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 Sunset Wishes

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PostSubject: Sunset Wishes   Tue May 14, 2013 3:38 am

Sunset Wishes

Gender: Female

Species: Pegasus

Mane/Tail: Black with purple streaks. Medium length, usually messy due to lack of attention. I don't mean to say she is unhygienic, but rather that she shows no regard for how she looks.

Eyes: Purple

Body: Lithe and toned. She's a little bit smaller than the average pegasus. Ruddy orange. Brown when wet.

Age: Young Mare

Cutie Mark: A swirling ball of fire that tapers off into a pegasus wing.
Story-As a young filly in school, Sunset found herself the victim of a school yard bully. As common as any scene in Equestria, an older colt who had his cutie mark was picking on her for being a blank flank. This went on for several weeks and in that time she noticed that he only seemed to pick on her to fit in with his group of friends, a couple of snobby colts his age. As is in her nature though, she just ignored his criticism, though it did hurt her feelings. Until one day he started poking fun at another, more sensitive, filly who almost started to cry. The colt seemed like he was about to apologize, but did not, presumably out of fear of what his "friends" would think. That’s when Sunset stepped in. It was the first time she had spoken more than two words to the colt and given her outburst, she had his rapt attention. She reminded him what it felt like to be picked on and explained that he was making herself and this other filly feel that way for no good reason. She also told him that it wasn't fair that he had to act against his feelings and make fun of other ponies just to fit in. She promised him that day that if he apologized to the colt, that she would be his friend for who he was, not for who she thought he should be. The colt ended up apologizing, and the three of them, Sunset, the filly and the colt, grew to be very good friends. No one even noticed Sunset's cutie mark until later that day.
Symbolism - The fire represents her spirit, intense emotions and tendency to charge headlong into a situation, normally half-cocked and without all the proper details. The wing stands for the sense of freedom she brings to the ponies she helps or at the very least, the hope that someday they can overcome whatever hinders them and live happily and freely with who they are.

History: Sunset was born in Cloudsdale. Growing up, she loved to challenge social norms and debate about ethical what-ifs. Being picked on never bothered her, in fact she relished the conflict. Bullies and closed minded elders were mighty foes to her, and words and ideals were her weapons. Such activities however occasionally started group debates that would consume the whole room or street and often times such scenes would end in ponies storming off in a huff. This garnered her the nickname Trouble Maker, a name many of her friends know her by today. Her parents are Dagger Wing and Storm Runner, mother and father respectively. Her mother is a ranking member of the Equestrian military and her father is weather pony of exceptional skill. They both are proud of their daughter's attitude and accomplishments, though her mother butts heads with her more often than not. Sunset also has two siblings, an older brother, Mythic, and a younger sister, Charity Belle. Mythic is an explorer and adventurer and Charity Belle is still in school.
Sunset was originally a worker in the rainbow factory, but found the position too static and boring. She volunteered to be a stand-in to satisfy her wanderlust and sense of adventure, that may not be as grand as her brother's, but is still quite potent. Her parents allow her to still live at home, because she is rarely there and she brings in enough income to help with the bills. As far as Sunset's aspirations go, she hopes to one day be considered a great hero, to undermine some grand injustice. Her hero growing up was Daring Doo, she owns the whole series and invariably chooses Daring Doo as her costume on Nightmare Night.

Personality: The term "trouble maker" as a descriptor for the character is a bit of a misnomer. Though she often gets herself into trouble, her talent lies in rooting out injustice and unfairness. She can rally a crowd in minutes and given enough time, can lead entire movements to right whatever she deems wrong, not that the latter has been necessary as of yet. At the end of the day, she just wants to help. She's also rather good at pep talks, one of her favorite things to do is cheer ponies up. She has more than just charisma going for her though, her constitution is the one thing she gloats about with unchecked pride. She may not be the fastest pony in town but, according to her, she can fly for days and run laps when she's done.
Sunset's aptitude for impromptu leadership has her dabbling in politics, but its all to rigid for her to give her full attention too yet. She does know that she wants to be in some type of leadership role when she's older. She wants to spend her youth travelling while its easy. The stand-in job helps with this, but in a few years even this may prove too routine.
Sunset likes to learn things. Not things like from a book, but things through experience. She loves to talk to new ponies and learn about their lives and personalities. She also loves to move and be active, but has no problem sitting still for something entertaining like a play or historical reenactment, though she'd rather be involved in such things to some capacity. If there's anything she hates, it's stagnation. A body has to move to keep fresh and lively. Ponies who do the same thing day in and day out or who are almost never active make her crazy. And nothing makes her angrier than ignorance. Ponies picking on ponies due to lack of understanding boils her blood.
Sunset in general is a pretty difficult pony to keep up with. She always wants to be moving or talking or doing something. She doesn’t form many deep or long lasting friendships because of this. Ponies just get tired of her "enthusiasm for life." However, in the event that she does make a good friend, she is fiercely loyal and protective of them. She puts herself on the line for total strangers, there are no lengths she won't go to for a good friend.
There's often a thin line between her positive and negative qualities. The best example is her special talent. What's unfair and fair is often subjective. Just because she thinks something is unjust doesn’t necessarily mean it actually is. This has put her in some pretty awkward situations and has lost her a few friends. Her unflinching loyalty to her friends often comes with an over protectiveness that borders on jealousy as well. This too has strained its fair share of relationships.
Sunset's greatest fear is that one day she is going to let somepony down when it really counts. She particularly fears the prospect of being a poor friend or loosing the love/respect of a family member.

Likes: Walking, running, flying, swimming, hiking, contact sports, debate, bored games, theatre, history.

Dislikes: Arrogance, ignorance, inequality, bullying, homework, school, when ponies dominate a conversation, when ponies don't give a straight answer, indecision.

Example RP segment:
Finally! Sunset's firs leisure time since coming to Manehatten. It was nice to see the buildings from a street level for a change, easier to appreciate the scale of them. It was also nice to feel the warmth of the sun without the cold of the winds and altitude. Not that the cold ever bothered a tough young pegasus mare like herself, no sir!

Her favorite part of being on the ground, though, was how close she was to all the other ponies! A rainbow of coat colors, a medley of tribes, and a chorus of accents. The city is definitely a place she loved to be. Though amidst the voices and whistles and general public din, Sunsets ears perked up to a noise that stood out. The faint but familiar sound of a young pony whining. She picked up her pace to a trot and followed the sound to a nearby ally.

The ally was empty aside from some trash cans and two young ponies, one colt and a filly who was noticeably smaller. The colt was prancing around the little filly chanting, "Little Lark, little Lark!" The small filly was on the verge of tears, pleading for him to stop but the colt only snickered and said. "What are you gonna do about it runt?" he accentuated the insult with a shove. "Nothing! That’s what you’re gonna do, cause I'm bigger!"

Sunset frowned and marched over to the colt, tapping him with her hoof. The colt turned around and growled, "What are you looking at?"

"Somepony," Sunset reared up and fanned out her wings wide, the tips of her feathers touching the walls of the narrow ally, "Significantly smaller than me."

The clots ears flattened and he backed up a bit. He seemed about to speak, but turned and bolted instead. Sunset dropped back down and folded her wings again, snorting as the colt vanished around the corner. Once he had gone, she crouched down before the filly.

"You okay kid?" She asked softly. The filly nodded in response. "Whats your name?" Sunset asked.

"Meadow Lark…" The filly averted her eyes answering quietly.

"That’s a pretty name." Sunset said with a smile. "I'm Sunset Wishes, but you can call me Trouble Maker."

"Why Trouble Maker?" Meadow looked up to the pegasus, confused.

"Cause I make trouble for bullies and meanies." Sunset stands upright again.

The filly smiled at that, glad that the older pony showed up to make trouble when she had.
End RP Segment

The Password is… [Acceptance]. :D

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PostSubject: Re: Sunset Wishes   Tue May 14, 2013 12:33 pm

Nice application :D

You have some extra segments to it that aren't in the template, but they only add to the descriptions of your OC. You are are Approved!

The very first thing I would do, however, would be to put up a picture of your OC. General Zoi's Pony Creator works nicely for this if you don't feel like drawing one. This is verrrry important.

Also, you should stop by the chat box on the bottom of the page. We're always happy to have new ponies ^.^
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Sunset Wishes
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