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 Sea Salt

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PostSubject: Sea Salt   Sea Salt I_icon_minitimeSat Jul 20, 2013 2:30 am

Sea Salt
Gender: Male
Species: Unicorn
Mane: It's a dark brown with golden highlights running through it, It's cut short (Stops at his chin), and is very curly. He usually wears a red sash serving as a bandana of sorts on it.
Tail: It's once again cut short, and has the same dark brown colour, except it doesn't have golden highlights. It is also curly, but it's more of a wave compared to the curly-osity (just made up that word right now) of his mane.
Eyes: An aqua blue colour.
Body: It's a tannish-peach-ish colour. His build is agile and flexible, yet small and scrawny. Think of Little Strongheart's build. He also has a lute for his back leg (explained in history)
Cutie Mark: A lute.
Age (Baby,adult): Adult, around 25-27.
Personality: Sea Salt is a sucker for stories. If it be a story of a grand adventure, or just how you're aunt walked over to get milk the other day, he'll intently listen and usually write a song on his best friend, his lute, about your grand story. His nomadic lifestyle makes it not very easy to get attached to places or ponies, so he's quite hard to make friends with, even though he seems like a friendly pony on the outside. He enjoys life to the fullest, and will always try to seize the day. This isn't a bad characteristic, but it often makes him gullible, and brings him into sticky situations. He's also extremely hydrophobic.
Likes: His lute, stories, telling stories, adventures, playing the lute, did I mention his lute? He's seriously attached to that thing, making friends (he's not that good at keeping them though), daisy sandwiches.
Dislikes: The sea, water, pirates, boats, ships, anything to do with the sea, the colour blue, ponies who have a lack of knowledge of instruments, instrument haters, instrument abusers (THEY'RE A REAL THING...I think)
History: Sea Salt was born into a family of pirates. And when I say family, I mean his father, who was the captain of a pirate ship, his mother, and his twelve brothers and sisters (not including him). For the first few years of his life. Living on a pirate ship was REALLY FUN to young Sea Salt. He loved nothing more than his noisy brothers and sisters playing with him till the crack of dawn, pulling on ropes to see what would happen, climbing up to the crow's nest and racing eachother down, hiding from the big, scary crew members that weren't part of his family. It was all fun in games until one morning, Sea Salt was leaning over the edge of the boat, looking at the blue, sparkling water, and suddenly got pushed right off the edge of the boat. He didn't know how to swim, and was desperately trying to keep his head above the water. He screamed with all of his might so that somepony would notice and come save him. He felt a sharp pain in his hind legs, and thought he was going to drown.

Hearing his screams, his mother rushed on deck, jumped into the ocean, and swam to his aid. She picked him up, and swam back to the ship, where his father threw down a rope, and she climbed back up onto the ship, Sea Salt gripping to her back with all of his might.

She laid him down on a wooden bench, to further examine what happened. She found out that his right hind leg has been bitten by something, and was no more than a stub. She cleaned up what was left of his leg, and Laid him to rest in his bed. He stayed bed ridden for around 4 months, partly because of his leg, and mostly because of the traumatic experience that he had in the ocean.

After those four months, Sea Salt's leg had healed all that it could, but his mobility wasn't restored, because you can't simply grow back legs. Instead, his mother offered to use her lute as an artificial leg. She made stringed instruments in her spare time, such as ukeleles, violins, and guitars. Her favorite instrument to make and to play was the lute, though, and her personal lute she knew was sturdy and strong. Sea Salt didn't fancy the idea of having a instrument as a leg, but he accepted her offer anyways. Shortly after that, he had regained some of his mobility, and was able to walk around.

After being stuck in his room, he thought that it would be amazing to go out and finally be able to play around the ship as he once did. What actually happened was quite the opposite. He took one wobbly step out of his door, and clusily ran back inside, shivering with fear. Everytime that he laid eyes on the ocean, he felt the same sharp pain in his leg and the bad memories came flooding back. He decided then and there he was never going to lay eyes on the ocean again.

That's kind of hard when you live on a ship.

His mother was understanding, and she stopped making instruments so that she could keep him company. She taught him how to play the lute, and quickly he was using his artificial lute leg for song more than for walking (as his room was quite small, and only required for steps to get from one end to the other). That's when he got his cutie mark, a lute. He developed a very strong relationship with his lute, and a new found reliance on his mother, as his role models were mostly his siblings when he was a kid.

His father noticed his sons unhappiness on the ship, and, after discussing it with Sea Salts mother, decided it would be best that they leave him with his Aunt in Appleoosa. At this time, he was fifteen(or the pony equivalent), and only had a few more years till adulthood.

Upon hearing this news, Sea Salt was both relieved, and devastated. At long last he could finally leave the trauma of the sea behind him, but he couldn't imagine a life without his siblings and parents. He told this to his mother, and she made the decision to also live in Appleoosa with him, and quit her pirating ways.  

He happily lived with his mother and Aunt, until he reached Adulthood. He wanted to see the world. And, that's exactly what he did. After saying goodbye to his mom, he packed everything he needed in a small sack, and leaved Appleoosa to explore the rest of Equestria.

Example RP segment: (Refer to post below)

Sea Salt had been trudging in the mud for hours, with no sign of a town or even an oddly placed Bed-and-Breakfast. Then, as he looked to the right, he spotted a glimmering light. He ran toward it, constantly slipping and tripping because of his lute for a leg, getting mud all over him, to finally find a tavern. Relieved, he scrambled into the old wooden doorway, falling facefirst on the floor. The lighthearted music that was playing in the Tavern suddenly stopped and all eyes were on him. He scrambled up, and sheepishly smiled.

"Sorry for," he looks back at the muddy hoofprint trail, "overenthusiastic entry," he said, awkwardly chuckling.

The ponies in the Tavern shrugged, and got back to their drinking. He went to the bar, and ordered the least achoholic-sounding beverage they bothered to place on the menu.

"Not one for drinking?" Asked the bartender.

"No, not really, actually,"

"Well thenwhy did you come to a tavern!?" He said, cracking up at his pathetic try for a joke.

"Well, there wasn't many other options, you see, I just came fro-" he stopped mid sentence as the bartender gave him his drink, and went on to another customer at the bar.

He noticed that the bar tender but a cute little pink umbrella in his drink. "Oh great," he said with a sigh, "It's going to be a long night,"

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PostSubject: Re: Sea Salt   Sea Salt I_icon_minitimeSat Jul 20, 2013 2:40 am


Sea Salt Y6z6Bk9

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Sea Salt
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