/7.
Likes: bubbles, Gum, BubbleGum, candy, candy canes, Cotten candy, cupcakes, classical music.
She likes to listen to classical music because it helps her to think straight after all the candy that she eats. The bubbles she likes because they keep her calm.

Dislikes: bullies, rich ponies, guards, Luna
No pony likes bullies, bubblegum is no different, she also doesn't like rich ponies that go on about everything bragging that they are so cool.
She doesn't like the guards or Luna because she is frightened off them.

History. Bubble gum didnt like her home she always saw it as dark & creepy. She never really liked her parents as they always ignored her and sent her off to a private boarding school where she was forced to learn how to become the perfect guard for Luna. It wasn't after going to this school that she realised she was eating her life. "Hey there's got to be more to life than rotting in this class room 7 hours a day, learning how to be the perfect guard right? I mean there's so much about  this world that still  needs to be discovered I don't want To sit here & learn about this rubbish"
That night bubbleGum packed all the essentials & left her house, she was chased by guards, " stop right there they shouted.
Bubblegum took flight, flying the fastest she has ever flown in her life, she felt the wind in her mane as she breached the cloud barrier that separated her from the other parts of town, she crashed into a bush.
"Ow!" She exclaimed that really hurt, a mare walked over to the bush.
"Hello? Are you ok little filly"
Bubblegum poked her head out
"Ohh yeah I'm fine"she giggled
Bubble gum walked out of the bush.
The mare stepped back a little startled at the sight of the young batpony filly.
"Your a..your not from around here are you?"
Bubble laughed"how did you guess that?"
Oh my names Butter Gum by the way the mare said.
Bubblegum looked at the mare sternly.
"Yeah why"
"Oh it's just because my names Bubblegum & well our names are very similar hehe"
"So bubblegum what you doing up so late?"She replied
"Well actually I ran away from home but shhhh don't tell anyone."
"Oh...why did you run away, your parents must be worried sick"
"My parents are dead" bubble lied as she managed a fake tear
"Oh you could always come with me"
butter said smiling at the young filly.
Bubble thought to herself "I can be smart here & act innocent"
Bubblegum stepped back
"My mommy said not to go with strangers"
"Oh, that's ok, there's bound to be someone you know in town"
"Actually" bubble looked at butter, "there is"
"Do you know a pony called Sugar Plum?" Butter thought for a moment.
"Oh yes she works in the cake shop"
"Can you take me there please? bubblegum asked.
After they got to the cake shop, bubblegum talked to sugar and helped out in the shop for 5 months before she earned her cutie mark.
It was a stick of gum with a bubble wrapped around it.
The bubble signified the hardships that she had to go through & the gum signified her sweetness & kindness & also her famous bubblegum flavour cupcakes.

Sorry I used a lot of RP to describe the history I just think it's a lot easier to give the perspective that way, hopefully it's ok :3

Example RP segment:

1. A foal has lost its mother and is sobbing inconsolably in the street . Given your OC’s personality, compose a brief narrative in which your OC identifies and addresses the situation.

Bubblegum sprinted outside to the little foal who was sobbing at the roadside.
"Awww are you ok she asked"
The filly continued crying
Bubblegum pulled out one of her speciality cupcakes from get new saddlebag that she got from Plum.
"Hey have this"she said "it was supposed to be mine but it looks like you deserve it more than me"
The filly stopped crying.
"bubble smiled at he" so whats your name? "I'm  blueberry pie"she replied bubblegum asked you lost your parents? The filly nodded
"Oh I lost my parents too but I can't find them, anyways I know a way we can help find yours, follow me you can eat the cupcake on the way"
"Hey! Blueberry shouted wait for me"
"So where we going blueberry asked"
To the cake shop bubblegum replied.
"Wait what?" "But you just gave me a cake"
"Bubble giggled" its not for a cake.
The filly looked confused but continued to follow bubblegum.
"So do you like the cake blueberry?"
OMG yes it's amazing it tastes like "banana gum" it's bubblegum flavour? Yes! I made it she replied
They got to the door of the cake shop in only 10 minutes.
"Hey sugar plum do you know this fillys parents?" Bubblegum asked
"Yeah they just left, can you take blueberry to them?"
"Sure bubblegum replied as she ran outside to take the filly back to her parents.

Oh sorry if spacing for paragraphs is bad I wrote this on my iPod & I don't have a picture because I'm drawing one (:
Just added pony creator version until i have time to draw her :3


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PostSubject: Re: BubbleGum   Fri Sep 06, 2013 6:16 pm

Almost ready to be approved, all you need is a picture and expand on your likes and dislikes a bit
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PostSubject: Re: BubbleGum   Fri Sep 06, 2013 6:44 pm

You can add the picture later but for now APPROVED
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PostSubject: Re: BubbleGum   

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