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My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic OC RP

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PostSubject: No More!   No More! I_icon_minitimeFri May 24, 2013 10:07 pm

Rez and vinyl have been laying ontop a hill looking through their rifle scopes at the enemy base.
"Hey i just saw a pony use a stick to pick his nose" Rez said to vinyl trying to keep his laughing quiet. "LOL. i hope he pokes his brain and passes out so we dont have to take care of him" Vinyl said back laughing quietly. Friend walks up. "So how is it?" He asked looking at the base. "Well we have two guards with search lights on each gate side tower and at least 14 ponys patroling the outside." Vinyl said in response. "Ok. How is it on the inside Iris?" Friend asked.
Well from what i can see from up here in my jet is a few groups sitting around fires talking drinking and eating. i am very lucky to get the silent engine." Iris said in response.

"Hmmm ok." Friend said calling the others up. "Alright ponys me, Kore, Lightning, Meteor, 1nc, and Brawny will sneak in and get what we can on their defences and then we will give you the siganl toi advance. Got it?" Friend asked automaticaly geting a yes or yes sir.
The team he chose left and went toward the base. they stopped next to a smal hill to let the search light go by and moved forward after.

"Ok we are at the gate." Friend said over the radio. "Alright we see you." Vinyl said back. "Allright ill take the right and you take the left vinyl. Hit them to where they wont fall off the tower or else the enemies will know we are here." Rez said to vinyl. "Got it." Said vinyl.

In 4 seconds they took out the guards and gave the all clear over the radio. the team flew and teleported to the top of the wall "Thanks meteor for teleporting me." Lightning said. "No probs." Meteor said back. The team moved on and got to a tower that was attached by a catwalk to the main building. "Ok 1nc, Brawny i want you to stay at the bottom here and watch the door from the inside and Lightning and Meteor i want you two to rig the catwalk and get to the roof of the tower. Me and kore will go take the main building and get the data." Friend said. They responded with a nod and went their ways.

Friend and Kore entered the main building took out the computer workers and slowly moved up. "Ok im going to start the upload watch mu back." Kore said. "Got it." Friend said back. Friend looked around with his rifle pointing where ever he looked and saw a pony come in with a cup of coffee. The pony looked at them then at the alarm. "Um how far are you Kore?" Friend whispered. "Ive got it why?" Kore asked. the pony looked at the alarm again. "Dont do it!" Friend said to the pony. The pony knew he couldnt run for the switch so he through the cup at it. "NO!" Friend said as he shot him. The cup hits the button setting off the alarm. "Great just our luck the pony has a great throwing hoove. Well we have to stay here and guard this building." Friend said.

Back at the hill they got the data and heard the alarms go off. "OK EVERYPONY THATS OUR CUE LETS MOVE!" Rez said yelling to the others as he got on the tank and vinyl joined him. "Alright Mini get this thing rolling." Vinyl said yelling into the tank. The whole battalion started moving."Um i think we have an issue. they have baracaded the gate and the titanium is too thick for the shells to penetrate." He yelled up to them. "Shoot what now." Amber looked around to see the hill from earlier and noticed it was sloped like a ramp. "This should be fun." she said as she reved her motorcycle and started gaining speed to jump it. "What are you doing ambs?" Vinyl yelled into the radio. "Giving us a way in." She responded. She hits the ramp and flys over the wall and lands on the other side. She drives toward the gate release button taking fire on the way not minding it. As she drives by she hits the button opening the gate. The rset of the other moved in.
"Umm the alarm wasnt part of the plan" Meteor said to Lightning. "Well things happen" Lightning replied. Meteor looks at the cat walk and sees a lot of ponys on it. "Why dont you blow it?"" He asked. "Because im waitng for the tanks over there to get under to take them out." Lightning said as he pointed at the tanks. "Nice thinking lightning." As the tanks rooled under he blew the catwalk taking them otu and the ponys around. "Alright they now know where we are" "Good they can give us company." Meteor said smiling.

The tank rolled through the front gate. "Any anti-tank weapons iris?" Mini asked over the radio. "Umm yeah i would stay where you are." Iris said back. Iris started to hear a beeping noise and relized jets were on her. "Damn" She said and started going faster and try to lose them "Ok there is no longer an eye in the sky. i seem to have found some dance partners."

"Um we have to go further into the tower we are getting overwhelmed." 1nc said over the radio moving back through a door.

Gabe as he was passing through the gate saw a bunker door. "Hey butterfly wanna see whats down there." "Sure." she replied. They walked down to see at the other end was Brawny and 1nc. 1nc waved to the to stop. 1nc looked down a corner to see about 25 ponys armed 1nc mouthed "Dont move" to gabe and butters.

"Damn it. We are getting overwhelmed here we could use some help here!" Friend yelled into the radio while reloading. they were surrounded by at least 63 ponys coming in from three doorways.

"We would but we are taking fire down here as well." Rez said as a bullet whizzed by. "RPG!" vinyl yelled as it flew by barely missing them. "Get this tank behind a building or somehting Mini!" "I'm trying Mini yelled back Driving the tank and moving it.

"Hey Lightning look." Meteor said point ing at an enemy on the roof of the main buiding. "Hmm teleport us over there you can take him out and thats a perfect spot for my missile turrent." He said back. "I'll try" Meteor said grabbing him and telporting them ont the main building barely making it. Meteor doesnt even think about it and draws his sword "Hey pony want to tango." The other pony draws a blade and walks towards him.

1nc fires a few shots into the group of ponys taking a few of them down. Gabe ran out to attack when he took a shot in te leg and backs away "Argh the bullets are garlic chalked." Brawny runs forward turning into his werepony side and starts throwing the ponys around.

"Um hang on im hearing something sunny." Blind said listening to the radio. "Do you see anything on radar Torna?" Sunny asked. "No" Torna responded. "It sounds like theres three ponys but no jet enegines. Th ey are moving towards them fast."

Calla Lily and her team makes it in and heads to the tank. "You ponys ok?" she asked. Mini comes out to look at the damage "Yeah but if those Anti_tank units arent destroyed we are of no help." He said to her. "Leave them to us>" she said back waving to her team and going around to flank them. She sets a few C4 blocks on the buildings of the Anti-tank units and blows them. "Ok anti-tank neutralized." She said into the radio. She was starting to walk back when two tank shells whizzed by and destroyed the house behind them "Crap Tanks!" She yelled as she led her team into another building.

"Ok ill head in first." The pony said flying down low and stopping for a second. The ponys horn glowed black and so did the blade. The pony swings the blade realeasing a large ray going towards the enemy tanks Destoying them. The pony teleports down to look at what he/she did. Calla comes out. "Who are you?" She asked weapon aimed at him. "Shinigami"

"Heh nice job shini now my turn." The pony pulls out his machine gun and starts shooting at 4 helis getting prepared to lift off destroying the and shooting out the window of the main building and lands next to Friend and starts shooting towards one of the doors. "Who are you pony?" Friend asked shooting a pony as he was reloading. "I'm Weedo The Great." He Responded while reloading. "Well Weedo thanks for coming to help." "No thanks needed. Besides I wouldnt want to miss a party like this." He said smiling. "Hmm Wheres Ozy?" Weedo thought to himself.

Ozy used magic to make himself look like one of them. He gets in a Humvy. "Ok how does this work?" He asked as he went int reverse smooshing a pony between him and a wall. "Woops wrong way. There we go." He said peeling away going to help the others. He raeches the others and honks his horn. "Anypony need a ride?"

"Sunny we need mortars." Rez said into the radio. "Alright one order of mortars coming up." Sunny said. She walks out of the radio tent to see the mortar teams ready to fire. "Yall have your cordinents Now time to light them up." SHE said followed by the mortar canon fire.

The gorund starts rumbling around them from the mortar hits taking out groups of enemies and the enemies start running. "Yeah we got them on the run!" Lily says into the radio. "Thanks for the help Shini." "No probs."

"umm we need some help down here!" 1nc yelled into the radio. "Lightning hears it and decides to leave meteor to fight the pony. He turns into a werepony and runs down there and starts helping Brawny take out the ponys. When they thought they were done one pony stood at the end of the hall with a rifle aimed at brawny. The pony fires and the round peirces Brawnys arm and the pony fires another and it peirces Lightnings leg. "I didnt expect two of you wereponys to be here. i only knew of one. Oh well at least i had two silver bullets." The pony said. Gabe heard him and ran out there bit his neck and broke it. Lightning and brawny fell over and turned back to normal. "Lightning and brawny are down! I repeat LIghtning and brawny are down!" 1nc yelled into the radio.

Calla after hearing this ran as fast as she could to the entrance. to see gabe and butters caryying them out. The battle was over nut They did not know if Brawny and Lightning would make it.
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