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My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic OC RP

Welcome to Equestria everypony! Come and Roleplay with your MLP OC in Ponyville and many other places!
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 Season One

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PostSubject: Season One   Wed Nov 16, 2011 5:50 pm

1.Friendship Is Magic - Part 1 (Mare in the Moon)
Twilight Sparkle, a student of Equestia's ruler, Princess Celestia, is tasked with supervising a special event in Ponyville and to make some friends in the process. There, she meets fellow ponies Pinkie Pie, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, and Fluttershy. However, she is too focused on trying to prevent an ancient prophecy involving an evil pony who was sealed within the moon 1000 years ago, and would return during the "longest day of the thousandth year".
Youtube Link:Friendship is Magic-Part 1

2.Friendship Is Magic - Part 2 (Elements of Harmony)
The evil Nightmare Moon is freed from her imprisonment, vowing to shroud the world in eternal night, and Princess Celestia has gone missing. Twilight and the other ponies must find six magic stones called the Elements of Harmony, hidden in the mysterious Everfree Forest. Through every obstacle they face leading to the artifacts, Twilight discovers a secret that can unlock the Elements' power and relight the world.
Youtube Link:Friendship Is Magic-Part 2

3.The Ticket Master
Twilight receives two tickets from Princess Celestia to the Grand Galloping Gala, which leads to an argument among her friends who all want to go, each with their own personal reasons. As if things could not get any more complicated for Twilight to make a choice, she notices them doing her favors to get on her good graces. To make matters even worse, she never gets a chance to eat lunch.
Friendship Report:Twilight learned that sharing one's blessings can affect friendship when there isn't enough to go around, and decides to return both tickets, saying that she'd rather not go at all than leave out any of her friends. Princess Celestia then sends her enough tickets to take the entire group, including Spike.
Youtube Link:The Ticket Master

4.Applebuck Season
With her big brother hurt, Applejack volunteers to harvest the apple crop in her family's orchard all by herself. However, she is too prideful and stubborn to accept any help from the other ponies. She gradually works herself to the point of exhaustion, causing problems when she promises to help the others around town.
Friendship Report:Applejack learned that it is just as okay to accept help as it is to give help.
Youtube Link:Applebuck Season

5.Griffon the Brush-Off
Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash bond by playing pranks on the other ponies, but when Rainbow's old friend, Gilda the Griffon, shows up for a visit, Pinkie Pie becomes a third wheel. However, she soon notices Gilda displaying a mean streak towards other ponies. A Pinkie Pie-styled party may reveal who exactly is Rainbow Dash's true friend.
Friendship Report:Twilight and Rainbow Dash learned about the difference between a false friend and one that is true, that there are behaviors that can reveal who one's true friends are.
Youtube Link:Griffon Brush-Off

6.Boast Busters
A new unicorn called "The Great and Powerful" Trixie arrives in Ponyville, claiming to be the greatest magical pony in Equestria. Spike believes Twilight may be the one unicorn to put the arrogant braggart in her place, but she worries that she will lose the respect of her friends if she shows her true potential. Is Trixie really as "great and powerful" as she constantly claims to be? A monster attack may prove the answer.
Friendship Report:Twilight learned that she should be proud of her magical talent, and learned that it is okay to use her powers, especially when needed, but not to brag and show off without reason.
Youtube Link:Boast Busters

A sleeping dragon's smoke is disrupting the skies of Equestria and Twilight Sparkle is tasked with getting it to leave. All of her friends are set to head to the dragon's lair, with the exception of the fearful Fluttershy, who is not used to the rocky terrain, much less a giant dragon. The timid Pegasus must find the resolve necessary when her friends are in danger.
Friendship Report:Twilight learned to never lose faith in her friends.
Youtube Link:Dragonshy

8.Look Before You Sleep
During a thunderstorm, Twilight invites Applejack and Rarity to her house for a slumber party. However, the latter two have a hard time getting along after a recent argument, until an accident forces them to reconcile their differences so they can clean up the mess.
Friendship Report:Rarity and Applejack both learned that they can embrace each others' differences and discover a way to be friends.
Youtube Link:Look Before You Sleep

9.Bridle Gossip
Twilight encounters the mysterious zebra Zecora, who occasionally visits Ponyville and is rumored to be a witch. When she and her friends display a range of bizarre symptoms the next day, they begin to wonder whether Zecora put a curse on them. Applejack's little sister, Apple Bloom, ventures into the Everfree Forest to find the truth.
Friendship Report:Twilight, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, Fluttershy, and Applejack learned that there can be more to a person than just their looks and they also realized that Zecora was not the scary character they had previously believed.
Youtube Link:Bridle Gossip

10.Swarm of the Century
Princess Celestia is coming to visit, and everyone in Ponyville is making sure everything is perfect for her arrival, especially Twilight. Unfortunately, trouble arises when a swarm of parasprites, adorable insects with ravenous appetites, invades the town. And they are multiplying by the second! Pinkie Pie claims to have a solution to this problem, but no one really knows why she is gathering various musical instruments to do it.
Friendship Report:Twilight learned that the best solutions can come from the most unlikely of sources, and it was a good idea to listen to her friends' opinions and perspective, even if they might not make any sense at the time.
Youtube Link:Swarm Of The Century

11.Winter Wrap Up
Winter comes to an end, and Ponyville prepares for an annual cleanup to make way for spring. Twilight wants to take part as well, and is willing to do so without the use of her magic in the name of tradition. Everything she tries ends in disaster, but an argument among the disorganized teams inspires her to find her own way to help.
Friendship Report:Twilight learned that everyone has hidden talents that they can find with patience and diligence, and that everyone can accomplish anything when they work together and treat each other as friends.
Youtube Link:Winter Wrap Up

12.Call of the Cutie
A pony earns a cutie mark upon discovering his/her hidden talent or purpose in life. Apple Bloom's concern about her missing cutie mark sparks her to find a way to earn it before an upcoming party. She soon discovers, however, that she may not be the only "Blank Flank" in Ponyville after meeting two other young ponies.
Friendship Report:Apple Bloom learned that sometimes, the things she thinks will cause her to lose friends and feel left out can actually be the thing that helps her make her closest friends and realize how special she is.
Youtube Link:Call Of The Cutie

13.Fall Weather Friends
Applejack and Rainbow Dash put their skills and sportsmanship to the test as they face off in an Iron Pony competition to see who is the better athlete. Who will be crowned the winner, and more importantly, how will the loser handle defeat? Later, they take part in a marathon event known as the Running of the Leaves, in which Dash must compete without the use of her wings. Can they both ensure a clean race without the competition getting the better of them?
Friendship Report:Both Applejack and Rainbow Dash learned to be good sports and that friendship can outweigh any competition.
Youtube Link:Fall Weather Friends

14.Suited for Success
Rarity wants to make dresses for her friends for the upcoming Grand Galloping Gala, then gets an idea of setting up a fashion show in Ponyville to display her work. The project becomes a stressing problem when she tries to make each dress specific to its wearer's taste. To add to the pressure, a representative of the fashion world has learned of the show and is coming to visit. Will she meet all of their expectations, or will it end in 'total fashion disaster'?
Friendship Report:Rarity learned that she can't always please all of her friends, and Twilight learned to appreciate a friend's gift and not be overly critical about it.
Youtube Link:Suited For Succsess

15.Feeling Pinkie Keen
Twilight learns that Pinkie Pie has an unusual ability to sense happenings in the immediate future, known around Ponyville as "Pinkie Sense." Not willing to accept that all of the events her friend had predicted are anything but a mere coincidence, Twilight sets out to find the truth behind Pinkie's power and figure out the "doozy" she says is about to happen.
Friendship Report:Twilight learned that just because some things cannot be explained does not mean they are not true, and a good friend like Pinkie Pie can help her choose whether to believe them.
Youtube Link:Feeling Pinkie Keen

16.Sonic Rainboom
Rainbow Dash is preparing herself for an upcoming contest, with a day with the famous Wonderbolts as the grand prize, and is sure that an old move she claimed to have pulled off long ago will guarantee her a win. However, she becomes increasingly nervous that she won't succeed. Rarity, who has gained beautiful wings by Twilight's magic to join in cheering her on, is recommended to enter the same event. Can Dash gather the confidence to win, or will she be overshadowed by her friend's elegance?
Friendship Report: Rarity learned to be there for her friends, while keeping her hooves on the ground (literally and figuratively).
Youtube Link:Sonic Rainboom

17.Stare Master
Fluttershy has great experience with all kinds of animals, but it is an entirely different story when she offers to take care of Apple Bloom, Scootaloo, and Sweetie Belle for the night. Will she be able to keep them out of trouble, and what exactly is "The Stare"?
Friendship Report:Fluttershy learned that you should not take on a task that is to big for you
Youtube Link:Stare Master

18.The Show Stoppers
After entering a talent competition, the Cutie Mark Crusaders believe the eve will help them discover what they are meant to do in life. They hope that winning the contest will help them get their cutie marks, if they can keep from ruining each other's work.
Friendship Report:Apple Bloom, Scootaloo, and Sweetie Belle learned to stick with what they know: their hidden talents. The message is somewhat lost on them, though, as they decide to try their hand at comedy.
Youtube Link:The Show Stoppers

19.A Dog and Pony Show
To create jewel-encrusted clothing at the request of a famous pony, Rarity decides to find a new lode of gems with Spike's assistance. But when a group of creatures called the Diamond Dogs abduct Rarity and force her to find gems for them, Spike and the other ponies head underground to rescue her. In the end, who will be the one that truly needs saving?
Friendship Report:Twilight learned that a seemingly defenseless pony like Rarity can rely on her wits to survive.
Youtube Link:A Dog And Pony Show

20.Green Isn't Your Color
When Rarity gets to meet a famous fashion photographer, she realizes that this is her chance to promote the dresses that she's been designing, but her idea backfires when the pony is more interested in Fluttershy, whom Rarity chose to model her dresses. Can the elegant unicorn maintain her composure without becoming too jealous? Can the meek Pegasus handle the spotlight and the eyes of the adoring public? Meanwhile, Twilight is faced with a dilemma of keeping secrets told to her by Rarity, Fluttershy, and Spike, with the help of Pinkie Pie.
Friendship Report:Twilight learned that good friends can keep each others' secrets, but they shouldn't be afraid to tell their true feelings as well.
Youtube Link:Green Isn't Your Color

21.Over a Barrel
The ponies separate and are caught in a dispute between a western town's settler-ponies and the native buffalo herd. Both sides have claimed the land as their own, and neither side is standing down. Can they find a way to prevent the inevitable clash?
Friendship Report:Twilight learned that with compromise and understanding, sometimes the worst of enemies can become the best of friends.
Youtube Link:Over A Barrel

22.A Bird in the Hoof
During a visit from Princess Celestia, Fluttershy sees the Equestrian royal's seemingly sick bird named Philomena. Without the princess noticing, the pegasus takes the poor creature home and tries to take care of it, only to find that this job is much more difficult than with her other animals. The situation takes a turn for the worse when Twilight gets involved and Celestia and her guards notice the pet missing.
Friendship Report:Fluttershy learned that she must ask first before taking matters into her own hooves.
Youtube Link:A Bird In The Hoof

23.The Cutie Mark Chronicles
Every pony with a cutie mark has a different story to tell about how he or she earned it. Taking a break from pursuing their hidden talents, the Cutie Mark Crusaders decide to ask Rainbow Dash and the others about their marks. They soon discover that one particular story has a surprising connection to the other five.
Friendship Report:Twilight learned that events in the present can give rise to future friendships in unexpected ways.
Youtube Link:The Cutie Mark Chronicles

24.Owl's Well That Ends Well
Spike meets an owl Twilight befriends to help her with their work. He soon begins to feel threatened over the possibility that it will take his spot as the unicorn's trusted assistant. Driven by jealousy, how far will the baby dragon go to make sure it doesn't happen? His friendship with Twilight is at further risk when he hides the fact that he recently destroyed one of her books by accident.
Friendship Report:Spike learned how much jealousy and lying can affect friendship, and that someone can share love and affection with all of his/her friends.
Youtube Link:Owl's Well That Ends Well

25.Party of One
After a successful party celebrating the first birthday of Gummy, her pet alligator, Pinkie Pie invites her friends for an "After Birthday" party the next day. However, they claim to have other errands to run, declining the invitations. She finds out these so-called "errands" are just an excuse to avoid the party. Have they grown tired of the pink pony's frequent celebrations, or is there something bigger involved?
Friendship Report:Pinkie Pie learned to expect the best from her friends and not assume the worst, as good friends can have each other's best interests at heart.
Youtube Link:Party Of One

26.The Best Night Ever
After much anticipation, Canterlot's Grand Galloping Gala has finally begun. As Twilight and her friends take part in the festivities, only one question remains: Is it everything the ponies imagined it to be?
Friendship Report:The ponies learned that being with friends can turn even a disastrous situation into a good one
Youtube Link:The Best Night Ever
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Season One
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