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 Rusty Wrench

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Ultimate Tank

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PostSubject: Rusty Wrench   Rusty Wrench I_icon_minitimeSun Jul 28, 2013 5:52 pm

Shiny Rusty Wrench

Rusty Wrench W9e

Gender: Male

Race: Earth Pony

Mane: Very short, and only reached the top of his neck. It is a fine dark red colour, which extends to just before his eyes.

Tail: A bit more than his mane. It reached just to the knees of his back legs, but it's long enough to touch the ground unless sitting. Again, a deep dark red. Nothing special about it however, though you may see the occasional strand of hair sticking out here and there.

Eyes: A dark rich red, just like his mane. Though he wears circular glasses in front of him. He's far-sighted, so uses these glasses to work and read, and usually just stay on his face most of the time.

Body: His body is a light brown and he is very heavy in terms of build, with a thick chest and legs. Not on the level of Big Mac, but still a very impressive muscular structure. Fetlocks cover his hooves, but are still visible slightly. There are odd burn-like marks across his entire body, which are very faint, and his chin, down the neck and to his chest is covered with stitches due to a past wound. This is covered by a checkered-pattern bandanna-like scarf which is wrapped around his neck and covers the front half of his body.

Cutie Mark: A silver wrench with a grey gear behind it.

Age: Adult

Personality: Rusty Wrench is a grumpy pony, but that is due to past experiences which caused him to become foul and angry. At first glance he's a snarky pony who would bite your ear off the moment he gets, and is all about sticking to the point and avoiding unnecessary small talk. Cold and antisocial, yet if he warms up to you that may change. Actually he's a pretty nice pony when he isn't surrounded by other ponies, and will gladly help a friend who needs it. He will actually indulge in small talk and will ask about how you have been and your day, rather than cut straight to the point. Because he does care. D'aaww.

Likes: Silence, especially when working. Being by himself, or in the company of trustworthy friends. Getting a project finished and getting paid, obviously.
-Slender Wing, and also has a crush on her, though knows she doesn't return it and is too shy (him shy? Gasp!)
-Icy Chill, a pegasus colt he met a while ago. Once an irritating, but slowly warmed up to him when the kid offered to help him make mechanics for working metal wings

Dislikes: He despises alicorn ponies with absolute hatred, and yes that includes Cadence and Twilight, though he obviously hasn't met either of them. He hates being surrounded by ponies and being forced to talk about things he doesn't want to. More than anything else, however, he absolutely hates seeing a pony get picked on by others, and he will fight tooth and nail to protect them.
-Icy, a pegasus mare who is the cause for the long gash down his neck which almost killed him from blood loss. She is also slightly delusional and thinks they were once together.

Special Talent: Mechanics. For example, building vehicles and devices.

Shiny Wrench was born to Golden Nail, his mother and Sharpened Gear, his father, within Manehattan. A couple who focused on building and repairing mending objects. Now, Shiny Wrench wasn't the tallest pony, or the toughest, but rather he was a skinny, tiny little thing with a very curious and very kind attitude to life. The runt of the litter, so to say, if he were to have siblings. In school, his size and lack of cutie mark did little to help boost his self-confidence. An earth pony, told he was useless, told that manticores would go eat him up in his sleep and he was going to be a failure. It consisted to the point he had to move schools. A lot. In doing so so many times, he never truly managed to form a bond with anyone, nor learn how to. Friends made were simply ponies he would never meet again in a few weeks. And thus did little Shiny Wrench decide that being by himself was the best thing to do, and he sneakned into his parents basement. The clanging of metal against metal and the silence throughout was comforting. He worked most nights, and while he did not get much sleep, or that the bond with his parents stretched apart, it made him happy. At once point, during a dark night when his parents were sleeping, Shiny Wrench created a little working light-bulb, which gave him his very own cutie mark! A mechanist! It was the best day ever! But discovering his cutie mark just gave him motivation to keep working, and it came to a point where he would feign illness to skip classes, and when exams came he failed. Needless to say, his mother and father were not happy. But hey, at least the constant (concerningly obsessive) work buffed up his body and little Shiny Wrench was no longer little.

As soon as he reached teen-hood, Shiny Wrench was forced to get a job. But why should he have to work with other ponies? He hated them! They were all mean and unicorns and pegasus ponies and they were all super mean to earth ponies and him! Of course, this kind of attitude when working in a coffee shop quickly got him fired, Over and over. He was not a nice pony, I dare say a racist pony, and that kind of attitude is hardly liked in social environments. After no success (it wasn't his fault!) the pony decided to run his very own store. With help from his parents who highly supported the idea, a new store to Manehattan's collection named the Rusty Wrench, which focused on fixing and building all things mechanically engineered. Business was actually quite decent, and thus he earned his name as 'Rusty Wrench'. It stuck.

One day, a bat mare by the name of Slender Wing entered the store during one of those slow days. For you see, she needed something fixed - a watch. But alas, it had stopped! Oh woe was her! And yes it was stated in that manner and Wrench was not at all amused. So he fixed it up and sent the mare on her way, but no! This fair maiden would not have that! Again he didn't even smirk. But she did wonder why this pony was so foul, and towards her. Had she done something wrong? Paranoia of course took over, and she had to find out. So there was a lot of bothering. And a lot of prodding and poking. And this lasted for several weeks, with the mare bringing in a broken device each time, only to want to know why this stallion was so foul. Finally he gave in and muttered the truth, but his cold cold heart was warmed slightly by this pony's dedication to him. And slowly did the two began to talk more and more, and it was less and less forced.

On one day out, when the stallion was attempting to test out hoof-made mechanical wings, a a young pony by the name of Icy Chill cropped up. And how that pony bothered and bothered, and how the Wrench got more irritated by the second. But like the mare, he wanted to befriend the two. Or more, win Rusty Wrench over. Celestia knows why. That pony was also so confusing to him. But he begrudgingly allowed Icy Chill to give advice on the inner workings of a wing, which surprised him. He always liked those with knowledge. Useful knowledge. It certainly took a while, but this pony was one he could trust. And a trio was formed.

Though tragedy struck not long after, as on a quiet night along the beach, he was attacked by a delusional mare simply named 'Icy'. A pegasus with red eyes (most likely contacts) and a dark red mane, who somehow managed to remove most of the contents of Wrench's throat. With hooves. Impossibility aside, if Slender and Icy Chill had not found the dying stallion, he would have surely perished. The culprit was never found, but she did mumble and mutter about being in love with him for one second, and hating him the next. Yet he had never met this pony in his life, which was terribly concerning. But his poor throat was stitched up, and she was a wanted mare. It took many many weeks, but he was finally out of his coma.

Several years passed, and while Wrench was working on a project he dare not spill the contents of, here came the Queen of Dragons. Who was a unicorn. A black and red unicorn. Who was not a dragon. Of course when he pointed that out, he was horrifically burnt in the process by fire magic, and how the unicorn screamed she would bring the power of the gods unto him, and how a dragon is not one to be angered. You would have to wonder why he had the worst luck when meeting ponies. All of them were so disillusioned. Ah, but the mare did not escape unharmed. Those large and heavy hooves of his were very durable and could really pack a punch. To a mare's face. She fled, and he began to dislike pegasi and unicorns more and more. Most seemed to either hate him or want him dead, or loved him then hated him then wanted him dead. A strange world, Equestria, and Wrench was not a fortunate soul.

And a mare returned from the 'grave' on top of this terrible bad luck, just as Wrench was still in bandages from the last attack from Psycho Pony Number Two. Icy, consumed by anger and rage towards Slender Wing for some bizarre reason, and concerningly convinced that this mare was dating her 'love', attacked on the dead of night. She did not have much luck, as three against one could fend her off easily, but not without injury. Slender Wing's back was damaged in the process of fighting this delusionally dangerous mare - luckily the back would wasn't fatal, not did it hit her spine. Yet she was unable to fly, and both Icy Chill and Wrench had to heal her back up. His debt to her, so to speak, for all the times she had restored him to full condition and stuck by his side.

But the poor bat mare was fired from the Lunar Guard for inactivity and many days of 'sickness', and was demoted to but a simple pegasus. She and Wrench now work in his little store together, an inseparable duo to face the mightiest of foes.

Even if the 'mightiest of foes' is now but an angry customer.

Example RP Segment:
A colt is bullying a filly in the Manehattan street. When your OC looks to him, he turns to your OC and snaps, "What're you looking at?" Given your OC’s personality, compose a brief narrative in which your OC identifies and addresses the situation.

Eye met eye. And for a moment there was a light smirk on the elder stallion's face. Then, as lightning flashed and lit up the sky above, the rain continuously drenching all beneath its gaze, that smirk transformed into a snarl, with teeth bared and large, heavy hooves at the ready. Punching this foal would just get him arrested, but the sheer anger and rage quaking in his bones and through his system made it a temptation indeed.

"You," he replied sternly, taking a single step towards him, back straightened to reveal just how large this well-muscled pony was. His sight never shifted, those deep eyes boring holes into the colts and brimming with loosely restrained fury. The colt took a wary step back, as the filly ran as far as the poor dear could. "You will not do that again, do you hear?"

He moved closer, his own nose touching the colts as he continued. If he had fingers they would have flexed ready to strangle, but alas he did not, so he simply stared and continued, "Or else you will be punished. If I see you bullying anyone again, I will make sure of the punishment myself."

With a flick of his dark red tail, and another bolt of lightning ripping open the sky as the pitter-patter of water droplets filled the misty air, the stallion reared back his head and stalked off, heavy footsteps against the drenched cobblestone.


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PostSubject: Re: Rusty Wrench   Rusty Wrench I_icon_minitimeMon Jul 29, 2013 6:08 pm

I think Bithia and Rusty Wrench would make great friends :D
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PostSubject: Re: Rusty Wrench   Rusty Wrench I_icon_minitimeMon Jul 29, 2013 8:12 pm

Certain details discussed and cleared. Everything is in order.

Your character has been approved.

Click links for character information:

~ Smith Wesson ~

~ Aero Dynamic ~
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Rusty Wrench
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