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 Dr. Clear Mind

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PostSubject: Dr. Clear Mind   Dr. Clear Mind I_icon_minitimeSun Sep 01, 2013 10:20 pm

Dr. Clear Mind

Dr. Clear Mind 9648198969_a4f0d23b79_b

Gender: Mare

Species: Unicorn

Mane: Black with one pink streak; curly

Tail: Black with two pink streaks; curly

Eyes: Metallic, Dark Purple

Body: Tall, thin, and lime-green. She is extremely attractive.

Cutie Mark: Separated fitting puzzle pieces

Age (Baby,adult): Mare

Personality: Clear is understanding and empathetic, like most therapists, but she can also interact on a much more personal level. She responds to patients like a friend, not just a psychologist. As a result, her methods are a hundred times more effective, and she has plenty of friends. While beautiful, she doesn't consider herself so and does not care about her looks.

Clear is also very colorful. She loves bright colors, which is why her aura is hot pink, and decorates in festive shades.

Likes: finding the cause of a problem, cheering ponies up, helping ponies

Dislikes: failing to properly diagnose a pony, losing friends

History: Clear Mind was born in The Slums of Manehatten. Growing up around such misery and pain was hard, but she never considered her own poor conditions as suffering in any way. All she wanted to do was help ponies.

Her mother, a single mare, worked tirelessly as a waitress to support Clear and her little sisters, Straight and Ideal. They barely had enough to scrape by on, but when she died in a carriage wreck incident, Clear took up her position as sole provider for the family at age fourteen.

Clear worked twelve hours every night, seven days a week, with every effort to scrape together as much money as possible for the welfare of her sisters while still going to school. As time went by, Clear's physical state deteriorated as she gave all she had for the benefit of her sisters. Unfortunately, she could not stop the social problems the fillies had, and Ideal was bullied every day with no way of Clear being able to help. It broke her heart to see her sister in such pain, but there was nothing she could do if she wanted to keep them alive.

Ideal Mind, two years after the death of their mother, became involved in shady businesses, buying drugs under her overworked sister's muzzle to cope with the harassment. When she failed to provide money for a sale, she was killed instead at the age of fourteen. 

Clear was heartbroken, but Straight had completely withdrawn into herself, not speaking to any of her friends and skipping school to hide under her covers all day, refusing to eat. At four years younger than Ideal, the filly was far too young to go long without food, and, mixed with the grief, it started to drive her mad.

With a sense of urgency to help her sister, Clear quit her job to speak to Straight. Gently, she started to bring the filly back into a stable state of mind, and, soon, the filly had completely recovered from her problems and started to go back to living. Clear felt an accomplishment so great at helping her sister return to full mental health that she gained her cutie mark.

Now certain what her calling was, Clear received a full scholarship to attend college. She almost didn't go, save for the fact that the scholarship also paid for a rental apartment in Canterlot, where the university was located. The two remaining Minds relocated to Canterlot. Clear timed her classes so she would be able to pick Straight up from school, and she made it work. Clear graduated with a degree in psychology. Once Straight was a teenager, Clear went off to grad school and got a Doctorate Degree in psychiatry. Once her residency was completed, Straight was already in college, and Clear became a psychiatrist.

Working on a more personal level with her patients than a normal psychiatrist, Clear became a sort of therapist as well. Believing entirely in helping ponies, not earning money, Clear only charges for the first three visits, believing that if a pony really wants to come back, they believe it's helping them, and that's all she really wants. As a result, she has lots of friends, and her methods have either cured a mental illness, lessened it's effects, or helped ponies return to their normal, if not better, lifestyles. Her office is across from the Sucré Bakery in Canterlot.

Example RP segment: 5. A colt is bullying a filly in the Manehattan street. When your OC looks to him, he turns to your OC and snaps, "What're you looking at?" Given your OC’s personality, compose a brief narrative in which your OC identifies and addresses the situation.

Clear Mind was on a house call to diagnose a mare in her old home. When she was warned that the mare lived in the slums and couldn't pay, Clear went along anyways. This was a special case. She never charged a pony who had nothing to give.

As she walked through the filthy streets, carrying her medical bag and wearing her white coat, she attracted stares from all around. It was not often somepony like her ventured into such a place as the slums. As she made her way expertly around the area, she stumbled upon two foals, an older colt and a younger filly. She watched as the colt shoved the filly to the ground, and all she could think of was, "She's somepony's daughter. She's somepony's Ideal."

The colt caught her gaze and smirked.

"Whatchu lookin' at?" he asked snidingly. "There ain't nothin' to see here."

Clear pulled her clipboard out of her bag and took a few notes.

"Hello, sir. It seems to me that you have some confidence issues, correct?"

"Uh, what?" the colt stuttered after a moment of silence. He scoffed, realizing his mistake. "You're crazy."

"Oh, it's all in behavior, see," Clear responded. "Bullying is closely related to insecurity, and picking on somepony half your size means that you don't believe in yourself. Maybe something happened to you when you were younger? Abusive parents? School problems?"

The colt stared at her, wide-eyed, not even bothering to contradict her statements. He glanced at the crying filly, then back to the knowing face of Clear, before bolting.

Clear helped the filly back to her hooves.

"Go on back home," she said kindly. "There's somepony waiting for you to come back safe and sound."

The filly nodded before streaking off in the opposite direction. Clear picked up her things, brushing off her coat before continuing on her way. She had a feeling that the filly wouldn't be bothered again.


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PostSubject: Re: Dr. Clear Mind   Dr. Clear Mind I_icon_minitimeSun Sep 01, 2013 10:26 pm

Hmm... I like the RP Segment. Hmm... I think this app is hmm... APPROVED!!! Hmm...
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Dr. Clear Mind
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