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 Magnus' Aid (Open to all)

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Gabrial Heart-Sheild


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PostSubject: Magnus' Aid (Open to all)   Sat May 25, 2013 9:06 pm

“The Spell Failed… Your spell failed…” Was all Magnus could say, his body was in extreme amounts of pain, and the only healing slave he had was feet away from him, but his hooves were so severely burnt he couldn’t move, called out, his voice strained against the burns, weather it was fire, frost, or shock, Magnus didn’t remember, “H-Help…. Please… “Magnus’ voice failed him, he was in too much pain, and his eyes blurred as he started to loose consciousness, the spell he had attempted destroyed a few trees, making a loud boom, as if a sonic rainboom had gone off.
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Vinyl Dash


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PostSubject: Re: Magnus' Aid (Open to all)   Sat May 25, 2013 10:55 pm

((Healing slave?))

~~~OC: Onyx~~~

Onyx kept looking throughout the plant life around him, still not finding any trace of the object for which he was searching. He had been there for at least a whole hour now, and on repeated occasions had doubted his previous trajectory calculations and predictions. He was never wrong when using previously identified information though, and so he had quickly dismissed the notion whenever it had creeped into his mind.

Suddenly, a large explosion rang throughout the air without any prior warning, and the Unicorn stopped midstep. The loud noise quickly dissipated, and Onyx watched the birds above as they flew away from the disturbance in peace, squawking repeatedly. It appears to have come from that direction, and it sounds as though the noise had originated only a half-kilometre away. Could it be another one? After a second of thought, the stallion changed his course and began to head towards the origin of the previously heard noise.

After a few more minutes of walking, Onyx began to see the effects of whatever event had caused the explosion he had heard. The tips of the grass on the forest floor were blackened from heat, and many trees had dark marks across them. Still walking forward, the Unicorn could quickly see the visible effects of the event increase in magnitude: the trees around him soon were seen to be torn in half, some uprooted from the ground. Splotches of bare dirt remained where only weaker plants had grown, the various forms of life in the forest quickly fading away and decreasing in number.

In only a small amount of time, Onyx had reached the epicenter of the explosion, where he could see a small depression formed into the ground, likely caused by the event. Near the center of it, the stallion could see another Unicorn pony, laying on the ground and wearing a large amount of scars and burns, likely fatally injured. He seemed to be saying something, but Onyx could not make out any of the sounds that were coming out of his mouth. He walked towards the Unicorn at an average pace, speaking once he had neared the figure.

"Now what in the world could you have done to cause this?"
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Magnus' Aid (Open to all)
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