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 Chrome Blade (Version 2.0)

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PostSubject: Chrome Blade (Version 2.0)   Tue Jun 04, 2013 5:42 pm

Chrome Blade
Pony code: 381R1H4400525E571C333303000005148FN183710D010001S100000000514C2W10486FE253EEF8
Gender: Male
Species: Unicorn Pwny
Mane: Drawn back
Tail: Yes
Eyes: Dark Blue
Body: Dark grey
Cutie Mark: A Shotgun crossed with a Blacksmithing hammer (originally), currently just a shotgun
Age (Baby,adult): 20

Theme songs:
Dream Within a Dream-
Never Take Off the Mask-
State Trooper-

Personality: Chrome Blade is a mixture of a few contradicting personality traits, depending on how one looks at it.  Very methodical and intelligent, he likes to plan things out in advance, but can come up with plans very quickly, and his world doesn't end if things don't go according to plan.  He is very serious, but can be seen grinning when doing something dangerous.  He likes to find things out for himself, and just isn't a "sit-there-and-learn-it" type of pony.  He never complains about anything.  He accepts reality for the way it is and tries to mold it to his desires the best he can.  However, this is a challenge since his horn was cut in half.  He doesn't like things that are figurative, but he does, however, believe everyone to have an inner motive.  Although he has a cool, chill, nonchalant exterior, he does have feelings.  He hides them, though, considering them to be an inconvenience.  Even though he can be very diabolical, he is rather trustworthy and loyal, making the ideal soldier/mercenary.
Traits: Methodical, smart, organized, punny, dry, diabolical, trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly (yeah, he doesn't mind company even if he says he doesn't), stoic
Likes: Order, balance, organization, blacksmithing, books about blacksmithing or guns, methodical solutions, bowling, shooting
Dislikes: Being badgered, ponies with evil desires, mistakes, not being able to use magic

History: That's right.  He can't use magic.  Er, he can't use magic well, anyways.  After his family split and moved away from Dodge Junction and settled in the Mild West, Chrome found he had a knack for being a blacksmith.  Unfortunately, he used magic for a lot of it.  The first time he made something in the forge, he thought he would earn his cutie mark for doing such a good job on making a helmet and Colt pistol (I love how I don't need to make a pony pun out of that), but he didn't.  One day, a Shady Vendor asked to have the helmet and pistol.  Chrome gave them to him, not wanting any trouble.  However, the Vendor couldn't shoot it properly, and the helmet broke when the pistol misfired and hit it, since they were actually not made that well.  Shady Vendor gathered up his black market buddies and taught Chrome a lesson.  They cornered him in a Saloon, and Chrome's horn and ear got chipped.  Two scars for life- one for the failed gun, and one for the failed helmet.

Ever since his horn was chipped, he has been worried that, since he thought his special talent was either magic related or blacksmithing, he won't ever be able to get his cutie mark.  "What if I don't have a talent anymore?" or "What if I'm useless?" are the kind of thoughts that plague him when he wakes up in the morning and goes to bed at night.

Chrome had been very good at magic for a colt his age.  Now that his horn is broken, Chrome must learn to live life without something he used everyday.

There are rumors that say his ear and horn weren't chipped off, but BURNT off, which explains why his coat looks so scorched and his hoofs and mane are the colors of ash.

He is comparable to a combination of a cowboy and James Bond.

Theme Songs:

Example RP segment: The tavern

Chrome stood there, in the rain, not showing any effect from the precipitation, next to a tavern he had spotted in the darkness created by the clouds that blocked out the celestial light above.  He winced slightly at the bright light from the lightning, and started counting the seconds.
1..2..3..4..5. craaaack! He did this with the next two to find that it was always 5 seconds before the thunder sounded.  At the next strike, he waited 3 seconds and walked up to the tavern door.

Chrome Blade opened the door and walked inside the tavern to get out of the dihydrogen monoxide falling outside.  He didn't take the time to close the door.  He knew it would close on its own, being spring-loaded.  Just as he had timed with a lightning strike he saw earlier, the thunder boomed as he entered.  He took a second to look at the ponies in the tavern, and glared at the ones near the door that were giving him a shocked look at how he entered, or at how his horn is broken, or at how his ear was chipped, or his grey eyes, or....  Chrome rolled his eyes and made his way to the counter to order a drink.

"I'd like a black martini. Shaken, not stirred."


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PostSubject: Re: Chrome Blade (Version 2.0)   Tue Jun 04, 2013 7:37 pm

Approved. DEPLOY! (Boom)
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PostSubject: Re: Chrome Blade (Version 2.0)   Tue Jun 04, 2013 7:39 pm

OH, i didn't see that before!
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PostSubject: Re: Chrome Blade (Version 2.0)   

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Chrome Blade (Version 2.0)
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