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 Falling into place.

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PostSubject: Re: Falling into place.   Mon Nov 25, 2013 4:52 am

"He didn't move on from his AME." Came a reflexive reply. One that Shala spent very little time thinking about.

Stop that!

What? It was too good to pass up!

"Miss Design..." she began, being softer with her words than before and forcing a moderately practiced puppy eyed face. "I...have enough unfinished business with him that I want to be here for him. I would mean very little if I left it behind now. I want to help fix him...I...I know I can fix him."

...You're not doing that.

I have to try.

No, you're not doing that. That's stupid and you got stuck with me as a result last time plus one dead mother, still.

But I have to-

Horseapples, you can't. You can't pull it off without me.

And you will still be facing the same consequences.

......Can I at least get one thing my way and punch her?

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PostSubject: Re: Falling into place.   Tue Dec 03, 2013 7:49 am

"And he was a fool, if he didn't. He always treated his toys better than other ponies. It is a flaw all Designs seem to possess. As if some...switch in their brains cause them to treat their toys as ponies and ponies as toys. But you are wrong in any case."

Her horn glowed softly.

"Have you heard of phoenix liquor, Ms Table? It is a drug that sharpens the mind considerably. Makes things clearer than they would otherwise be. My son was on it when he realised the full consequences of what his little project would bring. I do not know all the details, but I do know it they horrified him beyond belief. Enough to try to erase his own memories."

Glitter snorted.

"Even on phoenix liquor, it was a foalish, foalish thing to attempt, trying to erase one's own memories. If I wasn't versed in the particulars of psychomancy, his brain would have been irreparably damaged. He destroyed all his work, of course. And I think Equestria was better for it.

I thought either he had completely erased it from his mind, or at least left some unconscious triggers to prevent him returning to his path of destruction. It appears not, and it seems that you have been drawn into the whole miserable business."

Her horn stopped glowing.

"There are two things to draw from this, Ms Table. One is that you cannot fix him, because not only are some pieces lost forever, he simply does not have a fixed state. Two, it is better for us all that word of the AME does not spread. If it's destructive tendencies are something that would make Intel pause-" she drew a breath, "-then it is something that should be better of untouched."

The maiden, the mother, and the other one.


If Paradise Blossom speaks in red, she is speaking Neighponese.

I do my best now and am preparing. Please wait warmly until it is finished.
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Falling into place.
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