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My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic OC RP

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PostSubject: Nadira   Thu Aug 01, 2013 6:36 pm


Gender: Female

Species: Viper

Appearance: Purple scales and ice-blue eyes, Nadira is long and slender, and small enough to hide under Amina's saddle.

Personality: The snake is lethally poisonous, and quite aware of it. She is extremely loyal to her owner and has a comical side.

History: Nadira was born in the deserts of Saddle Arabia. Her coloring is extremely rare, as snakes from that region are usually green or sand-colored. However, what she lacked in camoflague was made up for in the lethality of her venom. She never went hungry.

When a passing caravan was attacked by bandits, the snake saved the Arabians inside by biting the first attacker. When the bandits left, the stallion inside was going to kill the snake to protect his family, but one of his fillies saved the snake, begging her father not to kill the beautiful creature. Grateful to the filly, the snake smiled at her and nudged her affectionately. Acknowledging his daughter's wishes and the odd behavior of the serpent, the stallion allowed the filly to keep the snake.

Amina named her new companion Nadira, for the rarity of her coloring, and she and the snake became fast friends. Nadira accompanies her everywhere, and they are loyal companions for life.
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