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PostSubject: Masquerade   Wed Jun 19, 2013 7:30 am


Gender: Mare
Species: Earth Pony
Mane: Grey and simple, no fancy twists, curls or even waves. It's dead straight with a slightly waved edge, similar to that of a ribbon and covers half her face. There's always one pesky lock that droops like a wilting flower into her eyes, but Masquerade could care less.
Tail: Grey and simple, no fancy twists, curls or even waves. It's dead straight with a slightly waved edge, similar to that of a ribbon.
Eyes: A blue like the sea on a Summer's day.
Body: Just white.
Cutie Mark: A blue masquerade mask with a silver ribbon twirling around it. It represents her skill at making costumes and bringing them to life.
Age (Baby,adult): Adult (approx. 20 in human years)
Personality: Masquerade is the living definition of apathy. She generally has a permanent poker face, and her eyes hold absolutely no emotion in them. She often comes off as rude, snide and just plain expressionless, her blue eyes empty and almost dead since she has so much trouble expressing herself and speaking her mind. No pony has yet to see what she is really like on the inside, and most don't even try since they think there is nothing to search for. Her standards for others are high - if they can't offer her something she likes or approves of, then she finds no need to know them. However, when she dons a costume, her lack of emotion is a benefit to her as the empty space inside her is quick to be filled with the essence, the power and the story of the costume.
Likes: Making costumes, finding a design that is up to caliber, rainy days, cloudy days, peace and quiet, being alone, sleep, dressing up in one of her creations, making the perfect design, seeing a satisfied customer.
Dislikes: Sunny days, loud rambunctious ponies, parties, being unsatisfied with her costumes, pricking her hoof when sewing, snapping a sewing needle in the machine, restless nights and romance.
Masquerade's family was never stable. Ever since she could remember, her home was always filled with the sounds of shouts and fighting coming from her parents. She had no idea why they fought, but they just did. It scared the little filly, and she was always terrified that they would hurt each other or even turn on her. One day, her mother had enough, and she filed for a divorce. Masquerade's happiness was popped like a balloon - irreversible, irreplaceable. Nothing could fix it anymore, no matter how hard she tried.
Her world was slowly crashing down around her, and she became a filly who was always on the move. Her father and her mother moved far, far away from each other, and Masquerade was always the piggy in the middle. She was constantly shipped between the two parents, staying for maybe a month at most with each family member. Because of this constant separation and lack of true connection, Masquerade had no real relationship with either of her parents, no matter how hard they tried to bridge the gap that had grown under their noses. She began to develop a hardened shell so no-one would know, no-one would realise and have to worry about the poor filly who just wanted to have a family.
Her school life was never exactly the best either. Masquerade was bright, but she couldn't keep up with the workload from two schools, and she always missed out on the main parts of the syllabus. She didn't have friends either, the constant moving leaving her with the time to make bonds but also the time that broke them. Each time she came back to the respective schools, her "friends" there could barely remember her name.
One day, a kind-hearted filly in her class took pity on Masquerade, inviting her to a fancy dress party that she was holding for her birthday in the hope that she'd be able to make some more permanent friends. Masquerade politely accepted, beginning to stitch her own costume. It became her little project, and she accepted help from no-one as she worked on it. No-one knew what it was either until the day which she revealed it to them all.
On the day of the party, the fillies and colts of her class were all dressed in simple little gowns and costumes, all store-bought and cheap. Masquerade, however, turned up decked out in full princess gown, everything she had made by hoof. The ponies in her class were dazzled, and charmed by her seemingly brand new personality - one of class, kindness and humour. Just as she was about to leave, waving her posh goodbyes to all her new-found friends, her cutie mark sparkled into existence on her flank, proudly revealing her true talent.
These days, Masquerade runs a store in Canterlot called "Fancy That!" where she makes costumes for all the little fillies and colts, bringing their dreams to life with an expertise like no other.
1. A foal has lost its mother and is sobbing inconsolably in the street . Given your OC’s personality, compose a brief narrative in which your OC identifies and addresses the situation.
Masquerade opened the window of her shop, breathing the fresh night air in and sighing. It was a good practice of hers, allowing some oxygen to enter her work room after a hard day and just before she closed up as well. Her face dead-pan like usual, she scanned the well-lit street for any signs of life at such a late hour. There was the average pony whom was hurrying home from a late night's work or even the drunk partier, staggering down the street loudly as they moved to a different bar, most likely kicked out of the one that they were originally at.
Crinkling her nose in disgust, Masquerade was just reaching out a hoof to close the window when, out of the corner of her eye, she spotted movement. There was a small filly sitting on the street curb, sobbing her eyes out. The mare watched for a little before shrugging and promptly latching her window shut. Not my business.

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