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 Kingdoms (closed, PM request to join)

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PostSubject: Kingdoms (closed, PM request to join)   Wed May 22, 2013 12:19 am

Hark traveler! Thou hast a view upon thine screen to find a story of kingdoms and war, dangerous foes and diplomacy, love and hate, trust and betrayal. Shall thou fall amidst the endless abyss of time, or shall thou prosper with thy kingdom? Shall a mysterious foe destroy us all? History is made
in these times, and the people are eager to hear it.


This will be the Medieval epic, Kingdoms! It shall have some fantasy elements, but will not exceed history too much. It is set in a fictional area, you could call it expanded Equestria if you'd like, though it is different as well. In this, we make history. I will give a brief description of events happened up to the starting point. There will be an app for this, as to give information about kingdoms. An accompanying map will go along as well, where kingdoms and empires can mark their borders. This will be a mixture of nation management/strategy and rp.

This will take place ~1420. Religions will be a major part. This is not yet the age of gunpowder. Weapons like crossbows will be the closest to a gun you will get. There will be distinct tech groups that will allow or disallow certain things. The groups are Western, Eastern, and Southern. Each group, along with allowing or disallowing certain things, has their own unique styles as well.
'True' pagans pick their tech group.

X = Western
O = Eastern
H = Southern
W = Tribal

Crossbows: XOH
Pole axes: XOH
Spears: XOHW
Straight swords: XOH
Curved swords: H
Hammers: XOW
Pole-arms (misc. two handed): XOH
Straight dagger: XOW
Curved dagger: H
Broadsword: XO
Scimitar: H
Longbows: XOH
Compact bow: OHW
Recurve bow: O
Catapult: XO
Bombard: H (A bombard is like a cannon. It is the only exception for gunpowder. It uses stone, not metal, balls)
Horseback archers: O
Cavalry archers (less effective): XH
Knights: X
Cavalry: XOH
Trebuchet: XO
Halberd: XO
Javelins: XOHW
if there are any concerns or questions, feel free to ask.


This will important, now. There are several forms of government: Despotic Monarchy, Feudal Monarchy, Mercantile Republic, Noble Republic, and Tribal. I will give an explanation of each.

Despotic Monarchy: the King/Queen holds absolute power.

Feudal Monarchy: More geared towards the nobles sharing power, standard medieval monarchy.

Mercantile Republic: Republic with heavy focus on merchants, who are often the aristocrats.

Noble Republic: A Bureaucratic republic, believe it or not. The nobles are like congress, and one noble is elected president.

Tribal: Chiefdom. That is all.


There will be 3 main religion groups, and each with its own branches.
vocab: heathen - non believer
heretic - altered believer
follower - follower

Celestialism: Celestia is the queen goddess. Followers of this are in tech group X.
benefits: +2 offensive power. Holy War causus belli [reason for war] on all heathens.
hindrances: There is a head religious leader, like a pope. Those in this religion can compete to be the 'papal controller' and be able to excommunicate rulers or call crusades on heathens. Both actions give a causus belli against the target. Papal controllers get double bonuses and higher tax income. Those who do not follow the papal controller's orders will be penalized with higher revolt risk.

Lunarism: Luna is the queen goddess. Followers are in tech group O.
benefits: +2 defensive power. No papal controller. -2 revolt risk.
hindrances: most difficult to influence leaders of other religions.

Yudaism: Beliefs spread by a prophet about God just centuries ago. It quickly spread. Belong to group H.
benefits: +2 culture. +2 stability. +2 tax income.
hindrances: Least tolerated religion. Viewed by other two often with disgust. -2 diplomacy. -2 military strength.

Paganism: Polytheism. Belongs to tech group W. Most difficult and least stable.
benefits: +5 culture. No revolt risk from captured lands.
hindrances: -5 stability. Revolts in home states/provinces are more likely.

'True' polytheism: Polytheism, with gods instead of shamanism/animism.
benefits: +1 culture, +3 stability,
hindrances: -1 diplomacy.

Discordism: Belongs to tech group X. They choose discord as a god, and are often violent.
benefits: +2 military strength. - 5 revolt risk, does not need a causus belli.
hindrances: -2 stability, -3 diplomacy


Celestial traditionalism: The aforementioned papacy is strongest here. This is the most aggressive form, the kind that would hold large inquisitions. (C/T)

Celestial reformationism: Less strict that traditionalism. More tolerant. The middle ground of Celestialism. (C/R)

Eastern Celestialism: Least strict. Near opposite of traditionalism in views, but nonetheless non-tolerant. (C/E)

Lunar traditionalism: the ancient practices. No papacy. Most strict and thus provides best religious bonuses. The traditionalist religions are the ones to go if you plan to start holy wars often. (L/T)

Lunar reformationism: Similar to Celestial reformationism, but with a few practices of Lunarism. This and Celestial reformationism are the two best religions to get along with each other. They are the only two to tolerate heretics, but only of the Lunar/Celestial reformationist kind. (L/R)

Lunar Orthodox: Free-thinking. Innovative. This is the closest to atheist you will get. They have a light belief on religion, and though it still exists, does not dictate their lives. Provides half religion bonuses. (L/O)

Yudaist polyism: The least strict of the Yudai branch. Believes anyone can become a prophet or a holy man if truly devoted enough. (Y/P)

Yudaist monism: The most strict. They believe only a select group can be prophets or preachers, those who are selected at birth. This branch only suffers (Y/M)

Forest paganism: Basically Shamanism. Focus on spiritual aspects instead of religious ones. No gods, only spirits. The spirits have subtle influence on life. Everything has a spirit. (P/F)

Jungle paganism: Basically Animism. Your ancestors guide your life, their spirits aiding you along the way. Similar to Forest Paganism, but more focused on nature and ancestry than spirits. (P/J)

Aresan paganism: [request added]. A 'true 'polytheism, it supports multiple gods, like those of Greece or Rome. This is historically the pantheon of the United Equestrian Empire. Based on ruins and records, Ares is believed to be either the Empire's remnants, the nation left behind after the fall; the Empire's descendants, the people having moved on; or at least close enough for the culture to have been carried on. (T/A)

Discordist separatism: Dissenters from Celestialism, they took a different approach and worshiped the enemy of Celestia. They are mostly comprised of excommunicated individuals who seek revenge upon Celestia.

Discordist traditionalism: Simply put, this was the religion before the separatists came. They have always followed discord and take a much more chaotic and violent approach to the religion.
They often have mostly anarchist nations, the leaders serving mostly as representatives and to tell the crazed masses who to attack.

Celestial followers: C/T, C/R
Celestial heretics: L/T, L/R, L/O, C/E
Celestial heathens: Y/P, Y/M, P/F, P/J

Lunar followers: L/T, L/R, L/O
Lunar heretics: C/T, C/R, C/E
Lunar heathens: Y/P, Y/M, P/f, P/J

Yudaist polyism followers: Y/P
Y/P heretics: Y/M
Y/P heathens: C/T, C/R, C/E, L/T, L/R, L/O, P/F, P/J

Yudaist monism followers: Y/M
Y/M heretics: Y/P
Y/M heathens: C/T, C/R, C/E, L/T, L/R, L/O, P/F, P/J

Forest Pagan followers: P/F
P/F heretics: P/J
P/F heathens: all else

P/J followers: P/J
P/J heretics: P/F, Y/P (for complicated reasons to be explained later)
P/J heathens: all else


Nation name: (do not name after yourself unless it is newly formed, and even then likely not)
Ruler name:
Location on map: (use Photobucket and a picture editor)
Government type:
Real life equivalent (optional): (does not have to be equivalent, but closest earth counterpart for those who can't imagine a fictional culture)

Points system:
Culture: how rich a culture is, accumulates based on policies and such. Keeps a nation happy and calm.

Revolt risk: chances of revolts popping up. One a scale from 1-10, 1 is low and 10 is high.

Tax income: basically, the amount you get per month/day/whatever.

Treasury: how many ducats you have. Ducats shall be standardized currency.

Spies can do certain actions for certain prices. PM me with the action your spy wishes to preform
and I will tell you if it works and if you were discovered. If it is discovered, then it will be posted publicly.

gather information: 40 ducats (success means an overall status review of the nation is given)
assassinate an important person: 50 ducts (causes temporary income loss)
support rebels: 20 ducats (start a peasant revolt. Success means lower income for target)
support patriot rebels: 120 ducats (Success means annexation of target by nearby nation)
support nationalist rebels: 100 ducats (Success means new nation emerges. Only done in conquered land)
support zealots: 100 ducats (you pick religion, success means religion or subreligion change)
sow discontent: 110 ducats (decrease relations with other nations)
forge claims: 150 ducats (create claims to target's throne. Gain 'claim to the throne' causus belli)
Papal election: 120 ducats (hold an election for the pope. Possible replacement.)
support pretender rebels: 200 ducats (success means change in government type)
support noble rebels: 150 ducats (success means either switch to feudal or lower income)
revolution: 130 ducats (success means a colony gains independence)
disrupt research: 100 ducats (success means target loses a technology)
coup: 300 ducats (success means target becomes your vassal. You also get to choose religion)
Kidnap leader: 500 ducats (success means you gain the target leader as a hostage. Least likely. The nation will need to spend resources getting their leader back.)

Ancient empires: 25,000 B.C. - 1000 B.C.
United Equestrian Empire: 1000 B.C. - 700 A.D.
formation of new kingdoms: 700 A.D. - 800 A.D.
Great Plague, border wars, royal marriages, land claims, etc. : 800 A.D. - 1237 A.D.
Migration of Aragon peoples, New Equestrian Empire: 1237 A.D. - 1250 A.D.
Celestial and Lunar reformation crises: 1250 A.D. - 1323 A.D.
100 years' war (succession/land wars between Aragon and Eremus) 1323 A.D. - 1423 A.D.
Continuation of normal life: 1423 A.D. - 1427 A.D.
Start: 1427 A.D.

declaring war without a causus belli causes reputation and/or stability drop. Declaring war on heathens causes stability drop, heretics is reputation drop, and followers is both. Causus belli negates these effects.

Hordes, like Mongols, need no causus belli, but they suffer from it. They are hated greatly by non-hordes and have low stability. They can field a very large army, but are also poor on the defense. Revolts are highly likely, especially in conquered or occupied lands. The government is also considered tribal, so it can not hold large empires at once, having to make vassals instead of annexing the lands. This leaves them open to revolutions, as the vassals can attack the horde for freedom. The hordes, despite having tribal government, are not in the tribal technology group. Their religion decides their tech group. They are also slower to advance to new technologies, and cannot 'westernize' as long as they are at 'horde' status. Westernization changes status to one of the republics or monarchies. This requires research. They must give up 100 ducats and research government until they get 'tribal'. Once they get that, they can drop horde status and westernize when they want to. Hordes may not enter royal marriages with non-hordes.

All tribes start with the "tribal culture" bonus, which means they start with 3 culture. This does not apply to hordes.

Anyone can westernize. This puts them in the Western tech group, religion change is optional. Westernization has initial hindrances of decreased manpower (lack of training in western weapons and tactics); increased revolt risk (traditionalists); and increased chance of religious fanatics (not wanting religion change). All random events will be triggered by me, if I feel it is time for one.

Feudal monarchies allow for more duchies and such. This means that in a Feudal monarchy, the government is focused more on the nation as a whole while the nobles deal with internal affairs. By getting rid of a little bit of power, you allow yourself more management freedom over the whole nation. The nobles will deal with rebels and taxes. You, however, lose control over things like taxes this way, so you cannot raise them.

Pegasi are weighed down by weapons and/or armor. They cannot fly, but they can use their wings to run faster. Keep in mind that you cannot have an army solely of pegasi, for obvious reasons. Unicorns have had the magic bred out of them by the religions, so the horn is more decorative, but can be used as a weapon for stabbing. Pagan nations can use magic, but in very limited amounts. Most knowledge of magic was lost with the fall of the United Equestrian Empire (UEE)

Having a royal marriage, alliance, or good relations with a nation you declare war on will cause damages to your nation. It is even worse if you don't have a causus belli. Crusades have different rules. No causus belli is needed, and relations do not affect it. Instead, crusades damage if you do one against Lunarism. Though it may be tempting, you cannot crusade a heretic. The religion is too similar.

Crusades give Celestialist nations a causus belli against the target. Excommunication can be done to other Celestialist nations, and does the same thing as a crusade. It also follows the same rules, except you can only do it to Celestialist nations.

Since hordes have no palace guards or royal guards, the "kidnap leader" option is significantly more likely to work against them.

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PostSubject: Re: Kingdoms (closed, PM request to join)   Wed May 22, 2013 12:30 am

Nation name: Aragon
Ruler name: Torna
Location on map: already on (link the picture here)
Religion: Y/P
Government type: Despotic Monarchy
Real life equivalent: Ottomans if anything.

history (making this recommended): Starting as a group of nomadic tribes, they used the weapons gathered from nearby to conquer a formerly great empire. They aim to own what is known as the "City of the World's desire", which angers the Celestials and Lunars due to a formerly Lunar empire of great value would fall to heathens. Not much can be done anymore, as they can field a large military due to their former ways mixed with the empire's resources.

Culture: 5 [3 + 2 for Yudai] (3 is an above-average starting point. Certain actions will increase, and I will notify you if you get one)

Revolt risk: 3% (normalish, the conquered lands have adjusted after so long.)

Tax income: 150 ducats/month

Treasury: 100 ducats (starting point for everyone)

spending distribution:

Culture: 30%

Science: 30%

Economy: 20%

Stability: 5%

Religion: 5%

Trade: 10%

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PostSubject: Re: Kingdoms (closed, PM request to join)   Wed May 22, 2013 1:00 am

Nation name: Gaazhak (Native american word for "cat")
Ruler name: Hotep Ra (Sunny Days, basically. Get it? Ra=Sunny??)
Location on map: Da black dot :)
Religion: P/F (We also believe in pony sacrifices, and that unicorns are scary and should immediately be sacrificed to the Spirit of Ponies to "get their horns taken off and be sent back as an Earth Pony")
Government type: Tribal :D
Real life equivalent (optional): Erm...sort of like the Navajo...but not really XD

History: Gaazhak was founded, according to Gaazhak legend, by the forest spirits, leading a mare and a stallion to the sacred Gaazhak ground. The spirits whispered in their ears and suddenly the mare and stallion saw all of the spirits of the forest. Probably not what happened (but don't tell them that XD)
Points system:
Culture: 3

Revolt risk: 2-1% Mah people are happy :)

Tax income: Erm.they're

Treasury:We trade. No "ducats"

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PostSubject: Re: Kingdoms (closed, PM request to join)   Wed May 22, 2013 1:27 am

Nation name: Adralithiel Empire

Ruler name: Akasha (Dark Cherry with Icecrown Cuttie markl)

Location on map: Adralithiel

Religion: Lunar Traditional

Government type: Despotic Monarchy

Real life equivalent (optional): Japanese/Himalayan

History: A Empire raised on Tradition and Honor. They follow codes of hospitality and kindness but take great offense to this codes being mistreated. Adral the 1st rose up and united the tribes of the mountains into one Empire and protected its passes as greedy nations sought to take their lands. The Adralithians were disgusted with their greed and sultry ways and gladly dispelled them with much ease.

Present: Adralithians lives in what they consider, a good age. They have accumulated wealth from mining their mountains for gold, Iron, and rich gems. Though they haven't needed it for awhile, they still train Ponies in the art of war. They use it as a meditation and using the full potential of your body along with teaching self discipline. Adralithians cities are build of Marble and and great spires and usually use the mountains of great valleys over walls for their protection.

Points system:

Tech: XO

Culture: 4

Revolt risk: 2%

Tax income: 160 month

Treasury: 100

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PostSubject: Re: Kingdoms (closed, PM request to join)   Wed May 22, 2013 2:14 am

Nation name: Eremus (Capital City: Kaddath)
Ruler name: OzyManedias III (Emperor OzyManedias the Greater)
Religion: Lunar Orthodox
Government type: Fuedalistic Monarchy (OzyManedias is technically a Philosopher King)
Real life equivalent (optional): Byzantine Empire circa 565 C.E.

History: Arisen from nothing but the sweet and blood of one determined royal family, Eremus rose into a flourishing metropolis for trade and cultural diversity.

The empire fell unto some hard times with the advent of the “Iron Hoof of the Desert,” or Emperor Ramses I. The dictator ruled the country with cruel and draconian policies, leading to a slow down spiral that nearly caused the empire's fall.

In a stroke of fortune, Ramses I died after he fell from a tower in the royal family's private castle. There were rumors of foul play, but they were never confirmed. Ramses' remains were burned in a riot.

After his untimely death, the throne was given to his only living family, his son OzyManedias III. OzyManedias enacted multiple reforms to the state, bringing about a golden age of prosperity, wealth, and enlightened thinking.

Points system:

Revolt risk: 1 (Standard 3 -2 for Lunar Orthodox)

Tax income: 125/unit of time (Decent economy)

Treasury: 100 Ducats (because standards)


Spending Distribution

Culture: 20% (Bread and circuses!)

Science: 30%


Stability: 10%


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PostSubject: Re: Kingdoms (closed, PM request to join)   Wed May 22, 2013 5:30 pm


Nation name: Ares
Ruler name: Queen Bithia "The Tough" IV
Location on map:
Religion: P/A is usually practiced, but also has a bit of D/T practiced as well.
Government type: Despotic Monarchy
Real life equivalent (optional): Sort of like Ancient Sparta, but not really.

History: Ares is what was left after the fall of the United Equestrian Empire, due to basically it's own doings. The citizens that were left after the fall founded Ares, determined to do better than the UEE.

They take able bodied ponies at the age of seven, rigorously training them until they can join the army once in their teen years.

Queen Bithia was an army general before she was Queen. When King Cliffhanger died, he had no children to be the heir to Ares, so he chose his well trusted general instead. She made subtle improvements to the culture, but not much. Se was more focused on the army than ever.
Points system:
Culture: 1
Tech: H/O
Revolt risk: 5%

Tax income: 175 ducats/month
Treasury: 100 ducats

Spending Distribution:

Culture: 5%

Science: 5%

Economy: 5%

Stability: 5%

Religion: 10%

Trade: 10%

Army: 60%
(Basically, don't mess with Ares)

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PostSubject: Re: Kingdoms (closed, PM request to join)   Wed May 22, 2013 6:37 pm

new subreligion: Aresan paganism (P/A)

+1 culture, +3 stability, -1 diplomacy.

Viewed with disgust, but as much as Yudai, this is considered a heathen to all other religions. Yudai is hated more for following the monotheistic principals in a heathen way, while paganism is its own thing, and most of the nations were pagan at one point or another.

New religion: Discordism

New subreligion: Discordist separatism (D/S), Discordist traditionalism (D/T).

-2 stability, -3 diplomacy, +2 military. -5 revolt risk, does not need a causus belli.

Discordism chooses discord as a god. They generally make sacrifices, occasionally even pony sacrifices. Dissenters are sacrificed. Due to the nature of following chaos, it supports military and war. For the same reason, it is not liked and often has unhappy citizens. Of course, they can be unhappy, but if they try anything, they disappear....
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PostSubject: Re: Kingdoms (closed, PM request to join)   Wed May 22, 2013 7:11 pm Ares approved?
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PostSubject: Re: Kingdoms (closed, PM request to join)   Wed May 22, 2013 7:34 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Kingdoms (closed, PM request to join)   Wed May 22, 2013 8:13 pm

Nation name: Salus Socius

Ruler name: Medicina

Location on map:

Religion: Shamanism

Government type: Tribal

Culture: 3

Revolt risk: 1

No ducats; Food and other necessities are shared among the tribe; yet to meet another empire/kingdom/tribe to trade with.

History: Salus Socius is a small friendly tribe of island natives. Following the teachings of the spirits; they have learned many ways to live a peaceful life among each other. Selecting their leaders based on traits of compassion, friendliness, respectfulness and other such traits. They also select their leaders based on the one who can communicate with the spirits and heal the tribe the best.

The tribe is made up of many different ponies of different colours. Although one trait they all have in common is the refusal to eat or kill any living thing. Their food comes from foraging and farming of their people. It is good for them that their diversity causes fairly high crop yields.

While the tribe is quite happy with living on the island; enjoying their peace and prosperity by themselves. A large amount of them are curious about the world outside of their happy island and curious if there are other ponies off the island. Though they are reluctant to leave.

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PostSubject: Re: Kingdoms (closed, PM request to join)   Wed May 22, 2013 8:59 pm

Nation name: Linoka
Ruler name: Brawny Hooves
Location on map:
Religion: L/O Lunar Orthodox
Government type: Mercantile Republic

History: Linoka started as a small city on the plains and grew into a big trade empire. They were made up of former citizens of the UEE, and sought out to create their own, better empire.

They chose their leader to be Brawny Hooves, because of his popularity, honor, loyalty, and economic intelligence. To this day, he still doesn't know why he was chosen. He's been doing well, though.

Although isolated, they manage some good trade routes. Be it their ducats, or some excess resources. By land, or by sea. Many of their citizens are merchants, from being a Mercantile Republic.

As of now, they are very peaceful, and usually don't look to start wars. Their armies small, yet effective. They've recently began looking more into science, and less into their faith.
Points system:
Culture: 3

Revolt risk: 4.

Tax income: 200 Ducats per month

Treasury: 100 Ducats

Tech: O

Spending Distribution:

Culture: 10%

Science: 20%

Economy: 25%

Stability: 15%

Religion: 5%

Trade: 25%
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PostSubject: Re: Kingdoms (closed, PM request to join)   Wed May 22, 2013 9:42 pm

Note to others: the 200 ducts/month thing is because he is a prospering mercantile republic. A government focused on economy and trade that prospers will get a high income.

prospering mercantile republic: 150-200/month
average mercantile republic: 100-150/month
poor mercantile republic 0-100/month

most of these, since it is a mercantile republic, would be on the high end.
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PostSubject: Re: Kingdoms (closed, PM request to join)   Thu May 23, 2013 12:12 am

Nation: Defenders

Leader: Friend Soldier (Advisers) Military: Lightning Accuracy, Forean: Rez, Science: Meteor Star

Location on map:

Religion: L/T

Government type: Noble Republic.

History: Defenders was created when ponys Revolted against war and destruction so they came together to create the nation.

They elected Friend Soldier knowing he was concentrated on helping others instead of fighting with others. They elected the advisers as well.

They beleive in trading and/or helping those who are friendly and in need. They will use force only in defence of themselves and their allies.

Cultures: 3

Revolt risk: 2

Tax Income: 125 ducats/month
Treasurey: 100 ducats

Culture: 5%

Science: 25%

Economy: 20%

Stability: 20%

Religion: 10%

Trade: 20%
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PostSubject: Re: Kingdoms (closed, PM request to join)   

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Kingdoms (closed, PM request to join)
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