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 Melody Heart

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Melody Heart

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PostSubject: Melody Heart   Thu May 16, 2013 1:32 am

Melody Heart

Gender: Female.

Species: Unicorn.

Mane: Melody’s straight, purple mane is kept rather short. She prefers to have the majority of her hair behind her ears (she doesn’t like it getting in the way of her reading). The top part hangs down across her horn.

Tail: She has never really had the desire to do much with her tail. It is often left as it naturally hangs - long, straight, and with a light curl at the end.

Eyes: Her eyes are a light burgundy and have a certain way of shimmering when they’re in the light.

Body: Slightly taller than would be expected for her age. She enjoys going on walks, which are her main form of exercise. She’s managed to stay in rather good shape considering she is mostly very docile. There are freckles on her face.

Cutie Mark: A quill with scribbles behind it. She received it when she discovered her passion for writing poetry.

Age: A young adult (22 in human terms).

Personality: Melody has never been very outgoing. Although she does enjoys socializing, she has never really been the "go-getter" type and prefers to be talked to instead of being the pony who talks. Her tendency to not speak her mind causes her to, at times, feel somewhat out-of-place and pushed aside by the more alpha ponies. Once ponies take the time to get to know her and spend more time with her, they often note friendliness, loyalty, humility, warmth, and a subtle sense of humor as being among her best traits. She loves spending time with close friends, partially because he can become very nervous and worrisome when she is left to her own devices - the few, close friends she makes help to keep her centered. She has never had serious self-confidence issues and is, overall, comfortable with who she is.

Likes: Writing poetry, books, talking long walks (either by herself or with one of her other friends), listening to others, and singing (though she is almost secretive about it and only sings around a very small, select group of ponies - mostly her closest friends).

Dislikes: Loud, sudden noises (she is very skittish and doesn’t enjoy being spooked), extremely warm weather, public speaking, multitasking, and ponies who are very outwardly confident (it isn’t so much of a dislike as it is that ponies who are like this tend to slightly intimidate her).

History: Melody Heart was born in Canterlot. Her parents owned a very hip, swanky restaurant there and, being among the upper class crowd, always tried to immerse her in the bustling social life that defines Canterlot. It was not long before they realized, however, that the fast-paced lifestyle was not the one their daughter thrived in. Being a unicorn, her parents hoped that their introverted filly could find both a creative outlet and a confidence booster in magic. After years of trying, though, it became very clear that Melody was more interested in reading the books of magic spells than performing the incantations inside. The rest of her time in Canterlot was spent becoming educated. She earned her cutie mark on her very first day of a creative writing course, during a class activity on poetic writing - much to the amazement of her teachers and classmates who had never seen Melody become so outwardly enthusiastic about anything. She left Canterlot to escape the city’s gusto and smugness, deciding that a calmer, simpler life in Ponyville (where she currently lives) would be best for her. Still, she maintains a good relationship with her parents and visits them in Canterlot on a somewhat regular basis

Example RP segment:

“2. A secret admirer confesses his/her love to your OC. Given your OC’s personality, compose a brief narrative in which your OC identifies and addresses the situation.”

(The pony who wrote the letter is simply a name I came up with on the spot. Maybe he'll be my next OC - who knows :P ).


Melody was coming home from her afternoon walk. As she approached her home, she saw that the flag on the mailbox was up and, after going over to investigate, found a letter inside. She calmly took it, figured it was her parent’s response to her last letter, and headed inside.

After closing the door, opening up her windows, and drawing the blinds to let more light in, she found that the letter was not from her parents. Upon further inspection, she realized that she did not recognize any of the information present on the front of the letter.

Letters from ponies she had never met were not regular occurrences by any means. She became slightly anxious, apprehensively looking out of her windows and even stepping outside to see if anyone was hanging around her home. Seeing no one, she went back inside and, after a moment of collecting her thoughts, decided to open the letter.

Inside, endearingly written in a font suggestive of a colt trying his best to write cleanly and legibly was a message saying,

“My name’s Red Bell. I don’t think you know me, so I hope this doesn’t come off as strange or anything. You are one of the prettiest mares I’ve ever seen and I think you’re a very kind, sweet pony.

If you’d like, I would really, really like a chance to get to know you better because of how wonderful you seem. I’ll be at the Ponyville Café until 3:00PM today and I’d love to meet you there.

If you’re not available today and would like to meet at some other time, feel free to write me back.

If you’re not interested, though, that’s no problem. It was just so hard to keep my mouth shut for so long; I had to say something.

Hopefully waiting,

Red Bell”

Melody was dumbfounded. Thoughts raced through her mind as she reread and dissected the letter repeatedly, every time becoming slightly more nervous and undeniably more flattered. She had almost begun to swoon for a moment before she began to worry about what she would say and do if she did decide to go and meet this colt.

“What will he say? What should I say? What shouldn’t I say? Do I need to pay for myself? Will it be awkward if I don’t? What will we talk about? My mane! Is my mane clean?”

Unknown to Melody’s worried mind was that, since she had first gotten home around 2:15PM, she had spent about 40 minutes nervously pacing around her home, cautiously looking outside her doors and windows, and worriedly looking over the letter again and again. It was not until 2:55PM that the one thought she hadn’t yet taken time to consider came to her mind: “What time is it?”

A part of her was happy to realize that she wouldn’t have to worry about the possible stress of meeting somepony new today. On a deeper level of her heart, though, she felt sort of embarrassed at herself for spending so much time worrying about petty things while Red Bell, who was probably a very chivalrous and kind colt, took the time out of his day to wait for her.

The thought of writing him back, explaining the situation, and rescheduling for some other time played across her mind. It was quickly drowned away with her thoughts of repeating today’s pointless worrying, though.

With her head cast slightly down, she headed to her bookshelf, picked up the book she was currently reading, and, in an attempt to keep her mind off of the missed opportunity, buried herself in the story in front of her.


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PostSubject: Re: Melody Heart   Thu May 16, 2013 1:39 am

Wow. For a first application, this is really good. You're detailed, organized, and grammatically correct. I'm not authorized to approve anything, but fantastic job!
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Melody Heart

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PostSubject: Re: Melody Heart   Thu May 16, 2013 1:47 am

Calla Lily wrote:
Wow. For a first application, this is really good. You're detailed, organized, and grammatically correct. I'm not authorized to approve anything, but fantastic job!

It's good to know I'm at least heading in the right direction :P . Thanks so much :) !
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PostSubject: Re: Melody Heart   Thu May 16, 2013 7:42 am

Approved. I agree with Calla- really good for a first app :D

DEPLOY! (Boom)
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PostSubject: Re: Melody Heart   

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Melody Heart
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