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 I guess apples can be a canvas?

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PostSubject: I guess apples can be a canvas?   Thu Aug 15, 2013 11:37 pm

'I remember this forest, I was told a long time ago never to come here. I should leave this place, I don't even why I'm here. It seems so set up in my mind, but when I put it to practice.' He began swinging the woodcutters axes into the tree on the out skirts of the looming forest. "WATCH OUT KIDS! It'S Children's Eye Health and Safety Month!!!" He began hacking at the tree, not even really trying to cut it down now. "I'm gonna PAint APPLES BLUE WITH bsquashed blueberries!"

'...Wait a moment, that sound pretty good actually. Let's stop hitting the tree and do that. I think we have disgraced all ponies and mules in-tune with the earth enough today.'

He stopped, standing there quietly as he seem to have been frozen in place.
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I guess apples can be a canvas?
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