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 The 'household'.

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PostSubject: The 'household'.   Wed Dec 21, 2011 7:13 pm

The household is a strange anomaly in Manehattan, a family formed by nothing but second chances and an unusual loyalty to one another. Officially headed by the couple Daylight Herald and Crystal Admirer (a pegasus and an earth pony, respectively) the family also consists of three maids; Loyal Prudence, White Woods, and Something Nameless.

[More detailed individual profiles coming soon]

Loyal Prudence

Gender: Female

Species: Earth

Appearance: Kempt, light brown short mane and tail. Dark green fur. 'Kitchen' knife cutie mark.

Personality: Oh so very cold to almost every pony that has the misfortune of meeting her without getting close. Loyal has, simply put, views. On life. On ponykind. On morality. On worth. She doesn't care about the well being of any pony outside her family, and if she takes an interest in one...


That's very bad news indeed.

History: Despite current situations Loyal had a very happy


Oh no you don't.
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The 'household'.
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