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 Peppermint Cane

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PostSubject: Peppermint Cane   Thu Jul 11, 2013 12:13 am

Peppermint Cane



Striped with white and a soft red/firm pink, it's almost a Mohawk, but with a thin ponytail in the back. Slightly curly at the ends

Tied at the base, it's long, and much like her mane

Vibrant Purple

With a pattern of stripes and swirls all over her body, it's apparent that she is a zebra

Cutie Mark:
Linked peppermint canes that curve around and form a music note, along with two purple leaves in the top right

Around the 16-21 range. Hard to tell. Old enough to drink, but then again, Equestria has different drinking ages...

Pepper, as she likes to called, is eccentric. She tends to try to live life at the fullest, and will party all night to achieve that. She can be quick with her tongue and sometimes spit out some nasty barbs, but it can help her in a fix if she's clever enough. She's wild, drinking and sometimes smoking, dancing and DJing, but she also has a soft side. She is pretty intelligent, though her looks don't show it, and enjoys healing people. Even though she has a rough, almost tomboyish punk exterior, she will try to help other ponies, unless it causes major trouble for her. Than she'll ignore it. She has a chip off her shoulder, as well as a short temper, and always ready for a good drunk brawl. Though sometimes her humor can be rude and she can be rather loud, once you gain her trust, she'll always be loyal. Unless you betray her. Then watch your back.

Mares, DJing, drinking, brawling, kissing, dancing, rapping, healing, getting further in her research of being a nurse and prosthetic, and the smile on a foal's face

Drama, goody-two-hooves, stallions, cheap liquor, her mother, annoying peppy ponies, losers, whiners, cheaters, and traitors

Pepper has a mixed up past. She was born in Equestria, being raised by her father, Candy Cane, and her mother, Sugar Cane. Her mom always seemed to be addicted to something, even after she went to rehab, and ignored Pepper most her life. Which was okay with her. Her dad was all she needed. So, I guess you could call her a daddy's girl, but don't you dare say it to her face, or you may not have much of a face left. She isn't that violent, but she definitely has a fighting itch that needs to be scratched once in awhile. At the age of 13, her mom was sent to long term rehab, and at 14, her father moved back to his home country, the land of zebras. Which was fine. She got a bit lonely, but her father struck gold back home, literally, so she was set with the money he sent her. She rode on that for awhile, but then she realized she needed a real job.

So, once night, out at her first club, she found a DJ turn-table. It had been abandoned, and it seemed the crowd was waiting for somepony to spin it. Long story short, she did. And it was rather awesome, with her wild tunes and on-the-spot rapping(since she is a rhyming zebra, after all). Though it turns out the real DJ that night was just having a bathroom break, and he was not particularly happy. Still, they named her, the mysterious zebra with the expensive purple glasses, DJKandi. She was proud over her name, due to it sounding a lot like her father's. She was sure this was her destiny, but there's more to the story.

The next day, while she was going out to buy her own turn-table, she found a colt lying on the road, about the same age as her. His leg was bloody, and it looked like a carriage had made a hit-and-run. So she dragged him to the hospitable nearby with the help of a few other ponies. As they got him into the emergency room, she went with him. They patched up his leg, and she stood guard all night. In the morning, he awoke, and they spoke. They talked about a lot of things, and soon became close while he healed. She helped the nurses, having a knack with patients. But then everything got worse. His leg got infected, and they removed it. The night before the surgery, they cried together soundly. After the surgery, she wasn't allowed in his room anymore, and in a few days, he was gone. Not dead of course, but healed, and went home. She never saw him again. He was her first love, and her only love she has ever had of the male gender presently. She's technically bi, but more into her own gender at the moment.

By day, she now volunteers as a nurse, mainly in the prosthetic section, where patients and doctors call her 'Miss Cane', and the foals call her 'Peppy'. By night, she is a DJ rapper, DJKandi, partying and being the wild zebra she is. So that's her back-story. Though she may seem spicy and dangerous on the outside as being Pepper, in the inside, you can bet you can find at least a small sweetness of Mint.

Example RP segment: 4. Your OC is framed by a robber who plants his weapon on him/her. A Guardpony threatens to take your OC into custody. Given your OC’s personality, compose a brief narrative in which your OC identifies and addresses the situation.

Pepper was on her way to the hospital to volunteer, papers in a bag on her back. She also had some new tunes nestled in along with them. Nothing like being prepared, right? In fact, she was having a rather good day. The sun was bright, the day and night were young, and she had just hit a break-through in her research.

That was before a pony, wearing a gray mask, ran right into her. She tumbled to the ground, catching her fall with her front hooves. "Hey, dude, what gives?!" She shouted, her temper already on fire. But the pony didn't answer, instead ripping open her bag and placing an item inside before running off. Before she could question what was happening, she was pulled firmly to her feet by a strong hoof. It was a guard, and he did not look happy. His brow was furrowed, and steam seemed to be pouring from his nostrils. He opened her bag, which was still on her back, and looked at the contents inside, without a word. There were her documents, her music-player, a water-bottle, her lunch, some lock-picks, a dagger, and... wait, what? The stallion smirked.

"We've got you know, thief! You think you could mingle into the crowd, did you? You're coming with me, missy!" Pepper tried to take it all, analyzing the situation. She thinks quickly.

"¿Qué? Yo no hablo Inglés!"

"Don't give me that bull! You know very well what you did! Besides, zebras don't even speak Spanish!" He shouts.

She tried to remember all the phrases she was forced to learn in school. "¿Qué? ¿Qué he hecho! ¡Lo siento!" She feigned a frightened look, pleading with the guard. He hesitated for only a second. "Look here! Proof!" He says, grabbing the pack off her back and showing her the tools. She faked a scream. "Oh no! Estoy desnudo! Tengo que ser cubierto! No, por qué! Por favor, ayuda!" She scrambled, trying to cover herself as if it was taboo for her back to be showing. She grabbed hold of a nearby sheet that was drying on a string. The zebra fell to the ground, quietly sobbing. "Por favor, no más. Lo siento. No más!"

Now everypony was staring, probably thinking he was abusing his power and harassing her. After a second, knowing he was making a scene, he grabbed up evidence from her pack, grunted, and walked away. Pepper's grin was hidden by the sheet.

And her classmates said they would never use Spanish in real life.

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PostSubject: Re: Peppermint Cane   Thu Jul 18, 2013 7:46 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Peppermint Cane   Thu Jul 18, 2013 8:07 pm

Thanks, Mc! Now she can go and RULE THE WO- I mean make music and work as a nurse. Heh.
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Peppermint Cane
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