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 A tale of two ponies

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PostSubject: Re: A tale of two ponies   Tue Sep 24, 2013 8:52 pm

It is good to have a witness should any appropriate action need to be taken.

Witness? What was Russet getting himself into? He was probably being kidnapped at this rate. Just the way he looked around so carefully made him think that it was only a matter of time before he found a dumpster to leave his corpse in.

"Uh...My cousin is...she is pretty busy and can't be disturbed. Really. You won't be getting a hold of her."

At least not like this...I hope I don't trigger anything....

Hearing Burning announce herself was partly a relief. At least there was one that had a job in keeping ponies safe.

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PostSubject: Re: A tale of two ponies   Tue Sep 24, 2013 10:39 pm

"If that was the last I saw of that guard, it would be too soon." Snake Eyes slithered up the ladder and onto the roofs, following Talon to the roofs. She was glad to be rid of the nosy guardspony.

"Hey you two, Whats going on?"

Seraph smiled warmly. "Good Evening, My Dear! Russet and I were just going for a stroll to the upper side of Manehattan." He patted the flank of Russet (in what was hopefully seen as a friendly, fraternal gesture)

Problem solved.

"As much as Snake Eyes enjoys the Slums and their criminal elements, I personally do not care for it."
Seraph cursed (respectfully and politely) his choice of words, and hoped that Ms. Heart had not noticed.

"Care to join us?"
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A tale of two ponies
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