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My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic OC RP

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 Paint Splash

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PostSubject: Paint Splash   Tue Jul 09, 2013 2:56 am

Paint Splash

Mane: Blue with light blue accents
Tail: Blue with light blue accents
Body:Blue with light blue splotches
Cutie Mark: Paintbrush
Age (Baby,adult): Young adult
Personality: Caring, Helpful (when possible), and Sympathetic
Likes:Making good paintings, Italian foods, Garlic, Music (Ex: Rock, Classical, and Techno), and other artists work, and the moon
Dislikes: His own work, Strawberries, Fish, and overly strong scents (Ex: Blue cheese, Decaying Plants, Manure.)
History: From a young age Paint Splash loved to create pictures with hoof paints and such, but once he found how easy it was for him to use a paint brush, he never looked back. Not long after he got out of school did the ponies of Manehattan start paying him to paint pictures of them, but as luck would have it he lost inspiration and thus, his ability to create what he holds most dear, Art. After his inability to paint anymore, he soon lost his income and his home. he now roams the streets of Manehattan looking for something to inspire him.... or for a kind pony to give him even just a loaf of plain bread to eat.

Example RP segment: Paint Splash walked up to the Foal Wondering what it could be sobbing about, it more than likely had never gone hungry for two days, nor had it likely to have lost it's special talent.

"Excuse me, is there something wrong little one?" He asked in the gentlest voice he could produce the look of pure concern on his face.

"I can't find my mother!" The foal wailed between sobs.

"Come with me, little one," Splash extended a hoof to the foal, "I'll help you find your mother." The foal took his hoof wiping tears from it's face.

"Whats your name?" The foal asked, sniffling.

"I'm Paint Splash." He simply put, suddenly, his legs collapse as he feels the weight of two fully grown ponies fall on his back.

"Got you Foal-napper!" The gruff voice of what obviously had to be a guard sounded in Splashes ears.

"I-I'm no Foal-napper!" Splash croaked with the entire wight on him

"Yes you are!" a Mare's stern voice said, every pony in the area looking at this seen the foal has obviously ran to its mother

"He was helping me find you!" The foals voice could be heard but was farther than expected. Paint felt the weight come off of him, standing slowly catching his breath. He looked just in time to see the foal and its mother walking off, the guard only eying him before giving a huff and walking off obviously disappointed.

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PostSubject: Re: Paint Splash   Tue Jul 09, 2013 3:32 pm

Welcome to the forum!

Your app has been APPROVED!

You may start roleplaying at your earliest convenience. Please feel free to join us in the chatbox at the bottom of the main page.

It's not just about the cards. It's about putting a little bit of your heart into something that you care about.
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Paint Splash
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