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My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic OC RP

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PostSubject: ZiZariya   Tue Aug 27, 2013 7:20 pm

ZiZariya Can be called Zi or Zari

Mane:A blackish blue color with white stripes
Tail:A blackish blue color with white stripes
Eyes:A dark blue
Body:Look at the picture I cant explain it
Cutie Mark:A leaf....with a star behind it
Age (Baby,adult):Adult
Personality:ZiZariya is a quiet zebra. She always has been. She sometimes can be a little difficult to figure out, and sometimes she's a open book. It depends on her mood.ZiZariya is nice, although can be mean at some times.ZiZariya hates attention.She doesn't like to talk to anyone.(Think of fluttershy her kindness,and the love for animals)She also sometimes talks in rhymes
Likes:Animals,plants,bieng nonsocial,stallions,and the sight of ponies in love <3
Dislikes:dead things,foul smells,History:Zari was a very shy pony.She wouldn't go to magic school because of it.She was small she could hide behind her mom,and you can see her clearly.She wasn't the(how do I put this nicely?)best pony in magic school.Although she was able to help a baby porcupine live.The porcupine was in bad shape,and she nursed it back to health.Also another time she nursed a plant back to health with her magic.It wasn't even that hard,and that's how her cutiemark appeared.A star with a leaf in front of it.Odd right?Zari always gets disgusted looks,and nasty stares.She gets very unsecure,and thinks she is is a very ugly pony.She is hoping that a pony will not show any nasty looks,or disgusted faces,one that will tell her she's beautiful.

Example RP segment:Zari was walking with her porcupine.It was the size of her hoof."Kuki,are you hungry?"She asked,bending down to see her porcupines face.The porcupine made a high pitched squeak,which was a yes.ZiZariya nodded,got up,and started walking over to a bakery.After a while of walking,she heard a annoying cry."Was that you?"She asked talking to her porcupine.It shook its head no.Zari looked around,and saw a filly crying.She trotted over,and plopped down in fornt of it."Are you okay?"Zari asked tilting her head."I lost my mommy"It responded."Ill help you find her"ZiZariya smiled,and used her magic to lift the filly into the air.As she walked she asked everypony if it was their filly.All of them said no until there was one pony left,alothugh that pony didn't look the nicest.She slowly walked about to her,she was wide-eyed and wanted to just run.The other pony stared at Zari,and wrinkled her nose"What kind of pony are you?"She asked in digust."J-J-Just a regular p-p-pony"ZiZariya said putting the filly on the ground."Is this yours?"She asked.The mean pony shook her head took the pony,gave Zari a nasty look,and took off with her filly.ZiZariya sighed,and looked down at the ground,a few tears hitting the grass.

[Place the correct specified word indicating that you have read the rules here]

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PostSubject: Re: ZiZariya   Tue Aug 27, 2013 7:32 pm


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