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 Timing Tables

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PostSubject: Timing Tables   Sat May 18, 2013 4:42 am

"There is someone here for you Ms. Table."

She groaned. Mentally that is. If she so much as showed disgust in front of her boss she would hear about it later. Having to be constantly mindful that other ponies were watching and that she had to keep up her appearence was one of the most stressful factors of being the time table pony in the Canterlot train and shipping logistics office. That and constantly adjusting time frames for arrivals, outgoing shipments, surprise shipments, and dealing with other ponies. Especially the latter. That was by far the worst.

It was one thing to deal with her boss or other employees that nitpicked or criticized her. At least that gave her some social interaction. All the time charts and endless logistics made poor company. It was another thing entirely when she had to deal with the worst of them all. Customers.

Customers couldn't be touched. Couldn't be scolded. Couldn't even be frowned at. They were always right. I didn't matter if their shipment of products or materials came in late because they ordered on a Friday evening. She had to listen and grind her teeth as she told them it would be there Tuesday. It wasn't like the trains were going to travel from across the nation any faster because they threw a hissy fit. They should have paid triple for the Pegasus air lift.

It was times like that when....oh, thats right. That wasn't the worst part of her new life. The worst part was her medication.

Ever since she was caught and technically sentenced to death, she was given a new life and liver so she could right her wrongs. That new liver needed medication to not be rejected by her body. And that medication did plenty of things to her. She could hardly bring herself to express her anger or emotions most the time. Some would say she was more in control of herself, but in reality she felt more like she just couldn't let it out, like being stuffed in a sound proof room. And to top that off, she couldn't get ANYTHING from drinking. Nothing. Nada. Zip. Any kind of alcohol in her system did nothing. No buzz, no drowning of thoughts. Just sober. All. Damn. Day.

Sometimes she would let her medication lapse while on the weekend to get drunk, but her liver would start hurting a few hours after it wore off. Such a small window to get intoxicated...

"Ms. Table. Did you hear me?"

Shala nodded. "Yeah boss. I heard you. Just finishing up." She said compliantly How she wished she could find the drive to bash her bosses head into the table repeatedly. It was likely another customer that wanted to see her and her boss was 'too busy' to tend to them. And the day was going so well....

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PostSubject: Re: Timing Tables   Sat May 18, 2013 4:56 am

Shy was at home, painting. He'd gained inspiration from Dark the other day- he'd paint the emptiness and boredom from a lack of inspiration! Shy's stuff was never sunshine and rainbows but it never highlighted this far down the emotional ladder.

As usual when painting, he used the time to think. A lot had been happening lately. For starters he had to get a new house after the breakdown, so he was stuck living in an unfamiliar place that was actually in ponyville. That was the worst part- he hated being near ponies. He'd live in the everfree forest if he knew how to make cider.

The neighbours kept trying to be friendly with him, baking him things to try and break the ice. He'd tried to explain to them calmly time and time again that he just wanted to be left alone, but they seemed to regard that as being absolutely insane. Why? Can somepony not be introverted?

He sighed. He always felt like the only sane on on the planet. Everywhere he looks he saw these idiots, these ignorant morons who seemed to believe you have to be absolutely social every minute of every bloody day. He'd sent one resident off in tears with that one.

He had finished the first stage of the painting. He realised he maybe just needed some time out. He decide to go visit somewhere else. But where? His parents were dead, and he had no brothers or sisters. Not too many friends either, thank Celestia. But the point was that he wanted to go somewhere else. He started packing his stuff, preparing to leave.
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PostSubject: Re: Timing Tables   Wed Jun 19, 2013 5:59 pm

When the sun rises into the sky and peaked it's heated breath upon us we can only moan with disdain by the crippling, blinding light that removes from a place of slumber. Though there are some, like Stormy who is pleased to discover the dream he was having was not reality. Every sense Stormy was young he had the strangest dreams, making little to know sense. However, they were gripping, making you almost feel like they were real. He had always loved and had a slight fear of, not a terrified way of course. 

More so curiosity, which caused a issue when he would spend days merely sleeping to enjoy his dreams. Today however he was very busy and he had to awake at morning's light to take a train to the oldest and jewel of the empire. Canterlot. Most when they arrived they are either pleased or dis-hearted. Dreamers and dread-ers. This combo of ponies and folks made for the most interesting social experience Stormy could hope. 

He had many friends in Canterlot, many of them ponies with much more smarts then he, but for whatever really they found what he knew to have a value to it, as did Stormy. He was picking up something he had been requested to bring to a old friend. He had informed him that the item should be held with care and it must be returned to him with two days, or he feared it will be no longer of use. 

His friend Bugs always viewed things on this path. He saw things as puzzles and what could be of use. Stormy didn't think along those lines, but was devious interested in understanding how that sort of mind worked. He arrived at the packaging department, being told by the Boss of the place that a employee would be with him shortly to aid him in getting his package. He removed fountain pen, letting it sit on the side of his mouth as he fought the desire to chew on it as he waited at the desk. Wondering to himself if removing a book to read and wait would be a good idea. He'd imagine it wouldn't be long, but he yearned to read at least a chapter before. 

He was in his thoughts, discussing with himself as he ate the time he could be using to read as he would swing a little as he stood there.
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PostSubject: Re: Timing Tables   

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Timing Tables
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