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 Magnum Wolfgang

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PostSubject: Magnum Wolfgang   Mon Aug 05, 2013 9:09 pm

Magnum Wolfgang

Pony Code: 3K1N1242002E5D8EFED19103000FE3700UN173840B040021U1822121FE6F002W107F3FCC004CB2

Gender: Male
Species: Unicorn
Mane: Long for a male, but short for a female (just look at the freakin picture)
Tail: The picture, bro
Eyes: Amber
Body: Military build
Pet: A parrot named Spirit, named after Magnum's late best friend.

Cutie Mark: The Rhetorical Triangle. Its sides are composed of quills.  His special talent is story telling and communication. The Rhetorical Triangle is a triangle used to describe the relationship between Logos, Ethos, and Pathos.  It's made out of quills to represent him being an author.

Age (Baby,adult): Adult

To Glory-
The War Still Rages Within-
Hands Held High-
I am the Doctor Dubstep-

Personality: Adventurous, dwells on the past, enthusiastic, clever, compassionate, "pony pleaser," witty, loyal, highly intelligent, disciplined, shattered.  Sometimes his military instincts can get the better of his actions.

The only thing that Magnum ever wanted in his life is to help other ponies.  His military training has given him all of the characteristics after "witty"

Magnum can get angry pretty easily, but he usually tries to hide it.  He has a mental condition where he acts like a smart alec, but seriously means what he is saying/actually doesn't understand the non-literal interpretation, which in effect means he can't feel the emotion of happiness or understand fear.

Magnum is the guy that sticks up for others.  Although, he can sometimes blurt things out without thinking enough about what he says, thus creating some drama and "shoots himself in the hoof" so to speak.

Likes: Reading, writing, adventuring, new experiences, helping ponies, animals, his pet parrot, saving lives, etc

Dislikes: Rust, social injustice, normal injustice, corruption, wrongdoings, etc.

History: Magnum joined the military/canterlot guard as soon as he could, hoping to make a difference and help the world. In his regiment, there was another pony that became good friends with him called Axiom Spirit.  Axiom taught Magnum a lot about life, freedom, and potions.  They were like brothers-in-arms, and Magnum started writing a journal about his experiences in the force.  One day, Pvt. Wolfgang and Cnl. Spirit were patrolling, and then there was a terrible accident that won't be specifically described here due to graphic content.  Axiom died.  This broke Magnum, and he probably will never recover from this incident, believing the whole thing to be his fault.  He wrote things into his journal about this that almost made Magnum hurt whenever he reread it.  This was only the first of many many tragedies that he experienced during his enlistment.

These traumatic events caused Magnum to leave the guard. Needing a quick way to make money, he published his journal.  It touched the hearts of millions all over, and he got requests to write more books.  Magnum wrote more and realized how good it felt to tell stories.  Then his cutie mark appeared.  

He began travelling across the world, and he is able to afford it by choosing a very interesting method of travel - once he feels that he has helped a community or a pony in a community enough, he gets on any vehicle he finds and travels around as a stowaway/hitchhiker/etc until he finds something new to do.  

Once in a while he'll get a new novel idea and travel back to his actual home in Canterlot to write like there's no tomorrow, shutting himself off from the world.  He walks out of his house from time to time during these moments in his life, but he isn't paying attention to the world around him.

Example RP segment 5: Wolfgang dropped from the bottom of the flight ship he had stowed away on and used magic to levitate the air around him, forcing himself to fall slower and land safely on the ground.  He looked at his surroundings- thugs, run-down buildings, etc., he must be in Manehatten slums.

Magnum waits a while, and eventually his parrot Spirit lands on his shoulder.

"Squawk!" Spirit said, "Look to your left!"

Magnum grinned and looked to his left.  What he saw made him lose all of his carefree passion and turned it into a craving for vengeance.  This pony was senselessly bullying another pony.

"What you lookin' at, bub?" The bully shot a look at Wolfgang.

"You're 'lookin' at' that violated innocent's new bodygaurd, that's who," Magnum walked up to this arrogant, smelly bastard and looked at him menacingly, dead in the eye.

"Heh, I ain't afraid of you, chump," said the smelly pony as some even bigger and smelly ponies lined up against our adventurer writer.

"Good!" Spirit squawked, and Magnum said, "I'm not afraid of anything."

Then there was a quick and bloody fight beatdown.  Magnum's military training, spells, and strategy were too much for the untrained, raw enemies to handle.


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PostSubject: Re: Magnum Wolfgang   Mon Aug 05, 2013 9:19 pm

I'm not too sure about Magnum's Cutie Mark. It entails he has more than one special talent. Which isn't bad. I mean, he could be good at more than one thing, but it makes it appear he has more than one Cutie Mark. Other than that, it looks fine
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PostSubject: Re: Magnum Wolfgang   Mon Aug 05, 2013 9:28 pm

Changes have been made. I consider this app to be

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PostSubject: Re: Magnum Wolfgang   

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Magnum Wolfgang
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