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 Colorwheel: OC

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PostSubject: Colorwheel: OC   Mon Aug 05, 2013 9:12 pm


Gender: Female
Species: Pegasus
Mane: Dark Brown
Tail: Dark Brown
Eyes: Red-brown
Body: Grey
Cutie Mark: A rainbow-filled heart behind a pencil and a lime green-tipped paintbrush, crossed in an X shape at the center of the heart.
Age (Baby,adult): Adult
Personality: Timid at first, but quirky and laidback once you get to know her. A definite talent when it comes to art, she's quick to defend her friends and her beliefs no matter the cost to her. She's a rather sensitive mare as well due to her rocky past, and takes her time when warming up to new friends. But once she's gotten to know and trust you, she'll have a hard time letting you go, thus coming across as a rather clingy pony sometimes. But besides that, she will do anything to make you smile or laugh, even if she's not in the mood for such shenanigans. She's brave and heartfelt and honest, and does not take kindly to bullies, liars, or ponies that think to use other ponies for their own uses. Preferring to stay quiet, she can be rather bookish but outgoing in the same wingbeat, depending on how comfortable she is around you. On the other side of things, she can be a bit impulsive and moody but never means to hurt anypony accidentally or on purpose. When angered, she sometimes can be a little too rough but again, never means to hurt anypony.
Likes: Anything creative, music, art, literature, pretty mares, summer days, bright colors, romance.
Dislikes: Bullies and liars, ponies who are only interested in using other ponies, heartbreakers.
History: Meet Colorwheel, the quirky. Always a pony to stand up for what she believes in, Colorwheel was born and raised in a small apartment in Cloudsdale with her single father after her mother left the family to be with another stallion in Canterlot. Because of this, the mare was always subject to criticism and bullies, viewed as “different” simply because she only had a father to take care of her. Nopony else understood what it was like to be motherless. Everypony else thought Colorwheel was the weirdest filly on the block because she never had anypony to give a Mother’s Day present to. Everypony else judged her for something she couldn’t control, but that wasn’t the end of it—for as the years went on, the differences just kept piling up for Colorwheel. She was a Pegasus that didn’t want to fly. She preferred a quiet corner and a sketchbook to the rowdy dreams of one day becoming a Wonderbolt. She never looked at stallions in quite the same way as the other mares…rather, she turned her eyes to the mares and more often than not, found herself falling for them the way they fell for their stallions. Colorwheel was always the bookish freak in Cloudsdale, be it for one reason or another, but luckily for her, she learned to shut them out and focus on other things instead—namely, her art and creations.

In a short matter of time, these masterpieces became the very thing that kept Colorwheel from giving up entirely on her life. Every time she felt sad, she drew a picture and hung it in the bedroom her and her father shared. Every time she fell for another mare that hated her, she painted a scene that lessened the pain in her heart. Every time the goings got tough, she created something that was awed and envied by many people around, and through this she gained not only her cutie mark, but a feeling of personal worth that finally started to change how Colorwheel felt about life.

But then life sped up and all of a sudden Colorwheel was released from flight school into the winds of Equestria. Stumbling on startling updrafts, reeling as storms whipped by, day by day she tried to find a place in the world but without the guiding wings of her father to help her, Colorwheel grew more and more lost by the day. Her heart was ripped into a hundred different pieces, her dreams were smashed under thousands of hooves, and she never knew what to do with herself…until one day, she made a wrong turn that actually turned into a right. It was a beautiful summer day, and Colorwheel was feeling cheerier than she’d felt in a long while. It had been a week since she’d flown to Canterlot to try and sell some of her art, and while she was making excellent funds, she was feeling the pressure more than ever of being alone in a city full of ponies with friends. After all, everypony had at least some wealth, but Colorwheel…well, Colorwheel was just a starving artist trying to find her place in Equestria. But then the unthinkable happened, and all of a sudden everything kicked into gear for the grey-furred mare.  And it all started with a pony she could see herself in.

“Hey!” Colorwheel had exclaimed as she stumbled across the group of ponies. The foals were laughing and jeering, and in the middle of their lopsided circle was a mare with a broken wing. She was covered in bruises and scratches and the fur around her eyes was matted as if she’d been crying. The ponies around her were kicking her with their hooves and smacking her with their tails and flinging things with their wings, but what hit Colorwheel the most was their constant jeer of “Mare-lover, mare-lover, you’re a freaky mare-lover!” which nearly made the grey Pegasus run crying for the hills. But, in an amazing display of courage, she stopped herself and charged right through the group, sending them scattering as she berated them long and hard about respect for ponies who loved differently than they did. The wounded filly looked on in awe as Colorwheel went on and on until finally all the foals ran away. From there, the mare took the filly to the infirmary. But once they were there, they were greeted with quite a scare…and something that ultimately changed Colorwheel’s life forever: a visit from an outstanding member of society. She wasted no time sharing with Colorwheel that she’d overheard news from a student of hers that Colorwheel had stood up for one of her advisor’s fillies when she was being bullied about her differences, and that she thought the grey mare was one of the bravest ponies in Canterlot for doing so. In thanks, she bestowed Colorwheel with the title of LGBT and Diversity Advisor of Equestria and welcomed the mare under her wing. It was now her job to stand up for discriminated foals and ponies in Equestria, especially when it came to matters of who they loved, what they felt they were, and things they wanted to be in the beautiful country.

Life from there quickly picked up for Colorwheel, and she couldn’t be happier. She spent her days flying around, giving speeches and organizing amazing events to celebrate the uniqueness of ponies everywhere. Starting in Canterlot, she sparked clubs to protect diversity, friendships in all sorts of ponies, even matchmaking programs to help troubled ponies find their one true love, and in a matter of short years, Canterlot was once again the most advanced city in Equestria. Colorwheel moved on from there to start a new life elsewhere—in a little town called Ponyville, where she hoped she’d be able to settle down a bit and work on her art as much as her representation for LGBT youth. To this day, she has a cozy home in Ponyville and struggles to balance the two, but for a pony who’s done as much as her to make differences in ponies accepted...well, it’s a life she definitely deserves.

Example RP segment: A secret admirer confesses his/her love to your OC. Given your OC’s personality, compose a brief narrative in which your OC identifies and addresses the situation.

"Colorwheel, I love you."

Her ears flicked forward then back again, forward and back, as those endless brown eyes widened in shock and worry. The mare shuffled her wings uneasily and looked down, avoiding the stallion's gaze as much as she could.

He lifted a hoof and pressed it against her flank. She stiffened. "Colorwheel, please. Please say you love me too."

Tears rose to her eyes. She shook her head, a strand of chocolate mane falling into her face. The silken end tickled her muzzle and drew forth a desire to sneeze that the mare only pushed down until it reluctantly wandered away.

The stallion pushed harder against her. Colorwheel flinched and stepped back. "Please--"

"No, I won't. Not until you say you love me too."

"I can't say it, I'm sorry. You know I c--"

"Yes, you can. It's just four little words. Please, Colorwheel."

"No, I'm sorry...I just can't!" Colorwheel's voice cracked as her heart gave a lurch, and with a desperate cry for freedom, her wings flew open and buffered the stallion back. She didn't even know his name, but the look in his eyes was enough to rip her to shreds. She hated having to do that to someone who meant no harm, but it wasn't who she was to accept such a thing from a pony she didn't feel the same about. That was the same as lying, and Colorwheel hated lying. She hated lies, she hated liars. They hurt too many people, and Colorwheel...well, she wasn't about to be hurt again.

The mare took a breath and tried again, rearranging her wings as her heartbeat slowed in her chest. "I'm sorry about that," she murmured, head hung. "I just...I really don't feel the same way about you, sir. I don't even know your name. I understand how much it hurts to be rejected by the one you love, but even if I did know who you were, I wouldn't be able to love you...because I'm not like the other mares." Colorwheel smiled sadly and flicked her tail. "I can't love stallions, but I hope that we can still...still be friends?"

The stallion's eyes flared and he rose to his feet. "You're a mare-lover!" he cried.

Colorwheel flinched a bit. "Y-yes, I am..."

"You disgust me. I can't believe I ever felt things for you!" the stallion shot back.

The mare bowed her head even lower.

"Get out of Canterlot. You're a freak. Don't even look at me anymore!"

And with that, he galloped off, leaving Colorwheel in a trembling mess. Her entire body shook, her feathers quaked, but with a deep breath she pushed herself up and looked towards the tower of Celestia's palace. The days of her weakness were over. Colorwheel...Colorwheel was a new mare now, and new mares were strong.

Colorwheel was going to be strong.

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PostSubject: Re: Colorwheel: OC   Mon Aug 05, 2013 9:36 pm

Looks good. I'd say this is APPROVED

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Colorwheel: OC
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