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 Silver Starlight

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PostSubject: Silver Starlight   Fri Aug 02, 2013 7:08 pm

Silver Starlight

Gender: Female
Species: Unicorn
Mane:  Silver and Black
Tail: Silver and Black
Eyes: Silver
Body:  Tall, slender, though far from fragile.
Cutie Mark: A trio of silver starbursts, arranged in a crescent moon pattern. Surrounding their silver bodies are smaller stars that are white.
Age (Baby,adult): Adult

Silver Starlight is as bright and warming as her name suggests.

She’s an incredibly friendly mare, whom carries her head held high and her steps flow with pure elegance.  

Thanks to her profession, she’s encountered all sorts of mares and colts, whom have helped broaden her mind towards others. Due to her frequent encounters with others, she’s learned a good amount of patience and perspective; how not to judge another from first impressions. Thus, she’s also incredibly understanding and empathetic, and willing to patiently await another to bare their true selves to her, should they so rightfully choose.
While she may appear to pride herself on appearances (which is part of her job), Silver is actually quite intellectual. From a young age, she had buried her snout in books, especially those that revolved around magic. Being a unicorn, it was essential to learn the fundamentals of it, but she always enjoyed delving deeper into the mysterious art. But while understanding magic was wonderful, she also read up on other aspects of Equestria, just to keep her mind well-rounded.

When in public, she comes off as a cheerful mare with much modesty. For ages, people have admired her for her shimmering silver coat, and mesmerizing locks of black and silver on her tail and mane. While many still gape at her, Silver tends to overlook the stares in favor of expressing her true self (the inner-self, which is what matters) via conversation. Many are often taken back by her interest in them, rather expecting her to fish for compliments or further inquiries about her own person,  but she refuses to be bothered by such burdens.

- Fashion / Modeling / Her Fans
- Beauty products (Both using and making.) / Perfume
- Shopping
- Casual conversations.
- Meeting new and interesting ponies.
- Traveling.
- Learning new magical abilities.

- Only being seen for her appearances.
- Dirt and grime.
- Obnoxious individuals.


Silver Starlight was born to a pair of unicorns, whom carried a true blue-blood lineage. Their entire family tree could easily be traced back to some of the first unicorns to set foot on Equestria, and take residence in Canterlot. Having staked their claim in the high-society land for so many generations, there aren’t many whom don’t know of their surname, or whom, as a family, they are.

The Starlight family were infamous for their social standings. They chose to only speak to and relate in any way to other unicorns, viewing the other species as subpar. Her parents were no different, unfortunately, despite her father being married into the name. He came from his own line of pedigree unicorns, however, so the match was truly inevitable. Plus, it allowed the Starlights to blend with a family whom shared an amount of wealth that almost equaled their own.

Silver, born into a life of luxury, was treated more like a doll than a filly. She was pampered and groomed, practically raised by the staff that lived in their mansion, rather than her folks. Her mother, being of great beauty, was always required to make appearances at formal events, and hosted charity events for the ‘less fortunate’ creatures that plagued the city (just to try and show some leniency towards the lesser races). While she did this, her father worked with his bloodline in the field of magic, where they attempted to fully understand its complex makings, in order to wield it in a more efficient and powerful manner.

With this powerful combination of genes (beauty and magic), and thanks to the wealth her relatives carried, Silver was sent to the highest class of schools. There, the young filly was surrounded by others whom came from and endured similar backgrounds as her, much to her dismay. She never truly appreciated the lack of attention her parents paid her, nor warmed up to their preferred lifestyle. Fortunately, in her class, there were others that shared her ideas. They, too, believed there was more to life than money and names. The only problem was.. their fellow classmates were too snooty and blinded to say the same.

Her small group of friends were ridiculed for their views. They were taunted, teased, excluded and mocked each and every day. Fortunately, word of the misbehavior didn’t reach the ears of their folks, less they be disciplined or presented with further insults for their insubordination. While separately, they had never been treated with such distaste, together, because of their bonds being so strong, they were able to not only endure the torture, but grow stronger from it.

When Silver came of proper age, she was inducted into a school that specialized in magic. Her friends were also accepted, though the links that were knit so close together were to soon shatter.  The school was far more strict in their program than their former academy, and it became clear within the first few weeks that each filly specialized in a different degree of magic. Silver, for example, had a knack for rejuvenation and imagery. She also fared rather well with illusions and potions.  With their gifts growing each day, the friends started to separate to pursue their natural talents.

At graduation, all of the students were required to present a council of professors with a final project. Silver, having been meddling with combining her talents into something useful, presented them with a vial of silver cream. It contained a rejuvenation agent, used to revive coats to a younger, shinier texture. It easily took five years of ware and tare from the application area. Instantly.  The only problem was it lasted but a few hours- so  it was useful for dates, or going out..and still required even then additional applications.

The cream she created became the gateway to a whole new life. Word of its capabilities spread throughout Equestria in mere days, causing countless colts and mares of all the species to demand it for themselves. Seeing how popular it was, and what the possibilities that could be from selling it, Silver decided to mass-produce it. With the bits she made, she was able to fend for herself, and detach herself from her ill-informed family. She would keep her surname, but only out of respect for those who barely knew her. Just because they didn’t give two hoofs about her didn’t mean she had to sink to their level.

Before long, Silver Starlight came out with an entire line of beauty aids. Furthermore, her face became even better known after she accepted to personally model her own products. From there, her fame escalated as designers from around Equestria begged to have her featured in their clothing, to which she humbly accepted. It was at the peak of her career, which started at a young age, that her cutie mark appeared. It reflected her natural beauty, as well as her bloodline’s signature white stars (to her dismay).

To this day, Silver delves in her newfound passions. She’s a fabulous model, and intellectual alchemist, and a practitioner of magic (in her spare time). While she does enjoy the attention her looks give her, she still wishes to be known more for her brain- the source of all her success. She also preaches about self-worth, and speaks seriously against bullying. In short, she attempts to be a role model for the young and old alike.

Example RP segment:

#2 A secret admirer confesses his/her love to your OC. Given your OC’s personality, compose a brief narrative in which your OC identifies and addresses the situation.

Silver Starlight’s jaw nearly dislocated itself as it stretched to its limits, thanks to a sudden yawn that decided to attack her so suddenly. Once her lips touched again, they were licked for moisturizing purposes, then smacked a couple of times. Her long, heavy lashes fluttered to rapid blinks before closing as a hoof came up to rub one of her very tired eyes.  The silver bracelets along her arm jingled as she placed said hoof on the top of a wooden table, causing it to creak in protest.

So many letters. So many of all sorts of shapes and sizes littered her desk. These were sent from her many adoring fans, be it for her modeling work, or the various beauty products she produced. Amongst them, no doubt, were threat and verbal abuses- there were plenty of ponies that thrived on jealousy and envy. Silver was quite comfortable with reading the various sorts of scriptures, and replied to as many as she possibly could as quick as possible. It was only right.

With another yawn, she pulled over the last envelope for the evening. The bags under her eyes weighed heavy as she slipped a hoof beneath the fold to open it, then pried the scroll free with her teeth. After laying it out flat,  her silver eyes scanned the surface, blurrily observing the ink upon the paper. At first, she believed what she saw, the oddity that it was, to be caused by her exhaustion. But when she focused and re-read the sentences, her mind churning to make sense of it all, It became clear that she wasn’t hallucinating.

Someone had sent her a love letter, confessing their innermost feelings towards her.

Silver blushed, taken back. She had no clue who the colt was, but clearly, things needed to be set straight. To send a letter of rejection would only spur ill-forged consequences, to not reply at all would cause more matching letters to come. How did she know? It had happened before. Many times, actually.

There was only one option. With it in mind, Silver took up a quill and dipped it into her silver ink, then pulled over a fresh scroll to respond onto. Her plan? Meet the colt in person, and put, as gently as possible, his delusions into reality. He needed to understand that his feelings for her were naught but an infatuation. And who knows? Maybe he’d understand. If  not..?’s a good thing she kept to her magical studies..

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PostSubject: Re: Silver Starlight   Fri Aug 02, 2013 8:11 pm

Hey! I love this oc, it's very detailed and I appreciate that.

I'll have to talk this one over with the other mods and admins, because in the rules of the forum it states that "OCs will not be approved if their role in Equestrian society is exaggerated beyond reason. Ponies may not have royal statuses, special elements, or other attributes that center society around the single character."

Elements of this rule breaking in your app are when you state that "Furthermore, her face became even better known after she accepted to personally model her own products. From there, her fame escalated as designers from around Equestria begged to have her featured in their clothing, to which she humbly accepted."

And, I especcially have a problem with this one in your rp section, "So many letters. So many of all sorts of shapes and sizes littered her desk. These were sent from her many adoring fans, be it for her modeling work, or the various beauty products she produced."

I need to talk this one over with the admins, but until further notice, your character is not approved.
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PostSubject: Re: Silver Starlight   Fri Aug 02, 2013 9:26 pm

I have discussed this with the other mods and admins (thanks Fireseeker, Firework, and Blind Side) and we have come to an agreement that this oc is officially... *fanfare music plays*


Have fun roleplaying with her :D
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PostSubject: Re: Silver Starlight   

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Silver Starlight
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