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 Copying Intel

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Digital Changeling

Digital Changeling

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PostSubject: Copying Intel   Copying Intel I_icon_minitimeSat Aug 17, 2013 12:05 pm

Okay so I need a break from constant coding stuff and seeing as I also need to stir up the creative juices, I have decided to copy Intel's snippet thing. Creative right? XD

Don't think it will be one per day though. Might probably also put in some non-pony character in so I can put insight on that cyborg I bring up sometimes.


Snippet 1: Laughing at Death

The crackling of fire, the searing heat, the crimson entity just licking the walls and ceiling, the screams of panic and distress. Chaos all around as the inferno engulfed the building.

Ponies jumped out the windows, not even giving the time to break the glass first. Their instincts taking the better of them. The hospital was creaking, signalling the coming collapse. One mother in the crowd kicked and punched to get back to the building, but failed as the she had just given birth not long before the fire broke out.

It couldn't end like this, her firstborn couldn't die before his first day was even over. Her husband wrapped his forelegs around her, and kept her warm in his wings, trying his best to keep them both calm.

The west wing collapsed, followed by a gigantic roar as the gas broke to feed the flames. At this point, all the mare could do was cry silently in her husband's embrace. It was over. She only just seen her newborn foal for a couple of minutes before he was taken to the nursery.

How could this happen, and why? No mother had to go through this pain; to see a life be brought into the world, only to helplessly watch it go out, crushed in searing debris.

"Someone's coming out!" The firefighter called out as a wavy shadow pierced through the glare, followed by another carrying a nurse, and then another with something wrapped in cloth in his mouth. It was the team that bravely charged into the inferno to save those who were trapped.

Upon seeing the broken mare, the third firefighter approached her. She looked up with her tear-stained face. When she saw what he had in his mouth, her expression changed to that of bright hope. For she saw that through a hole in the carriage, a familiar blue tint of mane poked out. Could it be?

The firefighter lowered the carriage from his mouth and revealed a quietly sleeping foal. "You won't believe it," he said to the mare with a genuinely kind tone, despite his exhaustion, "but he was laughing when we found him."
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Digital Changeling

Digital Changeling

Posts : 445
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Age : 23
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PostSubject: Re: Copying Intel   Copying Intel I_icon_minitimeSat Aug 17, 2013 1:05 pm

Snippet 2: Ending with a Bang

Fearless. That was her name and title, sometimes being called "Fearless the Peerless" by her fans. There had only been one colt to match her recklessness, and it was only fitting that they were on the same stage together.

Cameras flashed before them as they stood over the edge of the cloud, awaiting for the painfully slow countdown to end. Adrenaline surged through her veins. She knew this would be her best performance yet, and she was sure to end the whole thing with a bang.

As the pistol shot, the two contestants blasted into a blur of colors. Her ash-colored coat streamed ahead, leaving her competition behind, but she knew it was just the beginning, she couldn't afford to think she was already winning.

A streak of white, yellow and blue passed her by, stealing the first gate. She grinned, knowing this would be worth every waking second of her life.

The crowd's cheers were overwhelming, and it only pumped her up to push harder. The two were now neck and neck, approaching the second gate. It was narrow, and it was difficult for two pegasi to pass through, but in a split moment of synchronization, their wings folded closed as they passed the narrow ring, then opened as soon as their wings were safe from clipping.

The crowd, now in a frenzy, drove the mare to go beyond her limits, to get through to the last gate. As a special request from both of them, they had the last ring set on fire. It rested on very sturdy scaffolding, and the ring itself was behind a short tunnel, to give some suspense to the high-speed race.

It was now or never, it was time to end it with a bang. A sonic boom would do nicely here, she thought. She hadn't done it yet, but she practiced it. Now was the perfect time to see if all those hours were worth it, to see if she could break the sound barrier.

Everything went perfectly. With a bit more speed, and the grand finale would be --


She found herself scream as an unexpected turbulence crashed into them, completely throwing them off course. She saw her opponent veer off to the left as she went to the opposite direction. Her life flashed before her eyes as she heard the crowd gasp and she saw the other pegasi hit the scaffolding hard. She didn't dare to look as her fate stared back into her soul. She remembered yesterday, just before the two of them went their separate ways.

"How about the loser takes the winner out to dinner?"

Next thing she knew, she was completely paralyzed, buried under a ton of wood and steel. Her vision quickly fading. She heard scraping, and felt the weight slowly get lighter. The light pierced through as the planks were shoved off. Then she saw him, his bleeding face... still showing that fiery determination that attracted her to him.

His mouth was moving, but she didn't hear a single word. But she did manage to utter her final words: "I guess... that dinner will have to wait."
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Digital Changeling

Digital Changeling

Posts : 445
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Age : 23
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PostSubject: Re: Copying Intel   Copying Intel I_icon_minitimeTue Aug 20, 2013 11:10 am

Snippet 3: What She Left Behind

It was funny how one minute you're at the top of the world, at the biggest stage of your life, and next thing you know, you're holding the lifeless body of your special somepony. Her face was still imprinted on his mind, and her last words kept ringing in his ears.

It had already been a couple of weeks since the incident, and Dare had just woken up. Steam was just finishing up recapping what had happened when the stuntcolt passed out shortly after digging his partner out of the scaffolding. It wasn't a pretty sight to have to recall, but her foalhood friend deserved to know what happened.

She was concerned on how badly the colt was taking it. Under normal circumstances, he was this happy, stupid, foal in a stallion's body. Now he just looked like he'd hit rock bottom, sitting in the hospital bed in complete silence, just staring strait at the dull wall. The unicorn tried to think of what to say, but failed to come up with anything that wouldn't push Dare further into that pit of despair.

So they both sat there in silence for a good half hour. Steam brushed her maroon mane with her hoof just so she could control her nervous fidgeting. She wasn't used to this kind of silence inspired by sorrow.

Dare was holding the thick, blue goggles he found on the night stand. Apparently somepony left her goggles there. He was happy to keep it, if none of her family wanted it. Would be the only thing to remind him of her. "Steam..." he said silently after fighting off a dry throat, "please take me to her gravestone."

"But... you're not supposed to get out of bed, the doctor said the wing realignment takes..." The unicorn sighed as she trailed off. She knew it was hopeless to make him see sense. It was already difficult enough to convince him not to jump over a cliff with his wings tied behind his back on a normal day. "Fine, I'll take you there. But let me go get my tools first, that brace might come loose and I don't want to be the one having to stare at a wing just lolling to the side."

She shivered, went out the door and glanced back at the patient. "And don't go anywhere until I come back, I mean it. I wont be the one to tell your family that I lost you after I promised them that I'd keep an eye on you."

When the door closed, that's when the tears finally rolled down his cheeks. He stared at the reflection on the goggles, and saw the phantom of the owner's golden eyes staring back at him. "I know it wasn't any of our faults... we knew the dangers... we've faced it every single day. We both knew... that our lives would end sooner or later, like a candle facing a blizzard. So why do I feel like... this is just a bad dream?"

"Why am I hoping, when I know that you are gone...?"
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Digital Changeling

Digital Changeling

Posts : 445
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Age : 23
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PostSubject: Re: Copying Intel   Copying Intel I_icon_minitimeMon Sep 30, 2013 12:20 pm

So... A snippet a month? Hehehe... hehe... heh... ( ._.)

Well let's give my zebra some love, shall we?

We watched the sun burn out,
And bring forth the drought,
Leaving us to whither away,
A bit more each day.
Who would have thought that our guardian would fall,
Right where she should have stood tall.

In her mountain castle her blood was spilled,
Which made the traitorous fiends thrilled.
Harmony was next to go,
Ending up with the consistency of dough.
Next the soldiers went in tow,
But the resistance, they should have waited to grow.

Under this darkened sky,
We said goodbye.
To those days we held so dear,
Back when the skies were clear.
Now we are nothing but food,
For this large changeling brood.

We should not have attacked,
We should not have struck.
For the loss of Chrysalis,
Caused her hive to self-destruct.
Without a leader we are at the end of our rope,
And everyone is groping for the thing we called 'hope.'

Months passed and we had dwindled,
But still waiting for our hearts to be rekindled.
The swarm had fallen apart,
Yet the danger we still need to take to heart.
Survivors scavenged all they could...
It is only a matter of time until we're out of food.

A changeling drone wandered into me,
Yet he was too weak to even see.
I could sense him slipping away,
With help from the spirits, I made him stay.
Perhaps it was a foolish move,
But my teachings, I dare not remove.
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Digital Changeling

Digital Changeling

Posts : 445
Join date : 2012-11-18
Age : 23
Location : Highly Undisclassified *cough* Hive 55 *cough*

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PostSubject: Re: Copying Intel   Copying Intel I_icon_minitimeFri Oct 18, 2013 6:30 am

I guess this will be a follow-up of that last one.

My actions were not the smartest,
And letting him die would have been a pony's interest.
But somehow it felt right,
Giving kindness from within this blight.
Surprisingly, the changeling thanked me,
Then asked me to leave him be.

It was not my right to ask why,
So I turned and said goodbye.
I felt a deep sadness in his eyes,
Like it wasn't the first of his goodbyes.
As I walked away,
I sensed his soul didn't want to stay.

The sound of hooves thundered from the horizon.
I knew those weren't from a herd of bison.
The changeling panicked with despair,
Like a foal, I could compare.
I dragged him away from the lunar light,
To help him escape the ponies' rage-filled might.

The survivors had grown in strength since the fall,
In the hopes of still standing tall.
Changelings were in danger if they were caught,
For to the executioner they'll be brought.
Out of leaves, a hiding spot we improvised,
To save us both from our demise.

The hunters trampled by,
Then the changeling went for my eye.
Demanding my reason,
For committing such treason.
He was different from the rest,
And was this simply a test?

I kicked him back,
Grabbed his horn and spun him around.
Using the hanging vines,
I had him bound.
He wasn't very happy with his predicament,
So I gave him time to express his amusing lament.
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Copying Intel
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