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 OC Paradox

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PostSubject: OC Paradox    Fri Jun 14, 2013 7:13 pm

Gender: Female

Species: Pegasus

Mane: Maintained at a fairly short length, it is cut in an edgy, choppy manner. The main color is a deep sapphire blue, though it is streaked through with snow white locks.

Tail: Kept at a medium length, her tail follows the same color pattern as her mane. It also provides the same "edgy" aura as her mane.

Eyes: Her right eye is a striking and brilliant green, her left is a deep and intelligent dark blue. 

Body: Paradox's body is a bit below average in height, yet holds slim stature. Her build is otherwise firm though feminine. This mare has beautiful wings that are actually larger then that of normal Pegasi, and she would be considered very attractive.

Cutie Mark: No cutie mark, she is a blank flank with a flank as blank as a blank flank can get. 

Age (Baby,adult): She is around 18, but her approximate age is unknown. 

Personality: True to her name, Paradox herself is a....paradox. Her strange persona causes common confusion on those around her, as she is fully aware. She tends to come off as a cold, calculating, intelligent, harsh, eccentric mare with methods even odder then her personality. Make no mistake, she is all of those things, except there is a deeper side to her which very few are able to encounter. On another note, Paradox is incredibly intelligent (as mentioned before) and is prone to expressing her brilliant powers of deduction and wit by being excessively clever, smart-mouthed, and allowing others glimpses of her amazing instantaneous discoveries. This mare is also suffering from a bad case of "mood swings", and will literally be calm and collected one moment, then passionately driven into an outburst of whatever emotion comes to her heart the next. When need be, she has the ability to completely "move" ponies emotionally and logically, as she has the "smooth talking" and "crowd adapting" way of speech which enables her to manipulate (when need be, of course) or start up blazing emotions or intentions of beings. Her capabilities to seep into your mind and explore your most vulnerable personal aspects for the benefit of whatever situation she is focusing on at the moment are that of such power that many do not even realize that she is performing as she is with her brain-games. She is a loner, a rebel WITH a cause, a brilliant mare who will astound you with every surprise she  contains. But, aside from her harsher tendencies, deep down Paradox is actually a kind and compassionate spirit who wishes to do the right thing yet feels as though she is always destined to play the role of the bad guy. Being as quick-witted as quick on her feet, she can get out of nearly any predicament thrown at her. Even so, the one battle she can never escape is that between "good" and "bad".
Also, Paradox's love of science is a great one. She prides herself on being an inventor....even when her creations don't always "work out". Sometimes the only way to find her would be to follow the scorch marks left by her latest machine (that is, if she was careless enough to LET you see the marks, haha)
And one more thing: PD is not totally on her rocker, as you may have guessed. As cleverly as she hides it......she has a tendency to hear and see things that aren't there. In these episodes she becomes even more paranoid and eccentric then usual. Her dark sense of humor doesn't help with that ether.

Likes: Science, nighttime, swimming, flying, training, literature, inventing, being right, winning, fighting, besting an opponent, when her creations work out, being left alone when need be, intelligent discussion, helping others (of course she would never admit that), music (she plays the violin), the rain, heights, ranting,

Dislikes: Ponies that are annoying, NOT being left alone when need be, exposure, large crowds, loosing, failure, being confused, the sunlight (she finds it very obnoxious at times, all that blaring color in her eyes, blagh), being trapped, having others pry into her business, when ponies touch her things without permission, having her experiments fail,

History: She was young at first. Though not to young that her age was cause for the fact that she doesn't remember them in anything except vague flashes of silent memory...her family, that is. Paradox was abandoned as a small filly, left for dead in the streets of Manhattan. Now what would a hopeless little mare who has no memory of where she came from, do? After four days (yes, it really did take that long), somepony finally found a sense of common decency in their heart and took her "in". He was an anxious, middle-aged Earth pony who had lost his home, his family, his life.....all because of a gambling addiction he had not been able to control. And for a few months, their life on the streets was as good as it could be. That is, until the Earth pony found his debt catching up to him.

He owed a lot of ponies a lot of money, and that was enough for the biggest of trouble for this stallion. Unable to pay back any of the terribly high fees, he found himself planted in a chance of opportunity with young Paradox. He was able to use her and her supposedly unsuspecting, innocent demeanor to steal from others in order to pay back the bits. This is how she developed her incredible skills as a smooth talker and her equally incredible speed. But even with her abilities, it didn't take long for more and more ponies to want their money back from the Old stallion and he ended up being killed by one of the more action-packed unicorns who he had borrowed from. Paradox was just barely able to survive the attack, and once again was left alone with nothing more then her knowledge of stealing and pending dread. Life was tough to say in the least. She became the best con-mare you could meet in a matter of months, still being so young. It was around a year after that she found her intense hunger for knowledge to be even greater then her desire for companionship. She spent her money on books, learning absolutely everything she could from whatever she could get her hooves on. The information rapidly filling her head only helped with the services she began selling to others. It wasn't until she was 15 that she got the job that would change her life forever.

She was payed to penetrate the Night Guard and steal a network of recorded data for this particular stallion, an underground crime-lord for the streets. The big kahoona, if you will. Well, this was supposed to be no problem for a mare as skilled as herself, correct? Not correct. Even though she was able to enroll in the force, something had changed. Her first official mission as a part of the guard led to a terrible accident. She received a head injury while helping out another pony. But she was amazed at how the others cared for each other, the bond that was shared throughout the division. For two years she leaked info. Two years of lying and deceit which made her feel as horrible as possible. It was one other incident which altered everything. Paradox know she had to get out of this, though she was unable to back out now, unless she was willing to face the dire consequences. So she did it, despite that, and honorably stayed in the force for another year before dropping out and basically disappearing. Some weeks of traveling finally brought her to Ponyville, where she just arrived in current time.
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PostSubject: Re: OC Paradox    Sat Jun 15, 2013 10:52 am

A very detailed app. Just try not to be too dark while roleplaying ;)

Your character has been approved.

Click links for character information:

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OC Paradox
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