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 A Long Forgoten Book

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PostSubject: A Long Forgoten Book   Tue May 28, 2013 2:11 am

Long long ago a tale was sewn between the pages of a book. Today this book has been uncovered.
Woven between these pages lies the journey of a hero. The young stalion who with the help of his friends would fight to deside the fate of Equestria. This tale takes place long ago in a time before time. This tragic journey would mark the begining and end of a battle for time and space. Wether or not it's true you can deside for yourself.

Characters: (talk to me to be added)

Username: Character~Team evil/hero
AdorableFluttershy123: Anton~hero team
shinigami3: Doctor Sparkle Candy~evil team
piefan: Ranmione~hero team

Chapter 1: (from here on out people who contact me will help take over the story.)
Anton was a farmer, nothing more than a lowly earth pony. He was a grey pony with a messy blond mane. As he troted into Talborn village to celebrate the seasons turning. It was finaly spring, Anton's favorite time of year. As he passed merchent's stands one called out to him by name. Curious how this man knew him by name Anton cautiously trots over. "Yer' just the stalion I waz' lookin fer'..." the dirty man spat " I gots yous' a present child." He stated reaching in his poket.

"You must have the wrong pony." Anton stated polietly "I don't even know you."

"No!" He rasped "But I knows yous'" He replies handing Anton a Map befor walking off rather fast shouting "Keep teh map. Yous will need it."

Rather confused Anton tosses the map to the curb and continues celebrating the festival.
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A Long Forgoten Book
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