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 Cnl. Haggard Fate

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PostSubject: Cnl. Haggard Fate   Tue Aug 06, 2013 1:22 pm

Cnl. Haggard Fate

Gender: Male
Species: Pegasus
Appearance: Angry looking, gray, stocky
Personality: Marked by hard work done in an orderly fashion, Haggard likes ponies that show loyalty and willingness to play by his rules. He is always power hungry and makes things more complicated than they need to be. While he is not one to act impulsively or move forward without thought to consequences, he will still attain his goals through slow, steady movement toward them.

Haggard is fiercely independent and he has a desire to lead others. With the exception of his own loved ones, he is not a team player. Nor does he take orders well.

His aura of competence often makes him appear to be superhuman/superpony. He makes a stable, trustworthy, and loyal impression on everypony he meets. His visions/goals are set in stone in his mind, and the organizational talentshe possesses as well as energy to make his ideals into realities can make him a cold, calculating individual deep down while appearing to be the best guy in the world.

Whether he is making a political machine, a massive plot to bring down somepony for what he deems to be true justice, or a war strategem, he plans it so that anyone trying to foil the goal will always be one step behind this guy.

He has a grudge against Magnum Wolfgang, and this makes him have temper tantrums at times.

History: He was put into a regiment with Magnum Wolfgang and Axiom Spirit. One day, there was an accident that caused Axiom to die. In Haggard's eyes, it was no accident.

Before the incident, Magnum Wolfgang showed up Haggard in every single way possible. With firearms, with combat, even with flying! A unicorn beat a pegasus at flying! This caused a deep hatred for the author, and he felt that Magnum's friendship with Axiom was to make Axiom be against Haggard.

Haggard to this day believes that Magnum killed Haggard and attempts to frame Cnl. Fate for the whole thing.

Not if Haggard can frame Magnum first....
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Cnl. Haggard Fate
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