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 Hell Hath No Fury...

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PostSubject: Hell Hath No Fury...   Sat Aug 24, 2013 11:55 pm

If was an average day in Ponyville. It also seemed like an average day for the Harvest family. Red Harvest and Apple Orcherd Fritter Harvest were happily married, and they may have been expecting a foal or two.

But things when spiraling downhill when a mysterious mare had arrived at Red's front door. Apple was out, and she was trying to seduce Red. Normally, he would have turned her down and shut the door. But it was only recently he discovered the dirty pleasure that was intercourse, and couldn't resist. He invited her in happily, ready for adult play time.

What he didn't expect, was this mare had a little secret. She had secretly been going around various parts of Equestria, looking for stallions that would cheat on their partners. When she got close enough to Red and knew he would cheat on his wife, she took a knife and stabbed him fifty times in the chest.

Before Apple could get home to discover the mess, she hid the bloody knife and left a note on Red's corpse that said "I did you a favor" After that, she had disappeared, and Red's deceased body lay on the floor, covered in blood.

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PostSubject: Re: Hell Hath No Fury...   Sun Aug 25, 2013 12:23 am

Apple was working late. She was busy trying to take care of the now growing family, Apple was going to tell Red that she was pregnant. He probably guessed it though, since her stomach was slightly larger then normal. She returned to her house that smelled as if something was dead inside. She trotted to the bedroom to see her husband lying, dead on the floor.
Tears filled in her eyes as she stared at the note on his dead corpse. He was killed, but what did he do? A thousand thoughts were going through her head and she sat on her knees by Red's face. She gently moved a few strands of Red's mane out his face and kissed his fore head. Tears were sliding off of her face on to his, she couldn't save him.
Apple put the corpse on to her back and set it in the backyard. She started digging a grave for him and put her dead husband in there. She put dirt over it and put a rock over the dirt. She sat by his grave and prayed to Faust that she protects him up in heaven.
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Hell Hath No Fury...
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