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My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic OC RP

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PostSubject: Ivy Leauge   Ivy Leauge I_icon_minitimeSun Sep 01, 2013 7:38 pm

Ivy League
Ivy Leauge Screen12
Mane:Turquoise with Ivy Green streaks, fluffy, and cascades over, long her right eye around her horn
Tail:Wavy Blue and Green, Long
Eyes: Brown/Black
Body: An off green that's close to the color of parchment
Cutie Mark: A filly facing a mare, both smiling, with Ivy in the background
Age (Baby,adult): Adult Mare, 26
Personality: A Serious Student with an adventurous heart, Ivy is always willing to explore the world over and over again to find an answer. Somehow, she always manages to get out of a scrape without a scratch, and some say it has to do with her intellect.
Likes: Adventure stories, pirates, swords, books, history, magic, and cannot resist the sound of a well tuned string instrument
Dislikes: Sitting still, being called weak, scrawny, or dumb, people who think they rule the world.
History: Her father left before she was born, her mother, was a high class citizen before she died, leaving Ivy with bits to spare and a crazy old relative who cared not for her well being. This mattered not however, and Ivy was quickly enrolled by force, into the Princess's School for Gifted Unicorns. It, was what inspired her to embark. At the age of 17, just ten years after the death of her mother, Ivy left the school, and begun to travel around. She met mares, stallions, and ponies galore, tried circuses, schools, and traveling musicians as her ilk, yet none reigned true. That is, untill a day came she didn't quite expect.
She was traveling in a caravan, and had been traveling for some time now, with no interruption, when out of nowhere.
"Drop your silly instruments and get out of the cart." A gruff voice said from outside.
The Stallions, Mare, and foals she had been traveling with quickly and quietly dropped their instruments, a Violin, a Lute, a Guitar, and a flute. All six of the ponies in the cart got out, seeing the worst thing they could have expected.
A gang of bandits, dressed in black.
Ivy watched in horror as they searched the stallions, first the one whom played the guitar, then the one whom had been singing as the rode. Next, they threw the driver from the cart.
Afterwards, the milted through the things, taking most, taking all, and tied the ponies from the Caravan to the cart, and set up camp for the night. Tears were in the eyes of the foals as their instruments, a violin and a flute, as well, as the other instruments, lute and guitar were used as firewood.
They used Ivy's books as kindling.
They were cruel creatures.
The filly whom had been playing the violin looked up at Ivy with pleading eyes, the gag not allowing her to scream the words Ivy knew she wished she could.
Upon the ride untill this point, the ponies she had been riding with told Ivy stories of whom they were, and their pasts, sung songs, and played music on the very instruments that burned in the flames. The filly, was seven, her name was Quartet. Her mother had died earlier that year, leaving little Quartet only the violin which now, was firewood.
Ivy pounded her hoof against the ground, trying to keep tears out of her eyes.
She decided then, no more ladylike mare.
Using her horn, as the bandits had somehow obstructed her magic, she cut through her ropes. They truly only tied them up for fear, not to keep them from running. Ivy held a hoof to her mouth, motioning for the others to remain quiet.
She snuck around as quiet as possible, tears in her eyes.
They had tavern that filly's only memories of her mother.
That was something, no pony did.

Quietly, almost silently, she picked up one of the bandit's swords.
Where she learned to use it, no one knows.
The other ponies heard clattering, fighting, and shouting, then, Ivy cut them free from their bonds.
She could do little more for them, and they, for her, so onward they both carried, in separate directions, yet before parting, Quartet gave Ivy one of the spare strings for her violin.

Ivy now travels Equestria, aiding those she can, and trying her hardest, just to put a smile on every foal's face.
Example RP segment:
Ivy galloped faster, the rain falling heavier with each hoof's landing against the mud. She didn't know where she was, or how long she had been traveling now, yet all she knew, was she needed to find shelter, quickly. Ahead there was a light, she galloped towards it faster than wind, in hopes, it would be a haven.
She skidded into the door before she saw it, the rain was coming down so fast and hard. It was easy to hear  the sound of the ponies inside the tavern, laughing and singing, eating heartily and drinking. Stepping inside she removed her hood, a few were silenced, watching her move. She was beautiful, in her own way, but at the same time, these few knew she was deadly. The royal guard had been on her for ages to join them, or be arrested. Sitting down at the counter, she ripped a wanted poster of herself off the wall with her magic and ordered a water. The bartender hurriedly fetched her the drink with a smile.
Not only was she famous for killing theifs and bandits without mercy, she was pretty well known for her kindness to anypony, and everypony.
The bartender's hooves shook as he placed her glass before her.
"How's your daughter" She asked, a gleam in her eye
"She-She's good, fine, just swell."
"What's the matter?"
He curtly nodded to the back of the room, where a group of Stallions sat, none of them looking too friendly.
"They came here this morning, asked about her, and when I went to pick her up from school, she wasn't there. Ivy- Please, don't  do anything inside the tavern, it's bad for business."
Ivy smiled, nodding, this pony knew her methods. Kidnapping was one slitted throats after the victim had been found, light torture untill then, in her book, especially if it was a motherless filly.
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PostSubject: Re: Ivy Leauge   Ivy Leauge I_icon_minitimeSun Sep 01, 2013 8:11 pm

A very interesting app, to say the least, my friend. With my Moderator Powers, I dub thee application to be... APPROVED!!!!
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