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 Realmkeepers: Return of Astralor

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PostSubject: Realmkeepers: Return of Astralor   Tue Aug 20, 2013 1:59 am

Astralor has returned, and the darkness is spreading. The faceless one has all but regained his full power, and is now assaulting all the realms.

You are a Realmkeeper, a pony who has devoted their life to peace within the Planar Continuum. Now that Atralor has returned, that peace has been threatened, as it was 75 years ago. The Realmkeepers imprisoned Astralor inside a Star, but it appears that the star has been broken. The elements of Harmony stand no chance against this foul foe, and it is up to you and your remaining companions to defeat the darkness, once and for all!

-Elemental Chaos
-The Beyond
-The Abyss
-The Starscape

Choose where you come from and hop in to defeat the most powerful threat in the Planar Continuum!


Swift Reaper, Guardian of the Ethereal Realm, sat upon his seat in the council room. This timeless place was located in the Starscape, the last realm of pure good. He awaited the arrival of his fellows, for time was short. He had to warn them of its return.
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Realmkeepers: Return of Astralor
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