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 Poetry Area

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PostSubject: Poetry Area   Fri Jul 12, 2013 12:31 am

I got bored and decided to make an acrostic poem...I have no clue what possessed me to want to make a thread for it it is. If you want to post some of your own poetry here, go ahead! The more the merrier!


Perhaps I should work on this trait

As it seems


I am having issues waiting for

Every poster that I role play with to make

New posts.

Could you...and

Everyone else assist me with this problem?
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PostSubject: Re: Poetry Area   Fri Jul 12, 2013 1:26 am

Ooooh! That's a nice one! Hmmm... but add one of my own....? Let me try...

Adopted, such a strange word to bare
At times it's a secret, at times it must share
For when it's a secret it can bring loss
Whirling one's reality with one adroit toss
To know you are a fruit not to be
Stemmed onto the wrong family tree
But sometimes it's not like that

...Sometimes, it's love...

Orphan, such a sloven word to save
Sometimes a scoundrel, a rogue, a knave
Stealing and hurting and kissing the pain
Born into the wrong empty lane
Forcing the guilt to any within tone
Not learning to cry, with no folks of your own
But sometimes it's not like that

...Sometimes, it's a lesson...

Alone, such a loathsome word to regret
Memories of pushing away and lost bets
And some like to taunt just so they can see
You sob because of their own cruelty
So meager, a child, no one for tears to be shed
No one to smile with, no shoulder to rest your head

...But sometimes, it's not like that...

...Sometimes, there's friends...

(Dedicated to all those orphaned lonely ponies out there, and the orphaned ones who are now adopted too. It's not like I'm specifying anyone .Kid
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Poetry Area
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