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 Annual Flower competition:

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Annual Flower competition:  Empty
PostSubject: Annual Flower competition:    Annual Flower competition:  I_icon_minitimeWed Aug 21, 2013 8:47 pm

After a welcome speech from the mayor the floor was given to the organizers of the contest. One of them was a very stunning mare wearing clothes made of nothing but plants. She was well known in the fashion industry for her line of all natural products and bio-degradable clothes. Her motto is 'Dresses you wear for one night'. She compared fashion to flowers in how they wither in how fashion changes, making her clothes the atonement of this practice. Her name was Fade and she was the first judge of the flower contest.

The second judge was colt with a old fashion look to him. He was known he was young for being a gifted bassoonist, though nowadays he was known as a renowned botanist. He was considered a modern day adventure, traveling across Equestria to create new medicines from plants. His name was GreenGrasp.

The third was a local farmer of the area that had a honest smile on his face with a tint of blush for being picked to be a judge in this competition. It was something of a great honor to him. He was well known for being timely and always out in the marketplace selling fresh food.

A crowd of competitors stand around. Everyone had come early to help set up, some hoping to win points with the judges, other truly wanting to help and some to eye the competitors. Which you are remains to be seen. The judges spoke together in a panel of sorts as they told everyone.

Fade: "Now now now, please contain your excitement as I have! We wouldn't want to risk damaging our nails and such pretty clothes everyone has wore to celebrate nature!"

GreenGrasp: "I am in agreement with Mrs.Fadee-"

Fade: "It's MISS. Fade, Mr. Green grasp."

GreendGrasp pulled his collars has he grinned a bit. "Oh, my deepest sorry to you..Miss. Fade." He quickly recovered from that scene as the Farmer had nothing, but a big smile. He was unable to speak out fear of saying something foolish. They explained that the groups would be broken into to task groups. (Choose a judge to go with.)
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PostSubject: Re: Annual Flower competition:    Annual Flower competition:  I_icon_minitimeThu Aug 22, 2013 4:23 am

Leaf Gardens stood in the town square, listening intently to the judges'  speech. As usual, there were many ponies here, but this time for a different reason. Often, they wanted to socialize or just walk around. This time, a majority of them were going to participate in the annual flower contest. According to the judges, they'd be split up into groups. Each group was going to perform a different task.

Leafy studied the three judges, a female fashion designer wearing clothes made from plants, - Leafy didn't know how she made that - a colt looking like he'd come out of the fifties, and a more normal farmer with a huge smile on his face.
(I'll choose GreenGrasp, I guess)
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Annual Flower competition:
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