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 Silver Sunshine. Er, Silver -in- the Sunshine.

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Zephyr Botanica


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PostSubject: Silver Sunshine. Er, Silver -in- the Sunshine.   Fri Aug 02, 2013 10:08 pm

Silver Starlight raised her head towards the sun, whose rays burned bright and warm, soothing her flawless silver skin. Her long, curved lashes fluttered as she blinked at the intense light, eyes stinging momentarily, though easily relieved through the placement of a pair of sunglasses over them. Sighing in satisfaction, she ran a hoof through her bouncy black and silver mane, then giggled as the appendage splashed into the sparkling sand beneath her.

"Such a beautiful day." The unicorn mused, her ears standing tall with her spirit. "I've almost forgotten how pleasant the outskirts of Canterlot can be."

It had been ages since she last had time to herself. Silver was simply swamped with the promotion of her latest line of beauty supplies, geared towards older mares and colts to reduce the pigment fading in their hides. While the creams themselves were far from perfected as of yet, she had conjured a suitable enough concoction to bare visible results (with repetitive use) within a few weeks time. She was rushed to and fro, from photo shoots to commentaries, guest appearances to meeting with her committee. Why, she could barely remember what it was like to get away from the hustle and bustle of business.

Today, however, was all about relaxation. Silver Starlight had made herself a nice little outing not far from the shore, her precious (and often admired) body laid sprawled out on top of a plush white blanket. Behind it and to one side, stabbed deep into the sand, stood an umbrella of a matching hue. It was placed just at the right angle to provide her some cooling shade, but left enough sunshine to fall through to her little slice of paradise should she choose to bask in it. To her right, as she now looked, rested a quaint picnic basket filled with goodies.

"Mmmm mmm mmm. How could things possibly get better than this?" She giggled, plucking an apple from the basket's depths.
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Thespi Bacchanalian


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PostSubject: Re: Silver Sunshine. Er, Silver -in- the Sunshine.   Sun Aug 18, 2013 12:52 am

"Vassago, stop messing with that. The damn thing is going to go flying."

A volleyball came out of nowhere and smacked the sunning mare in the face.

"Vassago!" OzyManedias, a dark brown pegasus ran over to retrieve the ball. His black mane was mostly slicked back, except for one pesky lock that managed to fall right onto the right of his two golden eyes. He was hardly muscular, but he was lean and lithe. That is until he fell face first into the sand in front of the unicorn.

He grunted lightly and looked up at the pretty mare. "Um..." he stammered. "S-sorry. My... er... my friend over there can be a tad careless sometimes." He pointed to a unicorn colt in the distance with a sickly parchment colored coat and a swampish colored mane. He waited impatiently for OzyManedias to return.

He shuffled about for a bit before grabbing the ball.
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Silver Sunshine. Er, Silver -in- the Sunshine.
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