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PostSubject: Misfit   Wed Jul 03, 2013 3:15 pm




An iris-white. If she bathed with shampoo and combed her mane more, it would be straight with a few flip-like curls. But since she doesn't, and keeps her hair a bit messy and ruffled do to disliking the curls, it is mostly just everywhere, though you can still see a reminance of it being straight. Her mane makes it to about her shoulders and it almost crops in the back. Her bangs tend to be long and unkempt.

Also white, also a bit messy. Only the end of her tail has hair, due to catching a disease when she was younger, and because it's comfortable, she has kept it that way.

A light marigold

Her body is just a tiny bit more blue than to be violet, though you could call it lavender on a stretch if you squinted. To describe her, you could say any of these colors. She has a few bruises here and there, and scars on the back of her hooves, but they're hidden by fur. She is an extremely fluffy pony, and she has white hair sprouting from the fetlocks of her hooves. Her tail is mostly bare, she has large, furry ears, fluffy hooves(which are violet), and a touch of white on her chest. She is very small for her age, but her longer, thinner legs help make up for it. Yet she's still very small even with this added in.

Cutie Mark
Blank-Flank, and kinda wants it to stay that way

Filly/Young Teen, being around the 12/14-year-old range

Misfit is a very optimistic filly. Even though she lost her parents, she likes to see the trough as half full rather than half empty. She has a very merciful outlook on life, and she can't even dare to squish a bug without feeling guilt. It's very hard to stir her temper, but she is one to want to protect others. She loves to help others and the only way she can smile is if others are too. Misfit is extremely light-hearted, and you can count on her, though she might fumble things up a bit. She will never take a 'no' when she tries to make new friends, but she can be very sensitive to certain feelings and subjects. She's very intelligent and understanding for her age, thanks to her parents.

Another thing about her is that she can be a little... well, weird. Especially if you get close to her. Then she will show her true goofy out-of-control REAL misfit side. Though she usually seems calm for a filly, when things are out of the serious-subject zones, she'll go wild.
Alchemy: She loves doing it, mixing up new concoctions at any chance, and she's pretty darn good at it too. She knows this is probably what she'll get her cutie-mark in, but is still trying to deny is since she doesn't want to have to worry about finding an actual cornered job just yet.
Friendly-ness: Yes, it is a strength. Being nice and easily loving another can get you past many difficulties in life, mostly lonely ones.
Swiftness: She is fast and flexible, as well as being light due to her petite body-frame. She never steals from an actual shop, but she can pickpocket you before you can turn your head and say "Oh, such a sweet-looking filly!" She doesn't like to do it, but she has to get bits to buy potion materials somehow.
Magic: She's decently powerful on average(Though nothing compared to the grand Twilight Sparkle, who she looks up to) but she has no skill whatsoever, due to never going to any magic-school or the like. She would not make it in to The School for Gifted Unicorns without at least half a decade of furious training, and that's just to get recommended. Because of her uncontrollable magic, it leads to embarrassing episodes of her sneezing out a little burst of smoke and sparks, fire being her natural magic and the only magic she bothers to use other than day to day levitating and the like. So, when she has a cold, I would watch yourself.
Weakness: Literally. She may be quick, but can you see any muscle on those arms? No? Exactly. She has as much of a chance to win a hoof-fight than a robin does to defeat an alligator. She also has a very weak immune-system and gets sick easily.
Trustworthy: She will trust anypony, even with her life. Though it has its advantages, it's even worse when it backfires. Or she won't trust anypony at all. It matters on the mood and circumstances. And how close it is to her parent's anniversary of their death.
Reading: She can't. Since she had been in a private school, she didn't have much pressure, and what she HAD learned was being locked away in her mind due to trauma from her parent's accident.
Water/Fire: She doesn't know how to swim, and though she tried to use fire magic, she is always devastatingly afraid because of past experiences. When she actually uses fire spell, she tends to catch a little... pyromania.

Alchemy, potions, herbs, berries, dragons, warms places, friends, family, love, laughter, smiles, fresh bread, the dark, the light, dangerous creatures, alicorns, and free bits

Bullies, fighting, hate, wasters, being alone, death, poisons, failures, pure dark, and a bipolar phobia of water/fire

'Misfit', of course, isn't her real first name. But since she doesn't like giving her first name to strangers and they insisted on not calling her Snapdragon, Misfit somehow got stuck. She doesn't really mind it either. To be practical, it makes sense, though she would never say that herself since she thinks is sounds to dramatic. When she was younger, in school, while others shuddered talking about changelings, she found them dangerous, but interesting and amazing. In fact, she was almost jealous. When her classmates spoke about dragons, she utterly loved them. Sleek and scaly, strong wings soaring into the blue sky. Just awesome. When the lesson was about different ponies races, she sighed for the Alicorns and wished for wings, which no pony should really do. She knew it could never happen, but to fly, just once, or meet a real drake, just once, would be a dream come true. Others dismissed her wanting to fly when she was younger as just a blood mix-up, due to her having Unicorn and Pegasus parents. She has her (late)father Dr. Mandrake(unicorn), and her (late)mother Ginger Snap(pegasus). She also has a godfather somewhere in Manehattan and an aunt somewhere in Canterlot.

The reason she is so fluffy is that her father was one of those hairy, tall kind of stallions, and it got passed down to her. Both of her mother and her father inspired her to be who she is today, with both her love of alchemy and her warm-hearted personality. She loved her parents, but at the age of 8 her mother got sick, which happened often, but this time it was worse than ever. While her father cared for her, a fire went up in the house while she was at school... and I presume you can guess the rest of the story. So she's an orphan, living her way alone in Manehattan, toughing it through and selling potions when she can. Her aunt once said that the filly could stay with her, but out of anything, Misfit hates to be a burden, nor had she ever been to Canterlot where her aunt stayed. She covers her horn with her old hat when she goes out not just because she's sensitive to the cold and needs to bundle up, but to hide her horn. In Manehattan, no one likes slums, especially unicorn ones, since a lot of nobles either find it humorous or dishonorable. So, it's easier to just slap some fabric over it. Other than that, she carries around two scarves, a thinner red one, and a thicker burgundy-purple one. In the winter and other cold days, she bundles up and puts on her old black hoodie. Most of the times you can see her with a small pack around her waste, which holds a few herbs and a portable cauldron. Whenever she sleeps, you can bet she's holding good ol' Lamby in her hooves, her sheep stuffed-animal. Because of the fur on her fetlocks, her fluffiness, and her tail, she tends to pretend she is like the olden unicorns, the first of them. Along with everything else she keeps, she also has a book on the early unicorns, complete with a scuffed-up illustration on the cover, which her father would read a segment of to her every-other night when she had turned 7.

She doesn't want to dramatize her life, so she tried to not talk about and just look to the future instead. She's not the next special-snowflake, and she accepts is, and that's why she just tries to live her life in the present and not dream on things that can't happen. That's her story so far. So, come! She wants some friends!

Example RP segment 5. A colt is bullying a filly in the Manehattan street. When your OC looks to him, he turns to your OC and snaps, "What're you looking at?" Given your OC’s personality, compose a brief narrative in which your OC identifies and addresses the situation.

Misfit had only looked to see what they two foals were doing to see if she could play with them, but what was really happening was much worse. The young filly had salty tears streaming down her cheeks, along with a rather unbecoming snot-bubble forming. It looked as if he had hit her at least once, knowing because of the small premature bruise on one of the fillies shoulders. Misfit hated fighting, and she disliked digging her muzzle in other pony's businesses, but she couldn't just walk by and let that colt continue with his cruelty.

Then the colt snapped at her, which drained part of her courage, but boosted her sympathy. Trying to put on the best straight face she could muster, she walked closer to the two. "Just l-looking at you and your f-friend here. Why is she crying?" She asked. She was 99% sure she knew why, but she couldn't jump to conclusions, and it also gave something for the colt to respond to. "Friend? Ha! No way would I be friends with a FILLY. What, do I LOOK like a cootie-factory to you?" He smirked, not bothering to actually answer the question. Misfit didn't like this colt. Not one bit. Not only was he a bully, but he was still so immature at his age he would use 'cooties' as an excuse. Still, no need to be biased. He could be a nice boy somewhere inside. Right? Right. "Well, uh, if you're not her friend, do you mind stepping away from her? I... I don't think she r-really likes y-you..." Straight to the point. The bully just laughed. "She defied our laws. She trespassed onto our land. Our gang can't let that go unpunished!" The violet unicorn furrowed her brow. Gangs? Ah, it must be that group of organized pickpockets. Not that she had anything against pickpockets, as long as they stole nothing incredibly valuable. "P-please, I'm sure s-she didn't mean to... C-can you stop? Or-" "Or WHAT. WHAT are you going to do to ME?" The colt interrupted loudly, causing the victim filly to look up and actually listen to the conversation going on. She hadn't really thought on what to say. "Or... or..." Beginning to sweat slightly, she rummaged through the strapped back on her torso, fumbling through the contents. "Or... or..." Almost got it... "Or or or." The colt mimicked. "You sound like a seal! Stop wasting my time and shove off, rag-tail!" Though she didn't like the hit about her tail, she still went diving through her pack before finally coming to what she was trying to find.

"Or... Or I w-won't t-treat you to ice-c-cream!" She said triumphantly.

The colt stopped, just staring at her. "Wait... you mean, if I leave her alone, I get to have ice cream?" Misfit grinned. "Yep! Any fl-flavor, two scoops. But you HAVE to leave her alone, not just today, but always."

The colt waited a second to think it over. Then, his face brightened, not into a smirk, not a smug grin, but a smile, a genuine, nice, smile. She was right. There is a real pony in there, heart and all. He just needed some  dairy persuasion to lead him out. "Deal!" He exclaimed, hoof-shaking Misfit. Before they left, the unicorn went over to the young filly.
"Hey... he's n-not gonna bother you n-no more, okay?" She whispered to her sweetly. The filly's eyes widened.


"Really. N-now come along. Don't you want some ice-c-cream?"

So there they were, three ponies off to the nearest ice cream parlor. One misunderstood colt, one shy filly, and the young frozen-flavored-milk-briber in between. It was going to be a drain on her bits, but it was worth it.

"What's your name, by the way?"


"Misfit? What kind of name is that? It sounds funny!"

"No it doesn't! It's pretty. Besides, that's not your REAL name, right?"

She just smiled.


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PostSubject: Re: Misfit   Wed Jul 03, 2013 3:20 pm

Wow. Tell me: are you on the Proboards site? It seems like you must have been. Anyways, great job for your first. The only thing that might get the mods and admins is the Olden Unicorn. You may want to speak with one to make sure it's okay.

That picture is adorable! She's so cute!!!

There is a little word at the bottom you're missing to get you ... accepted.

Good job! You'll be rping in no time: I can tell.

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PostSubject: Re: Misfit   Wed Jul 03, 2013 3:29 pm

Looks good now Moonscales =D
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PostSubject: Re: Misfit   Wed Jul 03, 2013 6:28 pm

Thank you Weedo and Calla for your advice but please refrain from posting on new applications that haven't gotten a moderator or admin on it yet. We usually assume any application that has posts in it is being handled, and thus gets ignored by staff.

Anyhow, with that out of the way, welcome to the forum!

You have a very interesting character sheet, and I would love to get you accepted soon, but first there are a few concerns.

First concern is the tail. It is a minor issue, but I was wondering how it came about. Is that a feature of the 'olden unicorn'? I know the 'olden unicorn' is downplayed to be a subtype but there can only be so much deviation from the main race. This can slide by though.

Second, you did deviate slightly from the standard application template. This is not really an issue and is fine in this situation, but we try to not encourage it to keep everything on the same par. You don't have to do anything about this, I just wanted to note it.

Third concern of mine was a little more important. You say your OC will probably have an alchemy cutie mark as they are very skilled at it, yet their magic specializes in fire while stating they are 'pretty powerful on average' with magic in general. I don't suspect any foul play, but I'm a bit at a loss as to what they specifically are good at to what extent. Twilight is good at magic because her talent is magic. Examples in the show say that the talent of the unicorn is usually what their magic is good at plus basic applications. I can understand a pony just being a bit better at things even if its not their talent, but could you please fill me in a little more on your OCs magical prowess?

I like your character so far. I also have a unicorn that suffers from traumatizing moments in her past that keeps her from fully connecting to her potential in life. You are just about approvable. Just please fill me in on some of my concerns and we can get you RPing!

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PostSubject: Re: Misfit   Wed Jul 03, 2013 7:49 pm

Love the picture. So cute!
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PostSubject: Re: Misfit   Wed Jul 03, 2013 8:31 pm

Okay, first off, I changed it. No olden unicorn, only pretending. I made a huge post explaining why and then it didn't actually get posted. My Internet is me being a butt. It now explains her tail and why she looks like how she is(her father is one of those big, fluffy, hairy kinda ponies) so I think that's good...

I made sub-subject with the weaknesses/strengths, mostly cause I think it'd be a shame to get rid of and I really like that part of her app, and the rest I think I combined with her history. Tell me if I missed something.

Thirdly, I explained more about her magic. She has pretty good power, but no skill. Her father was a magical chemist/teacher and a lot of his work dealt with using magic so I though I tiny bit should be passed down. Again, she's pretty average, but good at fire magic because she uses it almost every day.

I hope I clarified everything... thanks for the pointers!
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PostSubject: Re: Misfit   Wed Jul 03, 2013 8:49 pm

Thank you for the detailed reply. Approved! I look forward to the chance to run into you in RP and in the forum chat room. You will find the chat room to be a big part of the social backbone here. We would love to see you.

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PostSubject: Re: Misfit   Thu Jul 04, 2013 1:00 am

Hey there Moonscales!

Two things that I really, really want to say.

1. I absolutely LOVE your OC!! I would love to be in a thread with you!

2. Did you draw the picture? Because it. is. amazing.
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PostSubject: Re: Misfit   

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