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 Delicious Dish

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PostSubject: Delicious Dish   Sat Aug 24, 2013 1:22 am

Delicious Dish
Gender: male
Species: Earth Pony
Appearance: Delicious Dish carries a light grey hue to his coat, and a pitch black mane and tail. He usually looks sneaky and rat-like, but in reality he had a heart of gold and us very easy to talk to.
Personality: 'Delish', as some ponies call him, is a very kind colt who loves to socialize. No matter how outdated and middle aged he looks, he always knows whats going on and what everypony needs and loves to know. He is known to be very lively working with his special talent, often bringing customers into his work and putting on a show for them.
History: Delicious Dish grew up and still lives in Ponyville. He took on his father restaurant as a teen, and ran it nearly all on his own up until now, where he still has good business and has grown into a middle aged gentle colt that has fun throughout his days since they started. One of his favorite customers, Shinygear, became a good friend to him after a week of him coming. They chat and have a good thing going, seeing each other has almost family.
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Delicious Dish
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