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My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic OC RP

Welcome to Equestria everypony! Come and Roleplay with your MLP OC in Ponyville and many other places!
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PostSubject: SweetiePunk   Wed Aug 21, 2013 11:22 pm


Mane:Picture(Can't describe it :P)has earphones
Eyes:A very light purple almost white
Body:Purple has a black heart shaped beauty mark on her cheek
Cutie Mark: A black quarter note with yellow dots around it.
Age (Baby,adult):Adult
Personality: SweetiePunk can't stand for anyone to prove her wrong. She is full of herself. She is the best flyer, she is the best singer, she is the best at everything, in her eyes. Sweetie loves music and listens to it all the time. Its what she does everyday is listen to music. SweetiePunk hopes to make a career out of singing, which she also practices day after day after day. Sometimes she'll get a small chance, but it always turns out wrong with SweetiePunk. She is the pony with the worst luck.S he ends up falling off the stage, she squeaks during a high note. She is just unlucky,very unlucky. She is also a tomboy.She doesnt like to dress up, but she has to when she has to. Sweetie is also a big dancer,she loves to dance. If you wanna be a rock star you gotta be able to dance to.
Likes: singing, dancing,listening to music,flying,and racing other ponies
Dislikes:dressing up, being inactive, ponies who hate loud music and of course silence.
History: SweetiePunk was raised in a simple family, nothing out of the ordinary just a plain family. As a small pony SweetiePunk was bored,and had nothing to do, she had no brothers or sisters,or any pony to play with. Sweetie was a very sad pony,until one day she heard some loud noise.She was curious and decided to go find out what it was.It was a concert. For once in a long time Sweetie had a smile on her face. She started to hum along, catching up to the song. She got up front so she could see better. She jumped and jumped, and decided to get onstage to see better.The person who was singing invited her to sing along. She started sing,and everypony smiled,and clapped. SweetiePunk started dancing, she was smiling.After the concert was over.The lead singer came up"I bet you know what your cutiemark is"He said with a smile. She turned around in circles to see if she got her cutie mark,and there it was.A black quarternote with yellow dots around."You are very special"The lead singer told her.From that moment on she knew her talent was singing.

Example RP:A usual day in PonyVille SweetiePunk was listening to music, her eyes closed, and dancing.Then she fell."Hey watch where your going!"She said opening her eyes and seeing a handsome pony."Uh Uh sorry"SweetiePunk said getting up,her cheeks a little red."Your SweetiePunk right?"the pony asked flashing a smile.She nodded."Well I've been wanting to tell you this,but I you"He said hiding his face. SweetiePunk was speechless.She looked at him for a second."Uh thanks I guess"she said stumbling for words.The male pony looked at her"Do you love me too?"He asked hoping for a yes. SweetiePunk hesitated"Look,uh im sorry,but I just met you,i cant say I love you if I haven't even met you....But maybe we can hangout sometime,so I can get to know you better"SweetiePunk smiled and walked off humming a song.

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PostSubject: Re: SweetiePunk   Thu Aug 22, 2013 4:21 pm

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