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 "Split" Percy Diamond

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PostSubject: "Split" Percy Diamond   Sat Jul 20, 2013 1:10 am

"Split" Percy Diamond

(Picture Credits go to Moonscales)
Gender: Stallion
Species: Batpony
Mane: Short in length, spiky with short bangs, black, and a goatee for facial hair
Tail: Short, black, and some short spikes
Eyes: Blue
Body: Gray, with a few extra pounds than the usual pony.
Cutie Mark: A History Textbook
Age (Baby,adult): Adult (24)
Personality: Percy Diamond doesn't have just one personality, but four. His main one is a very kind and polite History teacher. Very intellectual and helpful. His second personality is one of a rude Hipster, usually criticizing everything. Third is a little hyperactive filly. Basically acting like your usual curious filly. His fourth and final personality is a paranoid stallion. In this state, he is very wary of everything and everypony. Both scared and distrusting.
Likes: History, facial hair, scarfs, foals, Classic Rock, and apples
Dislikes: Rambunctious foals, "New Age Culture," bullies, distrust, and (in his 4th mind state) the outdoors.
History: "Split" Percy Diamond was born in Manehattan, in the lower class area of the city. His parents didn't make much money to buy luxurious items. Percy and his family were living for the city, generally. He didn't have many toys, due to low funds, and very little friends, due to his strange appearance and origins. So he used his imagination most of the time to have fun.

When Percy was a little colt, he knew one filly who was very kind to him. He had no idea why she would be, but he appreciated it. But for the life of him he could vaguely remember her name or face. When he was going to school, his favorite subject was History. His teacher was very nice as well. He always excelled in Equestrian History, from when he was a colt to now.

When he was a teenager, he made a few more friends. One was a stallion who disliked most modern day customs, fashions, lingos, and music. Over time, Percy took after him and they decided they both disliked modern culture. His neighbor was a very peculiar mare who always kept to herself. She generally stayed in her house and disliked most ponies. Saying ponykind can't be trusted. That they'll always turn their back on you. But she saw something in the colt that made her think he was a good pony. They hung out a lot as well, gaining her trust. Something not many ponies could do.

During his Sophomore year of school, tragedy struck poor little Percy Diamond. While he was out with his hipster friend, he came home to find his home alight. He tried to run in to look for his parents, but the firefighters stopped him and said they were gone. Percy broke down at their death. He looked for his only friends, but he couldn't find them when he needed to rely on them most. Maybe they died as well? Maybe they moved? Maybe vacations? Maybe he just looked in the wrong places? He didn't know. To cope with the pain, he made up ponies like them in his head. Unfortunately, they stuck inside his brain and never left, giving him multiple personalities.

While Percy was still being schooled, he was picked on a lot when his personalities switched or came out. He was given the nickname "Split Percy Natalie." Like Split Personality. Anyway, he toughed through school, being teased for his mental condition. When he was old enough to get a job, he decided to do what he loved most when he was a foal. Teach History. So he moved to Ponyville, since they had better schooling there than at Manehattan. Most places wouldn't hire him due to his condition. But he was often hired as a substitute teacher on his "good days."

Example RP segment: #1

Percy Diamond hopped through the streets of Ponyville, as happy as can be, feeling like a happy little filly. When he passed ponies on the way, he greeted them in a high pitched voice. some were scared. Others were shocked. But not a single one expected a grown stallion to talk or act like that.

While passing by houses and stores, Percy's ears picked up a very unpleasant sound. He trotted over to where he heard it and saw a filly sobbing. He thought he could help her. At the momemnt, they had something in common: A similar mindset.

"Hi friend! What's wrong with you?"

The filly giggled a bit at the strange stallion's high pitched voice, that cracked on occasion. "I lost my mommy, mister. Can you help?"

Percy giggled himself and got down to eye level with the filly. "You're silly. I'm not a Mister. I'm a little filly. Just like you!" Percy picked up the filly and put her on her back, and flew around, looking for this poor foal's mom. The little ride he gave the filly was fun, but she was still a little scared of him. Her mom always said never to trust strangers. If only she weren't so high up she'd run away.

Percy used his special Batpony sonar hearing to find a mare worried about their foal. Sooner or later, he found a mare who looked fairly similar to the filly he was carrying. He swooped down and dropped the filly off. The filly hopped off his back and ran into her mom's arms.

"You're welcome miss!" Percy said in his high pitched voice. Then he trotted away instead of staying with the two. He had a feeling that neither of them would enjoy his company, even though he was a sweet little filly

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PostSubject: Re: "Split" Percy Diamond   Sat Jul 20, 2013 2:18 am


It's not just about the cards. It's about putting a little bit of your heart into something that you care about.
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"Split" Percy Diamond
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